PMC Pia music 100 Qs for Babymetal – 26 to 100


PMC Pia Music Complex Vol 4



What is something that you can’t do without in your live performances?


Our feelings for the show! At all times we treat the feelings of, ‘A beginner’s mind’, ‘teamwork’, ‘We want to make people have a fun time, along with ourselves having a fun time’ with a sense of great importance.


At your shows all three of you always have such rich and multi-faceted expressions-why is that?


While I think that our experiences up to now and our own growth plays a part in things, I think in the end it is the smiling faces of our fans that is the real reason behind it.


What have you gained through your 2 years of warrior training overseas?


The wonderful nature of music that brings all of us together which overcomes language barriers and barriers of genres DEATH!!


PMC Pia music 100 Qs for Babymetal – 26 to 100


Have you ever thought in in tours, ‘Wow, I am really cool!’?


When we are performing and we make eye contact with each other when we might not usually do so I get the feeling, ‘Hey, today it looks like things might go well!’.


What do you do as you move from show to show?




Do you watch movies or DVDs? If you have a favorite could you tell us about it?


I do watch them. It is fun to fall into the world view that that work offers, and so I have interest recently in various genres of movies, TV shows and novels.


What was the first live show you saw? And who did you see and when did you see it?


The first show for me to see in person was Perfume at the BudouKan DEATH!!


Please tell us about what you like about the costumes this time around.


The amount of Black has increased over our previous costumes. The fabric for the skirts is different from those used before and I think they are cute and quite adult-like.


What did you think at first of the choreography supplied by Mikikometal-sensei for ‘Karate’?


I thought it was really cool. And, I learned a lot about the Kata of Karate and because of the numerous detailed jewels embedded in it I found it to be really interesting.


Are there times in your lives where the phrase of ‘Seiya, Soiya’ loops around in your heads?


Yes, that happens! That happens all the time. I say it in my dreams and apparently I even actually say it in my sleep.


What did you think when you learned that the download ranking for ‘Karate’ put it at #1 on the Metal charts and at #5 on the Rock charts in iTunes and at #1 on the British Metal charts and #3 on their rock charts?




What do you think about your album being released simultaneously world wide and the moving along in the charts overseas?


I am happy and at the same time am surprised and am of mixed feelings about how to deal with the expectations in dealing with everything and a whole lot of other concerns. It feels like I am in the middle of a dream.


In the overseas edition of the new album you sing ‘The One’ all in english. Was this because you really wanted to convey the contents of this song?


We are happy that the concept of, ‘even if you can not see what will come in the future, lets all advance boldy ahead and become as one’ has reached the mind of even one more person as we go over national boundries.


How was it to actually sing lyrics that are all in English?


It was difficult DEATH!! Singing in English and speaking in English are totally different animals, and we had to carry out the recording checking to see that each and every part was pronounced properly.


Su-metal-san, what song in ‘Metal Resistance’ do you like the most and why?


‘Meta Tarou’ DEATH!! This is the cutest song we have done and it can be enjoyed by everyone from children to senior citizens, I feel.


Moametal-san, what song in ‘Metal Resistance’ do you like the most and why?


‘Karate’ DEATH!! I will shorten my long answer to say that I love how it expresses that spirit of the three of us not giving up and going on to keep fighting DEATH!!


Yuimetal-san, what song in ‘Metal Resistance’ do you like the most and why?


‘Road of Resistance’. I like the straightforward lyrics, the passionate dance and sound of it and how it contains the so many of the memories of what we have come to perform at our live shows. I hope to fill the songs that we will perform from here on out with this type of feelings as well DEATH!!


Once again for clarity, what is Black Babymetal?


I myself would like to know the answer. Are we Angels? Are we Devils? I don’t know which is correct.


Continuing on from Q43, what can you tell us about the evolution of Sis. Anger on the new album?


