Ken Tabise reporting from Japan, for BABYMETAL FAN CLUB.

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Concert: APOCRYPHA – M
Open 17:30
Start 18:30
Venue: Tsutaya O-EAST, Shibuya, Tokyo
Monday, July 21, 2014 (National holiday)

This time, there were two separate shows, APOCRYPHA – Y started at 16:00, and APOCRYPHA – M started at 18:30, on the same day.
The “Y” show was similar to the show in Paris, and the “M” in Cologne, I think. Obviously, BABYMETAL have grown very much after their Europe tour, if compared with themselves a month ago (June 23) at O-EAST.


She looked like a Goddess. She was extremely charismatic on stage.
Back in June, she looked to be filled with confidence before going to Europe. However, considering her perfect performance today, she was not totally confident back then, possibly.
Maybe she felt something uneasy or nervous with the tour, as it was going to be the very first concert in the western half of the globe. This time, when she was looking over the audience, her face was like “Look, you guys kneel before me!” She seemed THAT confident. I got a strong impression that she would definitely take a leading role for BABYMETAL over the coming years!

Her smile killed me a couple of times during the show. I mean her smile at the introduction of “Catch me if you can”, and the one during “Gimme chocolate” were absolutely priceless. Fortunately, I did not get a direct eye contact with her. If I got it, I must have been literally killed at that moment by heart attack!!

Another cutie of BABYMETAL sang “Headbanger”, getting a microphone stand from Su, just like she did in Germany. I felt this time that her voice suited the song.

When I saw her singing this tune on YouTube that was shot in Cologne, I thought her voice did not really fit it, but today, I learned that it was not correct. Her voice has core part and is suitable for singing in general. Moa is a master of communication; she was not only delivering her cute smile but also nodding more frequently than before. One thing in common among three girls was that all of them were very much relaxed, even though they sang and danced very hard. At Sonisphere for example, they were obviously nervous.
I did not feel the mood of that kind at O-EAST at all.

One factor that made today’s show different from the previous one was I think the audience. They were loud and wild. There were more crowd-surfers than ever before. At the introduction part of the first tune “BABYMETAL DEATH”, there was already a crowd-surfer reaching the stage? Pretty insane, right? At “Gimme chocolate”, there were surfers constantly throughout the song!!


On Twitter, I can find some tweets saying, both of the shows today were too short or relatively short. That may be true, but I think the girls really concentrated their energy, and the show was duly substantial and had high density. BABYMETAL gave me sufficient happiness as usual :- ) Duration of the show did not matter to me. Immediately before the show, the announcement said:”Don’t throw bottles”. According to Twitter, somebody actually threw bottles in APOCRYPHA – Y.

Despite the announcement, there were some empty bottles flying over our heads in APOCRYPHA – M, too. However, Bottles were NOT targeted at the girls on stage at all. The truth is that some of the excited guys were throwing bottles toward the audience or toward the ceiling.If there was anybody who bottled to the girls, he must have been punched and kicked immediately, and taken out of the hall by security guard within a minute.

Language the girls were speaking was basically English.
For the narration of “IDZ” as well. One of their dreams is to be a world-class entertainer someday, and I guess that is the reason why they used English. One funny thing about English was that even audience used English when asking the girls for more song. Usually in Japan, we use the word “Ankooru” that means “encore”. Today, for BABYMETAL, audiences were repeatedly shouting “We want more!” instead of “Ankooru”. They learned the phrase from the videos that were shot in Europe perhaps :- )

Different from Europe, there would not be any picture, video, or audio on internet from the shows today. As you may know, it is strictly prohibited for example to shoot video, but, still, there were always some people who did sneak out to do something somehow and uploaded what they had somewhere on internet.Why isn’t it the case with the shows at O-EAST in June and this time ? I will explain the reasons separately some time later …

There were two types of tickets and we needed both – one was conventional paper ticket and the other was a digital ticket on cell phone.On both, individual names were printed, and they are checked strictly and reconciled by security.As for the order of entering the hall, it is not “first come first served” basis.Order is determined by the number given on a ticket.
My number for admission was 1,180s.

black babymetal

Considering the capacity of 1,300 at O-EAST, I was totally hopeless to position myself in the front row or middle row.However, I was lucky because I could push myself to the middle of left wing, and could see them by the distance of 7 – 8 meters (closer than before !).

It was announced that APOCRYPHA-S will be held on December 20 for our Queen or Goddess Su’s birthday.Documentary video of their tour in Europe shown right before the show was awesome. I do hope Amuse will release DVD of that. Right after the show of APOCRYPHA – Y (or before APOCRYPHA-M), a group of 5 -6 girls were getting our of the back door of O-EAST. By the way, I saw the President/CEO of Tower Records when getting out of the hall after the show.

babymetal sonisphere

Basically, I think the key message from us to BM in the show was something like “Welcome back ! Job well done in Europe !”And, they might be saying back to us like “We made it ! Thanks guys for your support !” Actually, the show can be “defined” as a return of BABYMETAL back home in triumph with glory, so to speak :- ) Of course, we should not forget that we celebrated the birthdays of Yui & Moa. Other messages exchanged without words between us could be: “Wish you luck and all the best in North America !” , and in return; “We will be heading for North America. Cross your fingers for us !”; something like that, probably.

Personally, this was the second time for me to see them live. I saw them on YouTube thousands of times, and saw them live twice so far, but, I have never got bored at all. Moreover, I want to see them more and more. They sing same songs with same choreography as always. But I want to see them again and again. It is addictive.

Why ?
Why don’t I get bored ?
Singing along with BABYMETAL imitating their body action together with other guys is fun at live.
But, probably that is not all. I think music, dance, and etc. were just a part of something that exists between them and myself.
Then, why don’t I get bored ? First of all, watching cute girls doing something with their whole heart is simply FUN for me as a man. That is good as well that Su, Yui and Moa are not overly sexy like other “idols”. Secondly, what I see in those girls may be something human, in other words, I am interested in something really human in themselves at the end of the day. Those two could be the reasons why I do not get bored even if I repeatedly see them thousands of times. I have lost my voice today, because I sang loudly during the show along with the girls. I discussed a lot about BABYMETAL over beer after the show. I sang a lot of BM tunes at karaoke after beer. BABYMETAL gave me something really happy and fun. I thank the girls very much, and am looking forward to seeing them at Makuhari Messe in September.

Bon voyage to North America.


Set List

02:Uki Uki Midnight
〈Kami band solo〉
04:Onedari Daisakusen
05:Catch me if you can
06:Ijime Dame Zettai
〈We want more !〉
07:Head Bangya !!(vo. MOAMETAL)
08:Gimme chocolate !


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