Some new BABYMETAL videos

Well searching for some news stuff about BM ive find some cool BABYMETAL videos that i share here with you !

Sakura Gakuin shuffle units
Marina-METAL, Airi-METAL and Ayaka-METAL doing Doki Doki Morning

This one is pretty rare.. [TV report]BABYMETAL free [email protected] DiverCity (2013.06.23)



Tokyo Idol Festival 2010-2012 BABYMETAL doing Doki Doki Morning, complete 30 minute show broadcast.


BABYMETAL – ギミチョコ!!Gimme Chocolate!! 踊ってみた[Kandy Cos Dance Cover]

Another Megitsune Vocal Cover

Moa & Yui as angels advertising Japanese Broadband

OMG!! BABYMETAL – Akatsuki live at Budokan video!

I just found this video on Youtube, be fast because i think this video will be deleted in a few hours..

BABYMETAL - Benitsuki -Akatsuki

BABYMETAL – Akatsuki live at Nippon Budokan video!

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BABYMETAL ROCKZINE Vol.3 magazine interview, English translation

Here is an english translated interview coming from ROCKZINE Vol.3 magazine, thank to ShadeSlayr on Babymetal reddit for the translation.

babymetal ROCKZINE Vol.3

Interview – BABYMETAL arrived at taiwan for the first time yesterday, what is your impression of taiwan?
SU-METAL: Firstly is we have many fans welcome us at the airport, every staff was kind and gentle, and also the food is delicious, eat a lot of it, and very full (laugh)

What do you eat?
SU-METAL: Xiao Long Bao and Pearl milk tea.
MOAMETAL: Actually I came to visit at taiwan on summer last year, taiwan is a country with warm hospitality, ate a lots of food, we have a very good time here.
YUIMETAL: Yesterday BABYMETAL fans was gather at the airport to welcome us, I’m very happy. And the difference between Taiwan and Japan is, here got many motorcycles, and the little man on the traffic lights will run faster and faster, I feels fresh on these thing, and also looking forward to the performance tonight.

Tonight is the first live in Taiwan and will perform together with ChthoniC, how do you feel?
SU-METAL: We met ChthoniC lead singer for the first time at LOUD PARK in Japan on october last year. At that time, we are talking about that will be great if we able to perform together, and ask him to bring us to Taiwan, unexpectedly it become realisation now (laugh). We will perform our song Megitsune together at the end of the concert, their performance is full of boldness, and they are also the real metal vocal, I’m very happy we can perform together.


Why do you choose this song to perform together?
MOAMETAL: It’s all about the arrangement of kitsune-sama (laugh).

How do you feel about ChthoniC this band?
MOAMETAL: There is female member in ChthoniC, we impress when we know the metal song is create by a cute girl like this. Just now SU-METAL did mention about the deathcore screaming, there is no something like that in our music, instead I’m worry about matching of our performance tonight.
SU-METAL: Even that we are having language barrier, but we still able to communicate with each other, I didn’t feel very big gap between us.

How do everyone begin with the metal genre?
SU-METAL: Actually we never heard of Metal genre before we formed BABYMETAL, we just begin to find out about metal genre when we decided to move into the metal genre.

BABYMETAL shooting for a short video to promote Metallica’s Movie right?
SU-METAL: I didn’t really understand when listening to Metallica’s CD for the first time, I only can feel that was really strong music. Until we see their performance on the big screen, is simply just like god who emit aura, very unforgettable performance.


BABYMETAL dance and performance seems like different with other Idol group. Because it was metal genre, so it will contain many intense performance. Is there any difficulty when practice and perform?
YUIMETAL: My neck will have muscle aches when doing headbanging last time, but now the muscle seems to be adapt to it, and it’s alright for now.

BABYMETAL had already perform in many music festival, can you share your experience?
SU-METAL: We are not very understand about metal and rock genre at first, but we gained many experience through live and festival event, we are very thankful.

BABYMETAL performance can be categorize into two type. One is BABYBONE with dance properties, and another one is kami band which formed by pro metal musician, what is the different in feeling when perform with them?

MOAMETAL: Actually no matter is BABYBONE or Kami Band, they are backing up with strongest support, and make us feel relieve. BABYBONE help to excite the audience, liven up the atmosphere, while Kami band doubling the excitement with strongest music performance.