The main point is the full bore Black of it. This one will make you sit up straight and listen! This is a great song for when you need to get really motivated DEATH!!


Have you ever actually yelled out, ‘Stop screwing around!’ <Zakken ja ne zo’ in your daily life?

Yuimetal and Moametal:



How do you approach your solo songs (‘Amore-Aoihoshi’ on this new album)?


These songs have a strong sense of conveying a message so I sing them with a passionate feeling in mind.


How would you express the Babymetal of today as a color?


Usually Red and Black are our main colors but I would say that Babymetal can change to any color at all. It is difficult to put into words.


Who do you want to meet the most right now?


I want to meet the fans of Babymetal that we have not met yet! And so I would I like to travel around Japan and around the world and go to places we have never been to meet people waiting for us DEATH!!


Who would you like to share the stage with?


Metallica-san DEATH!!


What albums or DVDs have changed your lives?


Only THE FOX GOD Knows!


Where was your first overseas travel?


Singapore DEATH!!


What country or place would you like to go to?


The three of us often say to ourselves that we would like to go to Australia!


Is there a secret method to never let your sense of curiosity dry up?


Just take an interest in what you honestly like.


Did you watch this year’s Grammy show?


No! I get the image that it is a place where many great artists all gather together.


How do you create opportunities in life?


Believe in your own intuition!


What was the scariest thing to happen to you in your life?


One night when I was an elementary school student I suddenly opened my eyes and in the dark of the room my clothes and the furniture all looked like animals!


What was the biggest misfortune in your life?


Many things have happened to me. But, they have all been rather small in nature so I am grateful that I have made it to today unscathed DEATH!!


Do you feel your bonds with the Kami band have deepened?


As we play more and more live performances together I feel our bonds of connection have grown deeper.


When you travel around for your shows what do you do for entertainment on your days off?


Of course I like to eat! It is my greatest pleasure DEATH!!


How did you feel when you were being suspended in the gondola at the Yokohama Arena show?


I felt the friendly and warm emotions of the fans and was filled with gratitude. I was so happy that they had brought us this far.


What was the happiest thing connected with your birthday (Seitansai)?


The three of us dancing ‘Onedari Daisakusen’ together. I had wanted to do that from before so I was so happy when we were able to do it DEATH!!


Su-metal-san,what part of your character jumps out in live performances?


In live shows I feel that ‘I want everyone to come along together with us!’ and that feeling gets stronger during the shows.


Moametal-san, what part of your character jumps out in live performances?


As we continue to perform things get so fun that I smile a lot.


Yuimetal-san, what part of your character jumps out in live performances?


I am often told that I am too serious.


Is there something that you would never give up?


That I love to sing.


What do you think you will be like in 10 years?


I have absolutely no idea! I can’t even imagine 1 year in the future. I hope that my dreams for the future will have come true.


What would you like to say to yourself 10 years ago?


In 10 years from now your life will be filled with nothing but good things so look forward to it.


If you had a time machine when in time would you go back to? Or, when in the future would you like to go to?


Maybe when I was born. I would like to go to the future but I have a feeling that you should not know about it.


What scenery do you like most out of the scenery you have seen overseas?


When it is evening but the sun doesn’t set so early. It feels like I have gained some extra day time.


What has moved your heart and mind recently?


I love, ‘The Wolf child’ and I watch the DVD and have read the novel over and over and each time I am moved to tears.


What is the way that you most often are made aware of new types of music?


I have learned about a wide variety of genres through Babymetal! Babymetal has served as a trigger for meeting so many new types of music!


Where do you feel most comfortable?


My house, I think. And of course, Babymetal DEATH!! Of course the food we eat overseas is all delicious, but as you can imagine, the best are the meals my mother makes for me at home.


What event caused you to think that you are being supported by the fans?


I am grateful at all times. Every day!


Is there a live performance where you felt that you had been saved by the cheers or support of the fans?


