Epilog for Red Night

Included in "LIVE AT BUDOKAN" (released on 2015 Jan. 7th).

Epilogue for "Red Night"   on 2014 Mar. 1st

[Legend "Giant Corset Festival"
also known as
"Metal Martial Arts Tournament for the Strongest under Heaven, the Final"]

Overcoming the many severe trials that were given by the Metal masters,
have won the Metal Martial Arts Tournament for the Strongest under Heaven and have got the true Metal.
The true Metal has turned into the metal balls,
has gone up at sonic speed just like a dragon ascending the sky
and has dyed the sky crimson.
Towards the last chapter of the Metal Resistance,
the countdown has been started...

[The next show is on March 2nd at Nippon Budokan,
Black Night, Legend Doomsday.
There is little time left until the time of fate...]

  • The texts enclosed in [   ] were not narrated, only displayed on the screen.


About the Accidents near the End of "Red Night"

All who watch the video of the "Red Night" concert notice YUIMETAL has suddenly disappeared in the middle of "Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!". You need not read this lengthy note unless you are hungry for information.

In the video (around 1:01:20-25), MOAMETAL steps back, screaming "hedoban hedoban" to stir up the audience in the stands, and just at the moment when she watches her footing, YUIMETAL's voice breaks off. Acting the same as MOAMETAL on the other side of the stage, YUIMETAL missed her footing and fell down from the passage way.

Those who noticed worried about YUIMETAL, but someone must have directed "the show must go on" through the ear monitors, so the song was continued without her. I hear she seemed to fall on her lower back and didn't move for a while (it is uncertain whether she couldn't move or just kept unmoving). It was about two minutes (but the audience felt it longer) between the end of the song and the beginning of the prologue to "IJIME, DAME, ZETTAI".

After YUIMETAL came back, another accident occurred. Near the beginning of "IJIME, DAME, ZETTAI", MOAMETAL & YUIMETAL always run on the stage. In Budokan, they made 90 degree turn at top speed to move to another passage way. Just after the turn, MOAMETAL stumbled on something and probably sprained her leg(s). In that part of the World Tour 2014 trailer, she is still running on the middle of the passage way when YUIMETAL reaches the main stage.

At the end of the concert, after SU-METAL said "put your corset up!" & "three, two, one...", the three jumped, but YUIMETAL's jump was small and, when grounding, MOAMETAL put her arms on the floor to support her body.

Since injuries often get worse afterwards than just after the accident, fans worried about Yui & Moa and waited for official information. BABYMETAL's official twitter always tweets something soon after their concert, and entertainment companies usually give some information as soon as possible if such an accident has occurred, but the official twitter kept silence until noon of the next day. Some fans guessed Yui and/or Moa got a shot of painkiller for the "Black Night" concert but whether they were able to perform or not was uncertain until doing the rehearsal of the day.

[The tweet after the silence] said very vaguely & equivocally about the accidents. Fans could only know the concert was to hold as scheduled and Yui & Moa would stand on the stage. It was made sure three days later that Yui's & Moa's injuries were not severe, only when Sakura Gakuin's official twitter told Yui, Moa & Hana went to Tower Records Shibuya to make arrangements which seemed easily postponable.

It is clear that the cause of the accidents was the lack of considering safety in the stage production, but no official comment was announced about it. I'm afraid Amuse Inc., as a company, seems to make light of safety.

Unnecessary addition:
The height of the passage way (> 1.5m) is enough to break someone's neck who has fallen down. Since there were guardrails on the inner side of the passage ways, I'm afraid someone may have removed the outer guardrails from the design of the stage because he thought the videos & photos of the members were offended if guardrails were in front of them.

On the "Black Night" concert, there were the outer guardrails (quickie & rugged), but some dangerous stage directions were not changed. And the pillars of fire continue to blow up near the performers also in their later concerts.

On several occasions, not a few fans show their fear of severe accidents. People easily know the danger of such actions as stepping back or running & turning on a narrow (< 1.8m) & messy passage way after an hour of hard dancing, running near the pillars of fire with the frilly garments which easily catch fire, three girls dancing together on a small (< 2.5m) & elevated (> 1.8m) stage, etc.

