New Yui blog: YuiMetal talk about her love for Karen Girl’s

Monsterpanda from BABYMETAL Reddit has done this pretty nice transation of the last Yui blog!


Hi this Yui.

I know it is sudden but it is pretty famous (?) that Yui loves “Karen Girl’s”. Why does Yui like Karen Girl’s so much? I don’t think I have talked about it in detail. So today I will talk about Karen Girl’s.

When Karen Girl’s were active, Yui was in the 3rd grade. Our family is friends with Ayami-chan for some time. When we heard Ayami-chan was going to be in Karen Girl’s our whole family cheered them on.


Shortly after Karen Girl’s debuted, Yui’s family got suddenly ill. At that time it was life threatening illness. I was still in 3rd grade, and I was in shock. I went to the hospital everyday, but being in elementary school, I was not allowed into the ICU. I was so worried. Everyday I waited in the waiting room. The doctors said “Lets play music you listen to all the time”. At that time “song we listen to all the time = Karen Girls”, so we played Karen Girl’s. Yui could not see them in the waiting room, but I was praying for the safety listening to Karen Girl’s. In the car between the trips to the hospital we almost did not listen to anything else besides Karen Girl’s.

The lyrics “So I will not lose, Tomorrow Lets go”… I can’t tell you how much they cheered me on. At that time I could not see the future and it was bleak. During that time the Karen Girl’s songs, gave Yui courage and gave me “POWER”!

That is why I like Karen Girl’s a lot. I wanted my family members to be happy when they got out of the hospital, I played “over the future” in slow motion, slowly watching the DVD hundreds of time practicing the dance routine. The next year in march was the finale concert. The moment I was able to go with everyone in my family, felt like a dream come true… I was so happy… so happy. I was so happy during the show I was copying the dance the whole time LOL.

At that time everyone was saying how difficult it was going to be, and that I should quit working. That is what I thought as well, but when I went to see Karen Girl’s and was given that “Power”. From then on, words out of my mouth was “I want to be a Karen Girl’s” to both family and manager. (LOL)

I feel singing and Dancing is wonderful. You get power to feel better. If you are sick now, someone you love is sick, even if you are not sick, but have something troubling you, or when you are lonely… It would make me happy to think that maybe listening to Sakura Gaukin or BABYMETAL, or watching the DVD is sending you that Power to make you feel better.

So that is why Karen Girl’s is very special. So in “Legend D” being able to sing Over the Future with Su-chan was the moment my dreams came true.

Today I turn 15. Yui will pull all her feelings into singing the best I can, waiving the legendary black hair, gracefully violently, dancing with all my soul. And I don’t want to take for granted being healthy and laughing each day, I am grateful and I will treasure each day.

Thank you for reading all the way til the end.

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