At some of the overseas shows the environment is different from what we are used to or the air conditioning equipment is not up to good standards and at those times the cheers of the fans really make me feel better.


Are the overseas fans different from the ones in Japan?


The approach to having fun at the shows differs from country to country. But the feeling of love toward Babymetal is the same both overseas and in Japan.


What song is most popular with the overseas fans?


‘Gimme Choco!’ DEATH. This is the song that they sing along with us the most.


Is there something that you are always asked by the overseas media?


‘What is the difference between the overseas fans and the Japanese fans?’ is a the one we are asked most often.


What song do you want to perform the most at the Tokyo Dome?


‘The One’ DEATH!! I am so excited about what kind of cheers there will be for that song DEATH!!


I am sure that you were surprised when you were informed you would be playing at the Tokyo Dome, but what is the most surprising thing you have encountered thus far?


We are truly surprised with each divine message each and every time! And so the Tokyo Dome is the most surprising what at the present time DEATH!!


You start off your 3rd World tour with a bang at the Wembely Arena. How do you feel about this?


For us, London is a turning point location so we are very excited about what kind of a start it will turn out to be.


You will be touring in America as well…what are your aims for the overseas tour?


To tear down the walls of language and connect everyone through music DEATH!!


What are your aims for the Japan side of the tour?


A nation-wide tour DEATH!!


What kind of entity is the god of Metal?


It is an entity that has the power to release the hearts and minds of people through the power of music.


Are we loved by the god of Metal?




What is something the three of you have never done overseas that you want to do?


We would like to go whale watching someday.


Could you tell us an episode that illustrates your close bonds with the Kami band?


We can tell by looking around that they are looking out for us by carefully observing everything that goes on.


How was the still photographic session for this issue of PMC? Please tell us your impressions of it.


It brought out more of a cool feel to us than other photo sessions and had a feeling of freshness to it. It was fun DEATH!!


What food did you get most excited about in either your overseas or domestic tours?


The Schnitzel we ate in Germany! It was really delicious DEATH!!


If you have a Babymetal merchandise item that you are particularly fond of could you tell us what it is?


Right now it would be the long hoped for Coach Jacket DEATH!!


What is your treasured item?


All of the people that Moametal has been able to meet.


What is something that made you so thrilled with anticipation that you couldn’t sleep?


The day before the BudouKan live DEATH!! I was performing the show even in my dreams.


What is your life motto?


To burn up all of my available energy (完全燃焼)


Who do you respect and admire?


Metallica-san DEATH!!


What message that you have received from the legends of Metal made the biggest impression on you?


When Judas Priest-san told us they ‘Love Gimme Choco!’ so much that they sang it themselves DEATH!!


When were you most nervous in your life?


The first time I sang in front of an audience.


What was the happiest moment of your life?


Being born.


Can you give some words to Kitsune-sama?


Thank you for letting us enjoy so many precious experiences. Please continue to look after and support us. I want to meet you directly someday DEATH!!


Can you give some words to the Kami band?


Please continue to look favorably upon us. And, thank you for everything up to now.


Can you give some words to Mikikometal-sensei?


I truly love Mikikometal-sensei’s dances DEATH!! I really like to imagine what intent she had for the messages she puts in the choreography and to then try to express that in the dances. Please continue to look favorably upon us.


Can you give some words to the readers of this article?


Babymetal will continue to grow and develop. Please be looking forward to how things go from here.


Spread the resistance!!

