Moa Kikuchi new diary 2014-09-22: Moa is scared to sleep alone

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Moa new diary 2014-09-22

Good Mornooning
It’s Moa
Everyone, do you ike sleeping???
I love sleeping very much !!
But I don’t like bedtime (sweat)
The feels like “It may have something else fun to do”,
or no longer want to sleep because feeling wasteful to sleep like that…
But, If I fall asleep,
I cannot get up even if you wake me up because I want to sleep more.

Moa Kikuchi

I sleep together with Yui in the same room during sleepover for BABYMETAL activities.
Since that the case of Su-chan sleep alone is increased,
I will become trouble when I (who cannot sleep alone) cannot sleep together with Yui…
Yui and me will have quite a bad mood in the morning.
Even though we are very close in the night,
But we get dressed without talking in the morning.
After a while when our stomach starts to move,
Both of us will return as usual.
We both say that we like our good relation which allow us to be in bad mood ★

For Moa,
There is something I will always bring together when going to a long trip!
That is, the white sesame color stuffed seal – Shirotan,
and stuffed monkey – Monchan! ! !
Monchan is the guardian to stand watch the luggage in suitcase,
While Shirotan will be the my pillow in Airplane and Shinkansen.
It just good to placed on shoulder and leaning on it,
And also hug it.
I always keep it like that when I bring Shirotan,
(refer picture in the comment)
Isn’t it super kawaii??
Kawaii uhuhu (laughs)
and hey,
Is that members of Sakura Gakuin particular about the pillow??
And what kind of the pillow they are using???


I’m concern, so I make a questionnaire this time ★ ★

[Emphasize-Scent type]

Hana – Flat pillow with red and pink rose-patterns. Love the smell!!
Sara – Like a little firm one! I will put a towel with the smell I like near to the pillow!
Aiko – Light pink and dark pink (using two pillows?). When stay at dorm, I will bring pillow cover because I cannot sleep without smell of home

[Anything is good type]

Yunano – Light pink. Do not very concern about it, but actually alittle bit more thick pillow will be good!
Shi-chan – Using rabbit shape pillow at home! But it’s okay to use dormitory pillows at dorm!!
Megu – Using memory foam pillow at home! Same with Shi-chan, it’s okay to use dormitory pillows at dorm!!

[Niggle type]

Saki – Using it since little, A pillow filled with buckwheat husks! It’s fluffy, sleep with my face on the pillow!!

[Without pillow type]

Yui – Pillow is place there, but I sleep without using it!!
Rinon – Sleeping on floor (< laughs) so she can sleep without pillow or anything! ^ She's wild (laughs) ✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿ Moa can sleep with any kind of pillow ♫ But, at home, I place many pillow beside my bed, K-ON! pillow, Funnassyi pillow, Love Live! Pillow etc... Even that they has fallen when I wake up.... (laughs) Wish you also have a nice dream today~~~ - Moo Source: Babymetal 重音部


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