Road to Tokyo Dome: Top5 BABYMETAL shows in Japan 2016

BABYMETAL World Tour 2016 Final at Tokyo Dome takes place tomorrow, reason why is the time to "push it back" and "sit down" to look back. The BABYMETAL World Tour 2016 had been plenty of awesome shows but also featured a good number of shows in Japan with unforgettable moments and achievements! Check the Top5 BABYMETAL shows in Japan 2016


Road to Tokyo Dome Part 2: Top5 BABYMETAL shows in Japan 2016

The BABYMETAL World Tour 2016 is about to come to an end at Tokyo Dome next Monday and Tuesday. Just like in 2014 they are ending the World Tour in September. This year compared with 2015 BABYMETAL focused their forces overseas playing most of the World Tour 2016 shows in North America and Europe, meanwhile in Japan held limited edition performances for THE ONE members and Festival performances in the BIG 4 Festivals of the Land of the Rising Sun. 


In the following Top5 BABYMETAL shows in Japan 2016 are featured from our point of view the most interesting, successful shows in Japan based on tickets sold/audience, venue/festival and special moments from each show. The big features for BABYMETAL in Japan this year were at Festivals, but they also held very limited edition shows. Check the Top5 below. 



Top5 BABYMETAL shows in Japan 2016: 


05 - THE ONE Secret Show

Place: NHK Broadcasting Center, Tokyo

Date: February 18, 2016

Audience: 300 (Limited Edition show) 

The first show of the year for the band is in the 5th place of the Top5. BABYMETAL held a secret show for only 300 fans members of THE ONE at the NHK Broadcasting Center in Tokyo. The show was recorded for NHK Music Japan Presents: "BABYMETAL Revolution, Girls Fight Against The World" which was broadcasted in Japan on April 4. From the 6 songs setlist NHK only broadcasted 5 (Awadama Fever wasn't broadcasted) but the program was so successful that by request from the audience NHK was pushed to broadcast the full show. 


04 - The White Mass Tour, Date 1

Place: Namba Hatch, Osaka

Date: August 8, 2016

Audience: 1.500 (Sold Out)

Last year BABYMETAL held the World Tour 2015 in Japan, this year they hosted "The White Mass" Tour performing in 3 different places. The opening show of the Tour was at Namba Hatch in Osaka place where "Syncopation" made the live debut. The limited edition song from "Metal Resistance" Japanese Edition was the highglight of the tour along with all the "Call & Response" in Japanes and English. At this show Iine reached 85 live performances, BABYMETAL Death reached 80, Road Of Resistance reached 65, Yava reached 25 and Amore reached 15 live performances. 


03- Fuji Rock Festival 2016

Place: Naeba Ski Resort, Niigata

Date: July 24, 2016

Audience: Around 15.000 


The third place is for the first BABYMETAL performance in Japan after the World Tour 2016 leg overseas. This was the first BABYMETAL show at Fuji Rock Festival which was celebrating the 20th Anniversary. In addition as most of their performances at Festivals, it was raining. The same day, Kami Band God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura performed earlier with dCprG. BABYMETAL show was one of the highlights of the festival featured in many TV Shows and according to Japanese media the reason why Red Hot Chili Peppers signed them to be their support act in their UK Tour in December. 


Road to Tokyo Dome: Top5 BABYMETAL shows in Japan 2016


02 - Summer Sonic Festival 2016 in Osaka

Place: Maishima, Osaka

Date: August 21, 2016  

Audience: Around 8.000

In 2016 was their fifth consecutive performance at the Festival. BABYMETAL played in 2012 in a Summer Sonic sideshow without Kami Band, but then played in 2013, 2014, 2015 and finally in 2016 as headliner band. "Osaka Only" said the main poster of the Festival, BABYMETAL played in Osaka on August 21 at the Sonic Stage in front of approximately 8.000 fans who gathered to be witnesses of BABYMETAL headlining one of the biggest Festivals in Japan for their very first time. Summer Sonic Osaka featured a different Kami Band lineup (Hideki, BOH, Mikio, Takayoshi is the most common lineup since 2015), Leda joined the band since Takayoshi Ohmura was busy playing with Marty Friedman's band. META! Taro reached 20 live shows, while Awadama Fever reached 35 live performances.  


01 - Rock In Japan Festival 2016

Place: Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki

Date: August 6, 2016

Audience: Around 50.000

BABYMETAL played 2 times at Rock In Japan, the first appearance was in 2013 but in 2016 Rock In Japan Festival at Grass Stage on August 6 at 11:00 in the morning welcomed a massive invasion of fans, BABYMETAL gathered around 50.000 people featuring one of the biggest Wall Of Death of all BABYMETAL performances see here. Their performance as Fuji Rock was featured by Japanese TV Shows and Media, many posts, reviews and photos of their incredible performance where KARATE reached 30 live performances and Su-Metal did call & response in English and Japanese making most of the 50.000 people in the audience jump during Megitsune. 



We hope you liked the Top5 BABYMETAL shows in Japan 2016, if you disagree please let us know your Top5! 



Article by: Maik Gianino.

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