 THE ONE限定ライブ2daysを昨日終えたばかりのBABYMETALが、今夜はTV朝日の歌番組『MUSIC STATION』に出演します。



  BABYMETALが出演するTV番組『MUSIC STATION』の実況と感想会今日の『小石蹴り部』 BABYMETALが出演するTV番組『MUSIC STATION』の実況と感想会 Mステ演出裏話!?(第8章 597:by  メロスピ部長)

MOAMETAL「うそ? すげぇーってならない?」




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A Fan Letter For BABYMETAL From Kumamoto

A BABYMETAL fan in a disaster affected area in Kumamoto, Japan, wrote a letter to express their gratitude towards the band, and how the songs cheered them up. The blog belongs to a man named “Tsu-Papa”, his daughter wrote a letter to thank BABYMETAL for making their difficult days better. Please enjoy our English translation here:

Right now, I feel scared to sleep at my house because there was an earthquake, but when I listen to BABYMETAL’s music in the car, I become cheerful again. At first I was really afraid, but then I listen to the songs and have a chat with everyone, I can smile again. I want everyone to listen to this song: BABYMETAL – “Iine!” I really love this song. Please hold a concert in Kumamoto. – April 21, 2016

Dear BABYMETAL-san, the artist that my daughters love so much.

My family has been evacuating from the earthquake, and during that time, we listened to the CD and watched the DVD from the album in the car because everyone love it. It lift up their spirits.
Since there was a spare time in a long and frightening night, my daughter said she wanted to write a letter. If this letter reaches you, please read it.
But I am sorry, I have to edit out the name.
My daughter who’s in elementary school, my eldest daughter and my 2 years old son, they all love BABYMETAL’s songs.
It cheers them up during earthquake.
And please come and do a concert here in Kumamoto someday!
I would be so happy if you read my daughter’s letter.


We pray for the safety of everyone in the affected areas, stay strong, and we hope this letter reaches BABYMETAL.


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BABYMETAL about “GJ!” choreography and favorite Metal Bands

Loudwire released the third part of the interview with BABYMETAL in New York City on April 4. This time the girls share their thoughts about the choreographies and their favorite Metal bands, watch below! 


Third part of Loudwire's interview with BABYMETAL in New York

Third part of Loudwire's interview with BABYMETAL in New York City on April 4 during the Press Conference. Graham from Loudwire asked the girls what is the process to compose those complicated and excellent choreographies to play in the live shows. Yuimetal said: "We take about two lessongs for learning one song. The most physically demanding song to perform is "GJ!"


After some years in the Metal scene the girls talk about their favorite bands nowdays, Moa said: "Bring Me The Horizon", Suzuka said: "Marmozets" and a very shy Yui said: "Limp Bizkit." 


Watch the full interview, the last part of the interview with BABYMETAL!

Interview by: Loudwire


BABYMETAL on The Daily Dot: “The American fans really know how to have fun”

BABYMETAL was interviewed by DailyDot during their visit to New York City on April 4 where they held a Press Conference in the city. BABYMETAL talks about how much the band is growing with the new album, the experience of Metallica playing live, Youtube, the making of "The One"and the American fans. Read the full interview below. 


BABYMETAL interviewed in New York by DailyDot

Even sitting politely in a recording studio in the basement of a swank West Hollywood hotel, the trio of teens who front Babymetal are a sensory overload, decked in coordinating black-and-red ensembles. Their costumes are a fitting representation of Babymetal’s many contradictions, with spikes and studs alongside poofy skirts and delicate hair bows.


Babymetal is essentially Suzuka Nakamoto (known as Su-metal), Yui Mizuno (known as Yuimetal), and Moa Kikuchi (known as Moametal). And while you might not recognize those names, you’ve almost certainly seen their YouTube video for “Gimme Chocolate,” the band’s head-turning, expectation-shattering breakout hit from 2014, which has been seen over 47 million times.


When the video first broke stateside, people weren’t sure what to make of the band’s shocking combination of metalcore, bubblegum J-pop, and tight choreography. Was it real? Was it some weird Japanese sensation or a viral prank? Two years later, with a new album and upcoming U.S. tour, Babymetal is finally answering those questions. Or at least they’re taking baby steps.  


“Through this new album, Metal Resistance, Babymetal has grown so much,” explained Su-metal in Japanese, as translated by their tour manager Nora. “Before we had red skirts, but now the skirts are all black. This is how Babymetal is maturing.”


