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Good Mornooning
It’s Moa

At 27th Sept Live,
It was really happy because can cerebrate together with fukei-san on the birthday surprise for Shi-tan that planed by everyone from Sakura Gakuin
That was a great success!
Thank you for your cooperation! !
I want to cerebrate someone’s birthday together again!
I hope there will be a good timing for that…
I wonder if there is any~~~??

Moa Kikuchi

When the live,
From Talk Chairman Yunano,
The theme for self introduction today was “Your uneasy subject and weak subject in test”.
At that time,
Sakura Gakuin members was proud with the points they score,
But Moa did not think like that at that time.
Can I brag a little here?
I will do that even you say cannot~~~ (laughs)

Actually for Moa,
the result when middle school year 1 is (three 5, five 4) (5 is full mark)
It was a pretty good result.
(I talked on the radio, so did you know right?)
From that time, the result gradually decreases ….
But, the result was maintain at middle to upper middle up until now.
Oh dear, it’s too ordinary and boring result

But you know! But you know! !
I did the National academic and learning Investigation test in the first semester!!
And the result had coming out.
the test difficulty for National academic and learning Investigation test is not different depending on the school in Japan,
It is the test to get know how much is your academic ability, and your grasp.

In that test,
I get 30 right answer over 32 question in Japanese language A~
(National average is 24.5)
And I get 8 right answer over 9 question in Japanese language B~
(National average is 4.6)
As a Japanese,
The people with confidence in national language can communicate well about feeling and thought,
I want to continue to grow every day! !

One thing that Moa can taught.
To taking care of both work and study is tough,
But I wont lose!
I hope it can be deliver to everyone in Sakura Gakuin~



– Moo

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