Mainichi News: Asahikawa Eiryo High School Wind Unit becomes popular by perfoming BABYMETAL songs

Mainichi News article about Asahikawa Eiryo High School Wind Unit to perform BABYMETAL songs at their first live on February 17. They have been publishing videos on Social Media from the rehearsals which we also have been sharing (watch videos below). Read the article translated below. 


Asahikawa Eiryo High School Wind Unit is popular by playing BABYMETAL songs

Asahikawa Eiryo High School Wind Unit of Asahikawa City in Hokkaido is challenging everyone playing Metal by dancing and playing the intense songs of the popular woman trio unit "BABYMETAL". They got popularity by their videos, their first outdoor performance will be hold in Sagamihara City on the 17th. 


The ten songs repertoire will include "Gimme Chocolate". Three people usually dance while others play in percussion, horn, saxphone playing big metal and rock songs while shaking their bodies. According to the teacher Kazutaka Yoshikawa (49) it's not usual to pick up songs of this kind of genre for a school band. 


The school got stablished opening new schools last April, Asahikwa Ryoun and Asahikwa Toei got integrated. Yoshikawa Sensei said: "While we are taking over the tradition, we are thinking in new things", when he watched a movie of BABYMETAL said, "the dancing is well devised and fancy." 


"The rhythm is very difficult and there are many sounds difficult to put out with wind instruments, but serves as study while playing." BOH who is playng bass in BABYMETAL back band is from Asahikawa, in November of last year visited the school and interacted with students. 


The live on the 17th (February) will be held at the Sagami Women's University Green Hall to match with Marching Stage National Convention in Kanawaga Prefecture the next day. 56 people with 1st and 2nd graders will show off "BABYMETAL" and Anime songs. 




Article by: Mainichi News.

Translation by: Maik Gianino.