Costumes aside, Babymetal has actually come a long ways. The band was formed in 2010, as an offshoot of Sakura Gakuin, one of many prepackaged groups of “idols”—young stars presented as role models in Japanese pop music—that featured 10 to 12 teen girls at a time. Somewhere along the way, it’s as if someone accidentally slipped in a CD of Cannibal Corpse and the girls—all between the ages of 16 and 17—just kept on singing. They were backed originally by people mimicking guitar and drums to an audio track, but now there's an actual metal band, known as Kami Band, playing along.


Perhaps it's not surprising, then, that before joining Babymetal, none of the girls were even familiar with metal music.


“The main thing was metal was scary,” Yuimetal explained. “But thanks to Babymetal and being exposed to different types of music, we’ve learned to love metal.”


BABYMETAL on The Daily Dot: “The American fans really know how to have fun”

One experience in particular proved pivotal. “We met Metallica [in 2013] for the first time at Summer Sonic”—an annual Japanese music festival—“and that was the first time seeing a metal band in the flesh,” said Moametal. “That’s how we realized how powerful metal is and how it can move people. Metallica is a big, huge influence and inspiration. That’s who Babymetal aspires to become some day.”


At this point, it’s clear that the band isn’t a mere one-hit wonder. 2015’s “Megitsune” reached another 25 million viewers.


“When the first video was uploaded to YouTube, that’s when we realized that people outside of Japan were interested,” said Yuimetal.That’s where we see Babymetal spreading, with people trying to mimic music or dance moves. YouTube is a place for everybody to get together and interact and share their love for Babymetal.


Babymetal recently made its first American TV appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (“nerve wracking,” said Moametal of the experience) and will follow up with their first headlining U.S. tour, starting May 4. While the band has appeared stateside before, most notably as part of Lady Gaga’s ArtRave tour in 2014, this will be their first chance to visit cities outside New York and Los Angeles. That’s important because Babymetal is a spectacle that almost needs to be seen to be believed.


If YouTube is anything to go by, a Babymetal show is a riot of lights and sound. In a recent Wembley Arena performance, the trio floated about the crowd and stage in a giant glowing triangle, decked out in glitter robes, and later danced as flames shot to the ceiling. American venues are on a smaller scale than arenas, and the band wouldn’t reveal any specifics of the U.S. jaunt (“Only the fox god knows,” answers Yuimetal, referencing the kitsune fox deity they call to for inspiration).


“There’s so many things about Babymetal you cannot just grasp with the sound,” explained Su-metal. “The visual has to compliment the sound, the costumes have to compliment the sound. The sound is already a mixture of everything, and it could get overwhelming, but if you come to a concert that’s where you get to watch the whole package. The only place to find out what Babymetal is about and what Babymetal aims to do, you have to come out to a show.”


The tour will feature new songs from Metal Resistance, many of which will be played for the first time live. That includes the band’s first English song, “The One.”


“The making of the song was not easy,” Su-metal said of the recording process that pushed her boundaries with an unfamiliar language. “But being able to sing that song and the fans understanding it, it felt like everyone knew the message of it. ‘The One’ is all about getting everyone to become one through the music of Babymetal. It looked like people really got it.”


They’re hopeful that the American fans will embrace the song and the whole Babymetal experience on tour. “Here in America when people love something they really love something, and they show it,” said Su-metal. “The American fans really know how to have fun.”


While “fun” isn’t usually the first word that comes to mind when describing heavy metal, Babymetal clearly isn’t concerned about labels or tradition. In fact, the band is aiming to transcend the genre altogether.


“We’ve always wanted to aim to be the only one,” Moametal said, “and hopefully one day we’ll be able to create this new genre called Babymetal.”


Now that’s metal. 




