Kayama Yuzou on BABYMETAL 2017 June 11

2017 June 12

Yahoo! News


A talk show was held at Sogou Yokohama department store on the 11th of June to celebrate the famous singer, Kayama Yuzou’s 80th birthday.

He will be appearing on the main stage of the ‘Fuji Rock Festival 2017’ in the later half of July.

He said with a face brimming with happiness, ‘I am so happy to be celebrated like this’. And further said, ‘If you believe hard enough, your dreams will come true.’ When asked what artists he is interested in at the moment, he said, ‘There are so many!’. But, out of them it is BABYMETAL that he particularly pointed out, saying, ‘I bought a ticket and went to their Tokyo Dome show’. Not only are they amazing as far as visuals and singing go, their back band is also truly amazing.’ I am so happy to see that they are accepted around the world’, said with a happy and satisfied look.