Perfume interviewed on Fuse: “We are happy for BABYMETAL”

J-Pop stars and "big sisters" of BABYMETAL just finished their US Tour. Perfume was interviewed by Fuse TV to talk about their successful "Cosmic Explorer Tour", J-Pop and also about BABYMETAL. Read what the girls said about their little girls on Fuse! 


Perfume talk spreading J-Pop along with BABYMETAL on Fuse TV

From an a cappella co-sign to festivals dreams, A-Chan, Kashiyuka and Nocchi have loads of excitement around them as they ended the U.S. leg of their Cosmic Explorer Tour.


Onstage, Perfume is the otherworldly, Japanese pop-techno trio that delivers its high-pitched pop melodies with robotically precise choreography—like they did at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom earlier this month to close the U.S. leg of their Cosmic Explorer Tour. Offstage, Perfume still has their high-pitched voices, but have a warm, almost childlike amusement about themselves and their success that just this year includes their biggest U.S. tour to date and their first charting album.


You're finding more success as the years go on. Do you feel your global popularity growing?

Nocchi: "In Japan, even when we hear our album's on Billboard or "You're growing in the U.S.," it's hard to get the feel of it. But when we come here and see the excitement from the fans, we do notice it."


How are you going to keep growing this international popularity? 

A-Chan: "It's nothing really in particular, but we have [long-term] goals, and that's to play Madison Square Garden. To do that, our short-term goal is to play as many cities as possible and build up that fanbase. But we want to participate in festivals in America." 


Nocchi: "We're actually performing at a lot of rock festivals in Japan."

Kashiyuka: "I think Coachella would be a good fit." [Laughs]


Japanese music and J-pop are having a moment, with you and your friends BABYMETAL doing so well.

Nocchi: "We're very happy for BABYMETAL and we're very happy that we're both sort of trying to spread J-pop together. Very, very happy."




Full interview about many other topics, on FUSE.

Special thanks to Mark Sundstrom from FUSE.