Considering these, though the Fox God couldn't protect YUIMETAL & MOAMETAL, it was rather lucky that severer accidents didn't occur in Budokan, and people should consider safety as seriously as if severer accidents had actually occurred. Unfortunately, however, I'm afraid 'he' seems as if he thought like "it need not be so considered because no severe accident has actually occurred". I wish no more accidents.

Epilogue for "Red Night"   on 2014 Mar. 1st

Romaji TranscriptionEnglish TranslationNotes
[LEGEND "Kyodai Korusetto Matsuri"[Legend "Giant Corset Festival"
mata no na oalso known as
Tenka-ichi Metaru Budookai Fainaru]"Metal Martial Arts Tournament for the Strongest under Heaven, the Final"]
metaru masutaa yori ataerareshi kazukazu no kakoku-na shiren o norikoeOvercoming the many severe trials that were given by the Metal masters,1
tsuini BABYMETAL waat last BABYMETAL
Tenka-ichi Metaru Budookai de shoori shi honto no metaru o te-ni-ireta.have won the Metal Martial Arts Tournament for the Strongest under Heaven and have got the true Metal.
Honto no metaru wa metaru booru e to sugata o kaeThe true Metal has turned into the metal balls,2
marude doragon ga shooten suru ka no gotoku onsoku no supiido de kake-agarihas gone up at sonic speed just like the dragon ascending the sky
tenkuu o kurenai ni someta.and has dyed the sky crimson.
Metaru Rejisutansu no saishuushoo e mukeTowards the last chapter of the Metal Resistance,
kauntodaun wa hajimatta...the countdown has been started...
[Jikai sangatsu futuka Nihon Budookan[The next show is on March 2nd at Nippon Budokan,
Kuroi Yoru LEGEND DOOMSDAYBlack Night, Legend Doomsday.
Unmei no toki made nokosareta jikan wa ato wazuka...]There is little time left until the time of fate...]


  1. "Metal master(s)" seems to refer to some great Metal musicians. In the picture stories of the concerts titled "May Revolution" held in 2013 May, BABYMETAL met four Metal masters, were told what were needed for the true Metal, and got them: speed, prayer, fortitude & pride.
  2. On the screen, kanji "鋼鉄魂" (= steel soul) is displayed with the reading of "metal ball". These metal balls look like the Dragon Balls. In the manga "Dragon Ball", if someone collects all seven Dragon Balls, Shenlong (= divine dragon) will appear and grant the collector one wish. Then Shenlong disappears and Dragon Balls scatter all over the world.

Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150320 Moa Kikuchi: Senpai

Good mornooning♥ It’s Moa. 🙂

My last open-class ended. I feel somewhat hurt inside. In the class ‘Archaeology of Songs’, each member pick a song, study about the song by herself, present any findings and lastly, sing the song a cappella!!

I had prepared my presentation while visualizing what I hope to send to you. So, I could make my presentation looking at your face closely.
If you got what Moa wanted to send — even a little bit of it — I am happy♥♥ I believe my kouhais got it!!
And, Moa will treasure what I’ve got from kouhais forever. Thank you so much♥ 🙂
As of my singing a cappella….

I suddenly became really nervous, and started singing to find myself a bit off-key. I gradually adjusted and could sing exhilaratingly. But it was not a satisfactory performance. I felt frustrated thinking ‘Oh, If I could have sung once more, I surely could have sung better…’ But I know it’s an afterthought.
We have only one chance to play in each open-class. We can’t play one concert again! I realized again the importance of doing my very best with strong will in each single occasion, If I don’t want to feel unsatisfactory. Every one of members felt that, didn’t you? In the last two chances to play, let’s do our best and show everything we’ve learned till now!! Let’s send our whole hearts♥

【Kikuchi Moa and Muto Ayami】
【Kikuchi Moa and Muto Ayami December, 2010’】

Today, I want to write about my three senpais, three former presidents of student council, who taught important things to Moa and current members.
✿Muto Ayami-chan (‘One-tan’) 【=’Big Sis’. It’s not usually used saying. Usually, we say ‘Onee-chan’ and its broken form ‘Onee-tan’. ‘One-tan’ is still more broken, and thus has more intimate feeling. Please read it like the first 2 syllables of ‘honest’+’tan’】

She has been always walking one or two steps (or more?) ahead of Moa, and has kept paving the way for kouhais. She is a hard worker, putting her all into her work. I can’t help but respect One-tan.

