Sakura Gakuin – Heart no Hoshi Nico Nico Live 10/28

We will be having a live broad cast for the Nico Nico studio’s to celebrate the 1st DVD single of Heart no Hoshi.

Heart no Hoshi

10/28 19:00~19:45 JST Premium Event19:50~19:55

10/28 Main 19:00~19:45 JST Premium Event 19:50~19:55 JST
On the day 17:00~19:00 JST we will rebroadcast the past 2 Sakura Gakuin Specials.
Host: Hayashi Sensei
Members: Yunano, Rinon, Sara & Megumi

Talk event.
Part 1. Do you know Sara & Megumi? we can’t be called transfer students anymore.
Part 2. Can you help me with my problems ~ Sakura Gakuin will answer things that are worrying you!?
EDIT: There are more specials on Nico Nico(sorry if I butcher the terms you are used to for the title translation.)

10/22 18:00~24:00 JST scheduled
・All Sakura Gakuin music video marathon
・The Road to Graduation ~Sakura Gakuin 2012 graduation~
・Sakura Gakuin Festival ☆ 2013: Live Edition
・Sakura Gakuin Open Class Video seen for first time!(sorry someone correct me on this さくら学院 公開授業 初出し映像 ※9月7日開催「さくら学院も、伝え方が9割」の授業 1限目 ) – seems like it was the event from 9/7 never seen before.

10/23 18:00~24:30 JST scheduled
・Sakura Gakuin SUN matome

Source: Sakura Gakuin Reddit

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