Nikkei Kogyo Shimbun: BABYMETAL breaks down the concept of men’s Heavy Metal

BABYMETAL is featured in Nikkei Kogyo Shimbun Newspaper Edition January 20, 2017. An article about BABYMETAL's concept appears in the first page of the newspaper! Read the article translated below. 


Japan and the rest of the world learn from Heavy Metal Idols

When I listen old-fashioned music, I remember when I was young so I want to listen quietly. Although now is easy to get music distribution, even in this generation I cannot rest until I have it in hand, I went to a CD Shop after a long time. 


Looking around inside the shop, I saw "BABYMETAL" described as "Female Dance Unit of Heavy Metal". The genre is Heavy Metal, but the CD is in the Idol Shelf. However, it takes a considerable scale. 


The appearance of these young girls was controversial among Heavy Metal fans. It's and Idol that sings in Heavy Metal style? However, this unit was the first Japanese to perform at the "sacred place for Heavy Metal", at Wembley Arena in the UK. They gained the audience with their high-quality performance techniques, songs and dancing. 


Competence between artists is a big deal, generally gimmick's ideas that combine Idol and Heavy Metal has been thought earlier. But they break down the heavy Metal man's thing, these Japanese Idols have begun to spread new standards to the world. 


Japanese small and medium-sized companies with high technology could be also active in the world if they are capable to coordinate new ideas. With that said, bought my favorite CD and went back home. 


Article by: Nikkei Kogyo Shimbun Newspaper (Edition, January 20, 2017)

Transcription: Hitoshi Sugioka

Translation: Maik Gianino