‘Enjoy yourself from your heart, that surely will make fans enjoy the show’, One-tan told us several times. One-tan put much love in her doing and made us delighted♥ She is so short, and so energetic!! Regulations or customs can’t stop her doing more than desired. Her sending MUCH LOVE to fans make Moa think it important to put love in my doing♪
✿Nakamoto Suzuka-chan (Suu-chan)

【Kikuchi Moa and Nakamoto Suzuka】
【Kikuchi Moa and Nakamoto Suzuka April, 2012】

Suu-chan is Moa’s comrade. A fellow-fighter always being next to me!!!
After the Festival of 2014nendo, Moa had a serious problem. Suu-chan, as the president, had have the same problem and told me her thought and feeling at that time. That gave me power. It’s hard to stick to the ideal, and such attitude sometimes is not accepted. But, in the end, everything changes into good memories. So, take it easy and do what you think the best. Such words of Suu-chan made me relaxed — ‘Suu-chan also had the problem’♥
And Suu-chan also taught me the importance to send a song with heart♫
✿Horiuchi Marina-chan (Marina-chan, or Marippe)

Horiuchi Marina and Kikuchi
【Horiuchi Marina and Kikuchi Moa February, 2012】

Marina-chan is a bosom friend of Moa.
We are not of an age, but we are alike in way of thinking or taste, and have been having a LOT of talk. ‘Ideal and reality’, ‘What we want to send’, our dreams, anime things, and so on. We can talk on anything. We can share sadness and joy. By talking to Marina-chan, I feel as if a cloudy sky is cleared up! It’s fun! At first, Marina-chan was quiet. But she tried to express herself in order to send the importance of kizuna【bond】. Such Marina-chan was so adorable♥ We are talking that we hope to do something together and send ‘glitter’ one day…..I believe it surely will come true♪

This time, I’ve wrote about former presidents only. But also other graduates sent us several things. We appriciate everything senpais have left for us and will complete our Sakura Gakuin!!
Of course I love graduates, but current Sakura Gakuin is more important for Moa. Let’s show 10 of us is the very best♪
I just hope to send you — Sakura Gakuin NOW!

Source: http://ameblo.jp/sakuragakuin/day-20150320.html, Translation : Sakura Gakuin on Reddit


Sakura Gakuin students’ diary Yui Mizuno: Toyosu


Hello, it’s Yui. 🙂
Thank you for coming to the open-class. And thank you for watching the open-class program on NicoNico-douga live streaming.
This time, we had the ‘Study of Calligraphy’. At first, I wanted to show you ‘cheerful Yui’ and deliberately drew funny(?) words. But gradually I felt like to express myself, to show my inner voice…..and finally, I drew the word which has been always in my mind — “Sakura Gakuin”. The class ended so fast, but I could feel the passion of Yano-sensei to the calligraphy.

The calligrph for Yano-sensei must be parallel of Sakura Gakuin for Yui. I felt happy to show you my Tomato-kun, and my passion to Sakura Gakuin. And, we had a release event of ‘Aogeba Tootoshi’ at Lalaport Toyosu. Thank you for coming to see us.


This time again, I made the setlist of the event.
1. Acha! cha! Curry
2. Hirari! Kirakira☆YamiYami Museum
From the opening, Mini-pati appeared! Every time we had an event at Lalaport Toyosu, we had an unveiling of a new song. This time, we unveiled Mini-pati song. How was that?
3. Heart no Hoshi
I hoped to change the atmosphere of the venue into ‘Sakura-color’ fast. So I picked this song which show ‘Sakura Gakuin 2014nendo’ fully.
4. Hello! IVY
In order to foster a sense of unity with Fukei-sans, and also with people who happened to see us casually, I chose this song with a choreo we play together with the audience. I was happy to see someone waved their hands. And the pink flags being waved were a spectacle.
5. Marshmallow irono Kimito
We unveiled Marshmallow at Lalaport Toyosu on 2012nendo. So I picked this song. It’s really wonderful song and I was pleased to play it again.
6. Aogeba Tootoshi
It’s the special-feature in this event. I was very pleased to hear your shout. I hope we could send the charm of this song to many people.
7. Jump up 〜Chiisana Yuuki〜
Last year, we planned release event for Jump up and it was cancelled because of heavy snow. So, as a revenge, I chose this song for the climax of the event. We played the song with thanks…hoping to send the hearts of four 2013nendo graduates to you.