BABYMETAL will release a new album named as “BABYMETAL”, please introduce the album.
SU-METAL: This album is just like our name card, contain all the masterpiece of us, can let those who interested to BABYMETAL to understand what is BABYMETAL.

What is your favourite or recommended song in the Album?
YUIMETAL: I wish everyone can listen to every song in BABYMETAL album. Maybe it was slightly difficult to foreigner, but if you listen to all the song in the album, I believe that you will surely happy when watching our concert.
SU-METAL: I want to recommend the last song in the Album which is “Ijime, Dame, Zettai”. The song that we perform before that, maybe have some Idol feel inside, but when we contact with this song, that is the beginning of our metal genre. We can handle better and better with this song in live, making good memory with every audience. We have a solo concert in Singapore before, I feels touch when this song, the reaction of the audience was just the same with what happen in Japan. When we sing “Ijime, dame!!”, everyone in Singapore live jumping together, full of overall sense, and this make me liked this song.
MOAMETAL: For me I hope that everyone can listen to “4 no Uta”.

New YuiMetal Blog Update! English Translation

[Yui new diary 03-06-2014]

YuiMetal (real name Yui Mizuno) has just post a new blog post and the guy from Babymetal 重音部 Facebook group were kind enoough to translate it!


Hello~ Yui here~
Sakura Gakuin, Graduation Live DVD release,
Minipati, will perform in YATSUI FESTIVAL,
BABYMETAL, World tour & Summer sonic, and so on.
The infomation is uncover one after another,
Really happy everyday to be able to inform everyone.
This year will also be very busy,
but I can’t wait for all one by one from now.

There was a sports festival in real junior high school before this,
We get the Best Cheering Award for Red team~
By the way, Yui’s favourite Tomato is also ome out during the cheering battle,
“The power of TomaToma TomaToma TomaToma TomaTomato is infinite!” (laughs)
The last sport festival in junior high school,
Was the greatest fun~
Soon will be the school excursion!
With close friends and classmate,
I cant wait for the first Kyoto trip!!!
Ah, of course we are seriously hardworking on study
Soon will be the midterm,
Scheduled to start the study session with close friends… (laughs)

Sakura Gakuin, BABYMETAL, Minipati,
And real junior high school.
All is very very important to Yui~
I was thinking lately,
It’s really happy to let me be the experience of a lot of different thing. x.x
Sometimes there is too much things that you must do,
It will become “*knock head” (laughs)
At the very minute, and have fun everyday ! !

Because there are somethings that are still not able to inform everyone,
Please wait until the information is uncover~

Mizuno Yui

– Moo

Source: Babymetal 重音部

BABYMETAL – 4 no uta (444 ver) and Akatsuki Unfinished ver.

Here a new version of a BABYMETAL song named 4 no uta (444 ver) thet you can find on BABYMETAL [APOCALYPSE LIMITED EDITION].


Thank to Me is Cool, Cool is me for these finds.

Also we have BABYMETAL – Akatsuki Unfinished ver. from the same APOCALYPSE LIMITED EDITION album.

NECRONOMIDOL: a new Extreme Metal/Dark Synth Idol group

Here what our good friend at Pure Idol Heart have to say about this news black metal idols group named NECRONOMIDOL, read what they have in box for us!



The other day I had the pleasure of coming across another Idol Metal group and today I shall introduce them to you.

The group is NECRONOMIDOL and as they explained to me ,they are an Extreme Metal/Dark Synth Idol group with future plans of crossing over into some Thrashcore.
From the moment you listen to their song Vulture ,you know that this is a group that is going to take you on an interesting musical journey.

NECRONOMIDOL is also a group that thinks of making their music reach a wider audience by taking advantage of digital sales and the group has made their release open for sale today and you can currently purchase their music here.

If these early previews and releases is what the future holds for NECRONOMIDOL ,I am pleased to welcome them into the growing Idol Metal family and I am looking forward to what is to come from this group both in their live performances and music releases.

NECRONOMIDOL is one Idol Metal you need to add to your watch list, concert attending list , I know that I have.

Source: Pure Idol Heart




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