New YuiMetal Blog Update! English Translation

[Yui new diary 03-06-2014]

YuiMetal (real name Yui Mizuno) has just post a new blog post and the guy from Babymetal 重音部 Facebook group were kind enoough to translate it!


Hello~ Yui here~
Sakura Gakuin, Graduation Live DVD release,
Minipati, will perform in YATSUI FESTIVAL,
BABYMETAL, World tour & Summer sonic, and so on.
The infomation is uncover one after another,
Really happy everyday to be able to inform everyone.
This year will also be very busy,
but I can’t wait for all one by one from now.

There was a sports festival in real junior high school before this,
We get the Best Cheering Award for Red team~
By the way, Yui’s favourite Tomato is also ome out during the cheering battle,
“The power of TomaToma TomaToma TomaToma TomaTomato is infinite!” (laughs)
The last sport festival in junior high school,
Was the greatest fun~
Soon will be the school excursion!
With close friends and classmate,
I cant wait for the first Kyoto trip!!!
Ah, of course we are seriously hardworking on study
Soon will be the midterm,
Scheduled to start the study session with close friends… (laughs)

Sakura Gakuin, BABYMETAL, Minipati,
And real junior high school.
All is very very important to Yui~
I was thinking lately,
It’s really happy to let me be the experience of a lot of different thing. x.x
Sometimes there is too much things that you must do,
It will become “*knock head” (laughs)
At the very minute, and have fun everyday ! !

Because there are somethings that are still not able to inform everyone,
Please wait until the information is uncover~

Mizuno Yui

– Moo

Source: Babymetal 重音部

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