The 1st part was cancelled due to heavy rain. We felt really sorry for letting you wait in cold place in vain. But we could play the 2nd part and I was heartily pleased to see you Fukei-sans♥
(In low voice) Errr…I am looking forward to…seeing you Fukei-sans again…and am happy if…you also feel the same…Thank you for your support★


Sakura Gakuin: Tower Record Cafe Collaboration with MiniPati

TOWER RECORDS CAFE opens the collaboration cafe with Sakura Gakuin cooking club Minipati at TOWER RECORDS CAFE Shibuya and Omotesando shops.


This is the 3rd consecutive year of Tower Record Cafe and Minipati collaboration. The collaboration is to promote the Sakura Gakuin 5th album『Sakura Gakuin 2014 Nendo~Kimi ni Todoke~』which is going to be released in March 25th. The members of Minipati, Kikuchi Moa, Mizuno Yui, and Taguchi Hana, who are active since 2011 are graduating this March the 29th. This is likely to be the last collaboration with the current Minipati members.


The fancy collaboration menu offered every year is also going strong. This 2015,「Sparkling Cook☆Minipati Sakura Chiffon・Mochi Berry Cheerful Bright servings ♡ with Bubbly Sakura・Yogurt」is on the menu. Last year’s Tower Records Cafe collaboration menu proposal is also here, the song『Hirari!Kirakira☆Yamiyami Museum』was based on the recipe as an implementation of the reverse collaboration.


Minipati gave the name of the collaboration menu with consideration of, the customers will enjoy the Sakura Chiffon with Red-white Manjuu (bun) and Pudding ice around it as their beloved sweets decorated in an artistic sense such as sparkling colorful jelly combined with the drinks, also the customers who ordered the menu will receive special photo as gifts.
The Collaboration Cafe is currently opening a pre-sale for Minipati original goods「Minipati☆Lunch Box」, and Tower Records Cafe limited collaboration goods「Minipati × TOWER REOCRDS CAFE Mug cup」is on sale.


The period of the collaboration:
March 20th(Fri)~ March 26th(Thu)

March 24th(Tue)~ March 31st(Tue)

Collaboration Menu:
「Sparkling Cook☆Minipati Sakura Chiffon・Mochi Berry Cheerful Bright servings ♡ with Bubbly Sakura・Yogurt」

Sweets: Pinapple, Pudding ice, Sakura chiffon cake, Kiwi fruits, Whip cream, Mixed berries, Sparkling jelly, Red-White manjuu (bun)
Drinks: Sakura Syrup, Yogurt, Ginger ale
Price: 1,500 yen(with tax)※Sweets & Drinks set

Special: A special Minipati original photo will be given as a present to first arrival customers who ordered the above menu in the period time limit.

Source: Nathalie, BABYMETAL FAN CLUB, Reddit

BABYMETAL album cover homage and fan art, huge update!

First update since October.
I’ve been busy. Many different band’s album covers spoofed here, Rammstein, KISS, Iron Maiden, The Sex Pistols, Ozzy, Pantera, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Aerosmith, Judas Priest, Dio, Dragonforce, Green Day, The Runaways, Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Cheap Trick, Metallica, W.A.S.P., Queen, and Quiet Riot. A couple of Christmas items as well including the Vince Guaraldi’s Trios Charlie Brown Christmas album. Plus some fan art. I hope you enjoy it. The Beatles White Album, AC/DC’s Back in Black and Metallica’s Black album were done as a joke as I said I’d do something “difficult”. 😉