Kobametal talk BABYMETAL at Tokyo Dome on Kerrang Magazine, “I’m very proud”

BABYMETAL's master mind Kobametal was interviewed on Kerrang to talk about the biggest BABYMETAL shows to date at Tokyo Dome on September 19 and September 20. He explains why was called "Tour Finale" and what means for him playing twice at Tokyo Dome. Read below. 


Kobametal interviewed on Kerrang Magazine about BABYMETAL at Tokyo Dome

On September 19 & 20, BABYMETAL played their biggest ever shows at the ginormous Tokyo Dome – we were there to catch all the action and even caught up with the brains behind the band, Kobametal. 


The rock sensations played to two sold-out dates at Tokyo’s biggest venue, which holds approximately 55,000 people and sees the kawaii metallers getting even closer to that super-stardom status. Our Deputy Editor, George Garner, flew out to watch both shows, which you can read about in the current issue of Kerrang!, to witness the will of the Fox God and listen to the words of KOBAMETAL. Check out what the man behind the scenes had to say:


Why have you called this the tour finale?

“The theme of the Tokyo Domes is a self-tribute to BABY METAL. We always pay tributes to other bands, but it’s a self-tribute. We’re calling this the tour finale because it marks the end of their journey this year – so we’re taking elements from all the past shows. Budokan also had a circle stage, but now it’s much bigger.”


What does it mean for your personally to see that happen - biggest show of your life, twice?

“Metal is not very big in Japan, it’s still considered a very niche market. The fact that we’ve been able to pull in so many people to the shows… I’m very proud that BABY METAL are able to do that. Even with other genres and musicians, they may not be able to get 55,000 people two times in a row. I’m very proud.”




Interview by: Kerrang Magazine.