Is Nakamoto Suzuka-chan a natural-born airhead?

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Is Nakamoto Suzuka-chan a natural-born airhead? A collection of funny episodes about this side of her.

If you watch Sakura Gakuin DVDs or online videos you will know that the other members often comment that Nakamoto Suzuka-chan, or, Su-chan is a truly interesting girl. And that is true and something no one doubts. She has a wonderful sense of humor, a richly imaginative character and a great sense of comic timing.

‘Sakura Gakuin, Hajimemashita’

[Sakura Gakuin starts now!]

Is Nakamoto Suzuka-chan a natural-born airhead?


Is Nakamoto Suzuka-chan a natural-born airhead?

The first time I realized that Su-chan has a great sense of humor and was also kind of blown away by her was when I saw a scene titled ‘Sakura Gakuin, Hajimemashita’ [Sakura Gakuin starts now!] which is included in the DVD, ‘Sakura Gakuin First Live & Documentary 2010 to 2011 ~ Smile ~’. This scene can be found at (Disk 2 13:10) of this DVD.

This DVD was made with a documentary-like feel to it and featured the upper grade members of Mutou Ayami-chan, Matsui Airi-chan and Miyoshi Ayaka-chan talking seriously about their state of mind and feelings at that time in Sakura Gakuin along with scenes showing SG lessons and a look into the filming of the DVD.

The girls were asked to speak about what it was like ‘the first time they performed in front of an audience’. Moa-chan said that she was really nervous and couldn’t speak very well. Next, it was Su-chan’s turn.

Su-chan tilted her head and looked up toward the ceiling saying, ‘What can I say? How shall I express this? It was a feeling of ‘Sakura Gakuin, Hajimemashita’ [Sakura Gakuin starts now!]. Speaking personally, this scene just absolutely floored me.

This one line kind blasted away the documentary tone that had led up to her comment, putting the whole DVD back to square one. I was truly amazed and could only laugh at how brilliant was her choice of words and expression.

Note: I highly advise you to watch or rewatch this scene to get a feel for the unique comedic feel with which Su-chan delivers this line.

Putting her shoes on on the wrong feet

‘Gekkan MelodiX!’


During an appearance on the TV show, ‘Gekkan MelodiX!’, the story was brought up that Su-chan has in the past put her shoes on with right and left switched backwards and Su then went on to speak about it. ‘Well, you know, I was walking along and something seemed out of the ordinary. Just as I was thinking that everyone said to me that my shoes were on the wrong feet. I thought, ‘What? What is going on?’, and when I looked down my shoes seemed to be different in shape than usual. I was like, ‘Whoa! That’s strange’. She seemed to be enjoying herself recalling and retelling this event.

When Su-chan relates these episodes from her life that show her naturally goofy side she speaks in a quite detailed manner making it easy for the listener to envision the story and the way she speaks allows us to depict the scene clearly in our mind.

And then there is that part in her story where she says, ‘What? What is going on?’, and when I looked down….’ that is a way of communicating that only Su-chan can do. It is when she speaks like this that we can feel her natural sense of humor. Even with, or perhaps in part because of, her sense of humor, Su-chan is oh, so cute.

The scene talked about starts around 5:35 in the YouTube video.

Su-chan’s valued possession- a spatula (Hera)

Is Nakamoto Suzuka-chan a natural-born airhead?

One of my favorite episodes involving Su-chan, and it is one where her sense of humor really shines through, relates to the photo shoot for the jacket cover of Sakura Gakuin’s first album, ‘Sakura Gakuin 2010 ~ message ~ (Ku edition)’. For this photo shoot the girls were asked to bring one of their favorite possessions with them.

Look at the photograph. Su-chan is standing there with a lovely smile on her face holding her beloved spatula (Hera). The idea of bringing a spatula to the shoot is just so wonderful, isn’t it? This story makes me so happy I can’t stop grinning.

She didn’t show up with a spatula as a joke or to get a laugh out of everyone, right? And just how rare is it that someone would think, ‘My favorite thing?….ah, yes, a spatula!’, right? I am sure there are many fans who roared with laughter to themselves thinking, ‘So, this is how you approached this assignment, Su-chan?!’.

In her blog that came out after this she wrote, ‘The Okonomiyaki that Su makes is ridiculously delicious, you know’. I would love to try Su-chan’s Okonomiyaki.

Some other episodes

  • As her self-selected research assignment during summer vacation when she was in the first grade of Jr. High school, Su-chan chose to do a joint research project with her sister into, ‘The secret behind how pudding solidifies’.
  • Her big ears that are tilted rather forward are great for hearing sounds in front of her, but she has a difficult time hearing what people are saying when they are speaking in hushed tones behind her.
  • ‘Su went to a lesson (practice) wearing pyjamas under a long skirt and didn’t realise she had done so under she arrived.
  • When Su-chan was Elementary she once forgot her school backpack (Randoseru) on the way to school with her sister, but didn’t notice and continued on to school without it.
  • It was discovered that all of the answers to the math problems that Su-chan had taught to Yui-chan and Moa-chan were actually wrong. The 2 girls often like to bring this story up for retelling.
  • Somewhere along the way collecting 1-yen coins became a hobby of Su-chan to the point where she stopped using them even if she had them in her coin purse when shopping. She has told with great enthusiasm about finding a ‘rare’ 1-yen coin that had changed to a greenish color.
  • She is very particular about making sure her bangs are completely tucked inside the cap when she wears a knit hat. The members of Sakura Gakuin included this in the lyrics to a song later on.
  • After begrudgingly riding on a roller coaster at an amusement park with her friends she became so afraid of the feeling of falling that she was afraid to get on elevators after that.
  • At times she gets uncontrollable cravings for milk and one drank 2 liters of milk at one sitting-of course her mother got very angry at her.
  • She enjoys joking around with e-mails to herself where she does both the ‘Boke’ and the ‘Tsukkomi’ roles. Note: You will have to look these up for yourself as it would take too long to explain. In other words, she does a kind of 2-person comedy skit ‘Manzai’ with herself in her e-mails.


  • A question from Himetan’s blog!Where does a snake’s tail begin? This was the topic of discussion amongst our family.
  • Mama: Where does a snake’s tail begin?
  • Himeka: A snake doesn’t have a tail.
  • Suzuka: Snakes have hands, don’t they? Maa, if they do or don’t who cares?
  • Anyway, Mama wants to know the borderline between a snake’s body and it’s tail. If you happen to know please let me know.”

Note: I didn’t translate every story, but to make up for that I added the final ‘Snake story’.