Kikuchi Moa (MoaMetal) 100 Facts About Herself w/ Translation

TEntame magazine just ask 100 questions to MOA
Below is the English translations, enjoy!

Source: Babymetal International Fan Club


01.Are you a dog lover? or a cat lover?
Hmm can’t decide,i love both!

02.Favorite sushi topping?
Chuutoro (tuna), salmon, shrimp avocado!

03.Favorite Sakura Gakuin’s song?
It’s definitely the one that we sang from the beginning [Yume ni mukatte]! and i like [ Marshmalow iro no kimi to] [Mikansei silhouette] too !

04.Recent addiction?
I’m addicted to [Love live!] anime and [Love live! (school fes)] game

05.Favorite sports?
I love sports! since i was a kid i went to ballet, tennis, gymnastic, and swimming. i put my life on team rope jump because we had team rope jump tournament in school recently.

06.Sports you dislike?
Baseball (because i’ve never done baseball)

07.Favorite anime?
My latest best 3 are, [Love live!], [Anna and snow queen / *Frozen], [Kaze no tani no Nausicaa / *Nausicaa of valley of the wind]

08.Place you like to go to? (national)

09.Place you like to go to? (abroad)
Australia! koala! koala O([email protected])O i wanna hug koalas!

10.Favorite idol?
Suzuki Airi from ℃-ute

11.Dream job if you were not idol?
Pharmacist! i wanna mix things (lol) like a magic (*^_^*)

12.Favorite color?
I love all colors! but if i have to pick, it is white

13.Which would like to be if you are reborn? boy or girl?
Absolutely girl!

14.Things you often buy at convenience store?
The one that’s been promoting. ice cream.

15.What do you do when depressed?
Holding my stuffed animals tightly in a hammock. and eat something delicious.

16.Your weakness?
I cant sleep alone (i’m scared alone (;゚ロ゚) )

17.Favorite onigiri fillings?
Tunamayo! i really love mayo-based onigiri (lol)

18.What were you in the previous life?

19.Favorite foreign artist?
I don’t listen to foreign music much, i want to learn a lot from now.

20.Are you popular?
This girl popular you know (lol)

21.Your charm point?
big black roouund eyes and dimples.

22.Favorite tv show?
[Love live!] 2nd generation

23.Favorite season?
It was summer when i was born♪ long vacation in summer♪

24.Favorite event?
Tokyo idol festival, Gakuinsai (school fes), camping & bbq with my family

25.Favorite habitual phrase?
[What’s for dinner?], [I’m staarrving]

26.What is your strength?
Positive thinking, punctual, i treasure my friends.

27.What is your weakness?
Cry easily, can’t sleep alone, bad at waking up, i can’t wake up on my own.

28.Things you wont give up?
eat a lot of vegetables in every meal.

29.First thing to do when waking up?
Brush my teeth first

30.Sensitive to cold? or heat?
Sensitive to cold in winter, sensitive to heat in summer

31.Shoe size?
I’m wearing 23cm size even though my feet is 22.5cm

32.Favorite hairstyle?
Loose curl twin tail, or just plain straight. i wanna try bobcut

33.Clothes you buy recently?
T-shirts and easy one-piece

34.Favorite subject?
Japanese, music, physical ed♪

35.Favorite movie?
[Mahou shoujo Madoka ☆ Magica], [ Charlie and the Chocolate factory]

36.What would you do if you had 600 million yen?
First i wanna travel all around the world with my family, build a house in Tokyo, and donate the half 300 million

37.How long do you take a bath?
Usually 20 minutes, but when i’m on the phone with Hana, i can spend about an hour in the bath

38.How long do you dry your hair?
I wasn’t paying attention because papa always do it for me, even though i’m already a 3rd grader, sorry!

39.Describe yourself in one word?

40.Things that makes you happy recently?
I’ve been told by my parents “somehow you have grown big” when we came back from school trip

41.Things that makes you sad lately?
My mom told me “you have no sense” when i bought weird tasting Yatsuhashi (*a Japanese confectionery) from school trip…

42.Things that makes you angry lately?
Homework is too many, i did it in anger

43.Favorite snacks?
I love snacks! i’m addicted to [love live! wafers] lately

44.Did you ever receive an award?
When i was in kindergarten, i won the first prize for “gluttony award”

45.Favorite drink?
Tomato juice, vegetable juice, green juice is delicious!

46.The person you respect most?
Mama!! Kousaka Honoka*! Toujou Nozomi*! Fuwa Aika**! (*Love live! characters) (**Zetsuen no tempest character)

47.Age you want to get married?
28 years old

48.Do you have any fear of any people, things, or places?
I’m scared when im washing my hair. I don’t like dark places too

49.Most difficult kanji you knew?
薔薇の棘 / Bara no toge (*rose’s thorn)

50.Things you want to do before you die?
I want to give any form of love. I wanna eat my mom’s cooking until i die!

51.What do you think about the world is today?
Not enough love! i wish the world had more connection, it would be wonderful if i have the opportunity to connect it (*^_^*)

52.Your cooking specialty?
Curry rice, hamburger, potato salad!

