HOTWAVE Staff tweets funny story about Moa Kikuchi getting Teletama kun hat with pocket money

HOTWAVE Staff tweets tell a funny story from Sakura Gakuin era when Moa Kikuchi bought a Teletama kun hat with pocket money! In addition, Moa shared a small photo wearing the Teletama kun hat in one of her last diaries in Sakura Gakuin. Check the story below!


HOTWAVE story about Moa Kikuchi getting a Teletama kun hat with pocket money

'BABYMETAL's Moa Kikuchi bought a teletama hat with her pocket money'

Hearing that Moa Kikuchi san bought a Teletama hat at Teletamaya [teletama shop], the staff of Sakura Gakuin told her 'They would have given that to you, if you said it', and she readily answered 'It's not good to think you can get whatever you want. I buy the things I want with the pocket money I put aside'. With this wonderful reply our admiration for Sakura Gakuin has increased.


Talking about the Teletama kun the Fukei san are glad of, there's a picture of Moa Kikuchi san wearing a Teletama hat. She bought it at Teletamaya herself, and she put a photo in her diary. Afterwards we asked, and it seems she was troubled about the right size of the hat. Also she brought it to the site and she made everyone wear it.




Tweets by: HOTWAVE

Translation by: Gakushabaka 

Moa Kikuchi's diary with photo wearing Teletama kun hat, read translation here


Translation notes:

Teletama kun: Is the mascot of HOTWAVE's show. 

Pocket money: Is money that parents give to their children.