Moa Kikuchi talk about a new Sakura Gakuin song

Babymetal 重音部 have translate this brand new Moa blog entry.

moa blog entry

Good Mornooning
It’s Moa.
After came back from the United States & Canada,
There was a recording of the new song of Sakura Gakuin ♫
The new song packed fully with Sakura Gakuin this year! !
Each of us sang the song with our thought,
Looking forward to what’s shaping up to be !
(Actually…! The song is written by a person who I love so much) uhuhu

After a few days meet with everyone in Sakura Gakuin,
Although I was very happy about it,
But there was also one thing that make me ashamed.
That is……!!
Everyone told me that “You shrunk in height ?!?!” ~~~~ (Sweat)
Even Yui who always together with me told that “Huh? Do we have height different like this? ” (laughs)

Whatever! fine!!
Perhaps, until I graduate,
Only Saki and Aiko does not catch over me in height.
It must be……
Undoubtedly, I think like that…
Oh God, please

There were also changes in height order in Sakura Gakuin while you do not meet us these day.
Please looking forward on the Open Class

– Moo


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