Interview by: DailyDot

Apocrypha – OTFGK Shinkiba Day 2


BABYMETAL just finished their second Apocrypha shows for Members of The One today. These small venue shows inside Japan are for Members of The One can get a more personal space to see them perform as well as give BABYMETAL live rehearsal for their upcoming tour dates.

The early birds spotted waiting at 7:38am outside the venue.

Apocrypha – OTFGK Shinkiba Day 2

The marquee updated for today’s show.

Apocrypha – OTFGK Shinkiba Day 2

The merch line around noon.

Apocrypha – OTFGK Shinkiba Day 2

The official merch board. All t-shirts but size XL sold out.

Apocrypha – OTFGK Shinkiba Day 2

This fan has brought their custom kitsune mask to last year’s Black Mass Apocrypha show as well.

Apocrypha – OTFGK Shinkiba Day 2

Here is another Dark Knight cosplayer.

Apocrypha – OTFGK Shinkiba Day 2

This fan making the most of the time at queue.

Apocrypha – OTFGK Shinkiba Day 2

More fan schwag for today’s show on top of the pins/buttons posted yesterday.

Apocrypha – OTFGK Shinkiba Day 2

DragonForce has their own show today, but they enjoyed the VIP seating yesterday.

Apocrypha – OTFGK Shinkiba Day 2

A nice fun sign to greet people as doors open.

Apocrypha – OTFGK Shinkiba Day 2

The venue is filling up with a sea of black t-shirts.

Apocrypha – OTFGK Shinkiba Day 2

BABYMETAL tweeted this right before stage time.


Road Of Resistance
Doki Doki Morning
Awadama Fever
GJ! -ご褒美編-
Catch Me If You Can
Meta! Taro
THE ONE -English Ver-

Check out our day 1 coverage here:

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BABYMETALライブ「APOCRYPHA – Only The FOX GOD Knows -」2日目のセットリストと会場前の様子

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THE ONE 限定イベント「APOCRYPHA – Only The FOX GOD Knows -」

【会場】東京都江東区新木場2-2-10 新木場STUDIO COAST
【時間】OPEN 17:30 START 18:30

 THE ONE 限定ライブ「APOCRYPHA – Only The FOX GOD Knows -」
20日のセットリスト 21日のセットリスト
01 BABYMETAL DEATH 01 Road of Resistance 
02 ギミチョコ!! 02 ド・キ・ド・キ☆モーニング 
03 ヤバッ! 03 いいね! 
04 ウ・キ・ウ・キ★ミッドナイト 04 あわだまフィーバー 
05 Amore – 蒼星 – 05 GJ! 
06 4の歌 06 紅月-アカツキ- 
07 Catch me if you can 07 Catch me if you can 
08 META!メタ太郎 08 META!メタ太郎 
09 イジメ、ダメ、ゼッタイ 09 メギツネ 
11 ヘドバンギャー!! 11 ヘドバンギャー!! 
12 THE ONE – Eng. ver. – 12 THE ONE – Eng. ver. - 




・From Dusk Till Dawn
・Sis. Anger
・Tales of The Destinies 



BABYMETALライブ「APOCRYPHA - Only The FOX GOD Knows -」2日目のセットリストと会場前の様子

 結論:これからのTHE ONE限定ライブの物販は行列に並ぶ必要なし! ……たぶん。
BABYMETALライブ「APOCRYPHA - Only The FOX GOD Knows -」2日目のセットリストと会場前の様子


BABYMETALライブ「APOCRYPHA - Only The FOX GOD Knows -」2日目のセットリストと会場前の様子

BABYMETALライブ「APOCRYPHA - Only The FOX GOD Knows -」2日目のセットリストと会場前の様子

BABYMETALライブ「APOCRYPHA - Only The FOX GOD Knows -」2日目のセットリストと会場前の様子



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「BABYMETAL Makes Their U.S. Television Debut」




★躊躇なくちゃんと答えてくれてますねw (´∀`*)

★ ↑ のまとめ


Nikkei Magazine: “Su-Metal, leading the group with powerful vocals”

Nikkei Entertainenment published on April 4 special content about BABYMETAL, with the girls in the cover. Suzuka in the inveriew about Soniphere as breaking point, response from the audiences outside Japan and the difference between Su-Metal and Suzuka Nakamoto. Full interview translated below! 


