“Metal Resistance” is officially nominated for the 9th CD Shop Awards!

CD Shop announced the Official Nominates for the 9th CD Shop Awards 2017. BABYMETAL's second Album "Metal Resistance" was nominated along with many other great Japanese albums released this year. As always all the nominations comes from All Japan CD Shop clerks, see details below. 


BABYMETAL second Album "Metal Resistance" nominated for the 9th CD Shop Awards

BABYMETAL's second studio Album "Metal Resistance" is part of the Official Nomination of the 9th CD Shop Awards 2017. The Albums selected were released between 2 segments of the year, BABYMETAL's Album "Metal Resistance" is included in the first segment, from January 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016 in a voting including All Japan CD Shop clerks. 


On All Japan CD Shop clerks union website where published details and comments about each album. 


BABYMETAL - Metal Resistance: 

"Unique chemical reaction of wonderful "Idol + Metal" also this time. I feel like shines more with every performance! I wish their name resound now in the world!" 

-Risa Hamaguchi of Yamano Music Tamaplaza.


The CD Shop Awards have been held since 2009. The Awards ceremony is held after the final voting to announce the winners in March of each year. In the 7th CD Shop Awards held in 2015 the winner was BABYMETAL with their debut album "BABYMETAL"Su-Metal attended to the event to receive the award, she also made a speech in name of the band and held a small press conference (See more here). 


All CD Shop Clerks votings will be open in January, meanwhile the "Grand Prize" will be announced in March 2017.



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