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Title: My Hobby

Good Mornooning♥ It’s Moa. 🙂

When I read books, or when I study something, I sometimes stumble into an unknown word or find a meaning of a word uncertain. At the time, I used to ask my mom the meaning of the word. And then, my mom always tell me “Consult a dictionary!” So, in these days, I try to consult a dictionary or an electronic-dictionary. When I was younger, I had been yearning the 1st President of student council Ayami-chan who had carried an electronic-dictionary with her. And I got my electronic-dictionary as a gift when I entered junior-high school♪

Moa Kikuchi

At first, I was very happy to have it and often consulted it. But at the time I turned 2nd grade, I came to scarcely consult it.
Nowadays, I strive to consult dictionaries and happened to know something new, or to notice my misunderstanding!
Well, Moa had been wondering how to say when I was asked “What is your hobby?”… What is a “Hobby”?!?!?!

I knew the vague meaning of “Hobby”. I understood it means something I love. But, there are so many things I love!? If I had to say everything I love, it would make very long list…
Can I say it my hobby to appriciate kawaiiness of girls? How about watching anime? eating? sleeping? playing a guitar? I also love to watch movies!!
What is the difference between “My hobby” and “What I’m into now”?
So, I consulted my dictionary for the meaning of “Hobby”.

an activity pursued repeatedly and habitually for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.
a sentiment or artistic charm of something.

【Moa is consulting Japanese dictionary for the meaning of “趣味Shumi”. The word “Shumi” itself is almost always converted into “Hobby”. But “Shumi” and “Hobby” are not the same word. In some context, “Shumi” will be translated into “Taste” or something】

When I am asked “What is your hobby?”, the meaning of that hobby should be #1. So, “My hobby” can’t be my occupation…then, can’t I say “My hobby is to work!!”?
Repeatedly or habitually? Hmmm… I love to watch movies but I don’t watch them so often. Also, I can’t play ‘Suku-Fesu’【game ‘LoveLIVE! School Idol Festival’】everyday. ‘Something pursued habitually’… hard to think out!

Moa Kikuchi

OKay, ‘what I’m doing repeatedly and habitually for pleasure’ are…
・To eat ・To listen to music ・to brush my teeth That’s all.
Oh!! besides, I look at girl-figures(dolls) everyday. I never miss to do it♫ Having delicious food make me happy. Music is always with me and give me power! I brush my teeth at least 4 times a day, for a long stretch of time!

When I was a child, I was into animal-dolls named ‘Sylvanian Families’ and I used to play with them.【official catalogue[2] 】I also loved Licca-chan dolls. As I grew older, my belongings piled up in my room, and I had to let them go with a few exceptions…

Because of LoveLive booming in me, I ended up being into girl-figures again! Getting some figures as a present made me fired up! Small figures are super kawaii in their small stature!! ♥♥
And bigger ones…..I hold them and enjoy low-angle views, or appriciate their detail from several angles. Sometimes I have fun letting them move, turning around or looking back…♥ My parents look at me playing and give a sigh “Oh, dear! What are you doing?” 😀
Fukei-sans, do you have any strange hobbies?!?!?!

Source:, Sakura Gakuin on Reddit


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