Natalie Music 2015 December 13

Natalie Music

2015 December 13

Babymetal announces the release of a new album, a World Tour and a Tokyo Dome

concert at today’s Yokohama Arena show

It was announced that Babymetal will release a new album simultaneously world-wide next year, April 1st (Title yet to be determined)


Natalie Music  2015 December 13

Babymetal put on its ‘Babymetal World Tour 2015 ~ The Final Chapter of Trilogy ~’ today at Yokohama Arena, Kanagawa. Following the show they announced the release of their second album following 2 years after the release of their first one. There will be three versions of the album with a Regular edition, a First Limited Edition and a Premium Limited Edition for members of the official fan club, THE ONE. The First Limited Edition will include a DVD. The songs, their titles and the contents of the DVD to be contained in the album will be announced at a later date.

Further, the group will be shedding its skin at the SSE Arena Wembley in England on the day following the release of the album, April 2nd kicking off its ‘Babymetal World Tour 2016’ World Tour. The Finale for this World Tour will be held at the Tokyo Dome. Details surrounding the Dome show will be announced on April 1st keeping the fans waiting in anticipation.


Natalie Music  2015 December 13

Babymetal Comments


Since I feel that a large number of people are waiting eagerly for the new album I really want to put all my energy and attention into making it.

Also, it was like a dream to hear that it had been decided that we will play at the Tokyo Dome. I will do my best to grow and develop so we can successfully carry out our world tour and so that I will be able to perform with confidence in front of everyone.


It still has not hit me that we will actually be playing at the Tokyo Dome. I would like to burn up all available energy to perform my best and not forget this feeling of gratitude to everyone who has supported and cheered on Babymetal.


Even after hearing the divine instruction today I can not believe that some day in the future that day will come (Tokyo Dome). With the new album being released on April 1st- April Fool’s day I hope we an betray the expectations of everyone in a good way.


Natalie Music  2015 December 13


Natalie Music  2015 December 13


Natalie Music  2015 December 13