53.what would you do if i you can do magic?
I will call Doraemon♪

54.Groups you’d like to perform with?
℃-ute! i just wanna meet them!

55.What time do you sleep?
I wanna sleep at 09:00pm! but if there is nothing going on, i go to bed immediately

56.What time do you wake up?
On school day is 07:40am! but on holidays usually an hour before i go out

57.Favorite novel?
[Oja majou Doremi] novel. I like the version where Doremi and friends from anime series became adult

58.Favorite famous person?
The ones who’s written in Sakura Gakuin shcool book, mother Teresa and Helen Keller

59.Favorite warlord?
Oda Nobunaga, because he was from Aichi like me

60.Which country you expect to be at the world cup winner?
Brazil! Japan! cha-cha-cha! Japan will get in the best 4!

61.Which (train) line is you favorite in Tokyo?
The Ginza line (because it’s vacant)

62.Your favorite amusement park attraction?
It’s scary but i wanna ride jet coaster

63.What magazine you often read?
[ Risuani /*Lis Ani] an idol magazine in which Sakura Gakuin and BABYMETAL featured in

64.Which anime character you think is cool?
Nausicaa, Takigawa Yoshino, Fuwa Mahiro, Kusaribe Hakase, Fuwa Aika, Yarizakura Hime, Hiizumi Akina, Rivaille, Mikasa.

65.What is the most embarrassing moment?
A funny thing that i thought Matsuko Deluxe* (*a transvestite presenter) was a pregnant woman all the time, i told my friend “she is not giving birth forever”

66.How do you spend your 1 day vacation?
I charge my self sleeping a lot until noon and then go on a date with my girl friends

67.How do you release stress?
I talk to mama. eat delicious things and play a lot in my house

68.Which part of yakiniku you like?
I love meat (*^_^*) salted tongue, top class roast beef.

69.What animal analogy is Taguchi Hana?

70.What animal analogy is Isono Rinon?

71.What animal analogy is Notsu Yunano?

72.What animal analogy is Ooga Saki?

73.What animal analogy is Shirai Saki?

74.What animal analogy is Yamaide Aiko?
Monkey kid

75.What animal analogy is Kurashima Sara?
white alpaca

76.What animal analogy is Okada Megumi

77.In this opportunity, is there anyone you would like to apologize to?
Previously, when we talked about what my mom told me my name was originally came from a earth shaker’s song [more] on the radio? then i answered excitedly “that might be so”, but it is completely not related to my name, i’m sorry!

78.How fast can you run in 50m dash?
Being a 3rd grader, in just 8 seconds

79.If it’s the end of the world, what would you like to eat?
Mama’s home cooking! right now my favorite is my mom’s stew♪

80.Favorite comedian?
Zakiyama! (Yamazaki Hironari)

81.The thing that praised the most by your parents?
They praised me for eating a lot (lol)

82.Female celebrity you admire?
Shibazaki Kou

83.Male celebrity you admire?
Lupin the 3rd from Cagliostro castle

84.Iif you can travel to 200 years in the past or future, which would you like to go?
200 years in the future! because the future is exciting!

85.Which do you prefer, able to talk to animals, or fluent in any language of the world?
Speaking in different languages can be learned, so i choose talking to animals!

86.Favorite character?
μ’s member, Hiyoko. an unusual loose character

87.Are you headphone type? earphone type?
I was headphone type! but papa allowed me to use earphone because my ears grows, so earphone type recently!

88.What is your one wish to be came true?
I want a peaceful world where there is no discrimination, war and poverty

89.The thing that you bought that failed?
I regretted buying a [Shingeki no Kyoujin] investigation corps pendant on a school trip to Kyoto. its probably doesn’t match my clothes, and not necessarily bought it in Kyoto…

90.What would you do in front of an alien?
Become friends and say “nice to meet you”, but if its scary alien, i will get away quickly

91.What is your favorite phrase?
“I want to be a reason for someone to smile”

92.Have you ever seen a ghost?
No! no! never wanna see one! i’ll cry if i see one!

93.What do other people say about you?
They said i love fun things and tasty foods, love to touch other girl’s legs and butt, seriously punctual, and a unpredictable kid who has a lot of faces

94.Are you methodological type? or a loose type?
I’m methodological in a weird way, but i got loose more often, and got warned

95.Your first bought cd?
I bought [Chance!] by Tsukishima Kirari (*Kusumi Koharu) by saving my pocket money

96.What kind of person you can easily contact with?
The one who is friendly, i can immediately get along with them

97.What kind of person you dislike?
A person who is good only at public but talking trash behind

98.The thing that troubles you recently?
How to convey my love to Sakura, high school exam

99.The thing you treasure most?
(*Sakura Gakuin) members, papa & mama, my friends, all the fans (all the people i’ve been involved with)

100.Please say a word to miss Mizuno (*Yui)
We may have a different dreams, but we share the same road. We will fly into the sky by accomplishing things in front of us one by one. Yui, from now on, please take care of me

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