Nikkei Entertainment, released on Aprl 4 the new issue, separate interview

She thinks that "Sonisphere Festival" in UK in July 2014 was a breaking point for BABYMETAL. The event gathered big names like Metallica, Iron Maiden and The Prodigiy serving as the first overseas Rock Festival for the girls. 


Su-Metal: "At first we didn't have an idea of what kind of Festival was "Sonisphere". When we showed up we realized for first time that we would be performing in front of 50.000 which was a really big surprise for me (Laughs). With honesty my impression was if this couldn't be happening for real.


Also, we looked from the side of the stage and didn't see many people in the back so we started to say, "There is not many people in here. What should we do?". Once the show started we noticed the mood from the audience, "What is this? Who are these girls?", which was a bit shocking for us. But once we started the singing and the live advanced we could feel the excitement gradually growing from the people in the front towards those in the back.


Since the response from crowds overseas is homely, you can say that it's easy to read their emotions and we felt that they were taking interest in us. Even singing in Japanese there was a moment when we realized that we jumped over the language barrier and at that moment on stage turned into a huge confidence that links to our live shows overseas." 


Nikkei: BABYMETAL stayed long periods of time overseas during their World Tours. So, apparently they take care to maintain thier health and physical conditions than when they are in Japan due the difference of enverioments from country to country and stage to stage.


Su-Metal: "BABYMETAL performing overseas is about to 1 show every 2 days, and of course the temperature and environment drastically change depending of the place. It was really hard to deal with changes. But I never got nostalgic and personally enjoyed the situations (Laughs). 


In fact the members and the staff spend a lot of time together, our bonds are actually getting deeper and I was able to enjoy a number of experiences that I would not have been able to do it if I had been living in Japan. The country that I remember the most in my memories is Mexico, I think. The hot and the atmoshere of the town was really interesting and the way the fans responded to the music was different to other countries. They were so into their own way of enjoying the show that I wondered  if they were even watching our performance (Laughs)." 


Nikkei: BABYMETAL's attractiveness is the heavy and aggressive sound of the backing band known as "Kami Band", made by first class musicians who together with the girls break into a total candid song and dancing performance that makes you feel like the whole band is possessed by some other kind of power. This helps BABYMETAL surprise the audience.


Su-Metal: "There is a point in the song "Doki Doki Morning" where in the choreography we lie down in the floor. In most situations it's not very enjoyable and is embarrassing to get laughs, but in BABYMETAL's case when we were working in the choreography for the song we said to each other, "Doing this would be interesting right?", and when the fans response with surprise and enjoyment to this we think, "Yes, we did it!!". And talking about becoming Su-Metal, I feel like I have changed. For example, when I raise my hand and fans cheer up I feel happy and since I can to enjoy that experience I feel like my experience of experiencing the live performances has changed."


Nikkei: The impression of being Su-Metal in her daily life is being soft and tuneful changes when she goes on stage where she transfors into Su-Metal the singer who shows an image of power, strenght and bustling charisma. How she control her self knowing that Su-Metal can certainly not be the person who is bouncing and laughing around all the time?


Su-Metal: "I have the wish to be seen more as cool than cute. But honestly, during the live shows I don't think about things like that. In particular in recent shows I noticed the moments when the FOX GOD descended into me. There are more and more moments where I feel like if someone from the inside of me is taking me and taking my hand and leading me to be making it so I can sing and express myself just as I wish to. So, I'm making use of my self control it's more like If there is someone inside of me doing it for me (Laughs)."




Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka

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