Natalie’s report: Aiko Yamaide performs first piano Original Song “Taisetsuna Kimi E” at “Happy Ice Cream”

Sakura Gakuin 2017 Nendo Students Council President Aiko Yamaide debuted live performing piano songs at "Happy Ice Cream" player her first original song! Make sure to read Natalie's report in the following post. 


Natalie's report: Aiko Yamaide piano performance at SMELLS "Happy Ice Cream"

The live event "Happy Ice Cream" was held on July 24 at Shibuya 7th Floor in Tokyo. "Happy Ice Cream" event was organized by SMELLS featuring Natsuki Harada (Evening Cinema), Helsinki Lambda Club and Aiko Yamaide from Sakura Gakuin as the opening act. 


This is the first time Yamaide appeared alone in a live event. With dreams of singer-songwriter she played live with piano. Yamaide started the live with a cover of AI "Happiness" that she already performed in the past at Sakura Gakuin live. 


She enchanted the audience with a crystal clear singing voice. Then she played a cover of Charlie Puth "We Don't Talk Anymore". After that sang a song about a tragic love between a man and a woman in "Sukushi Senobi Shita Kimochi". At the end she performerd her first original song "Taisetsuna Kimi E", it was her first time as songwriter and then went down the stage with a big smile. 




Report by: Natalie Music

Translation by: Maik Gianino