Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 2014-09-18 Yui Mizuno & Rinon Isono

Title: It’s been a long time, we are Newspaper Club

Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 2014-09-18 Yui Mizuno & Rinon Isono.

Hokago Anthology from Saskura Gakuin / Saskura Gakuin Bukatsudo
Saskura Gakuin Bukatsudo

【Yui & Rinon stood as a candidate for the successor of Scoopers(Newspaper Club by Ayaka & Airi) in the diary May 14th,2013. They post one more diary Sep.28th,2013】
✿It’s Yui. ♪It’s Rinon
✿It’s been about a year since we–Newspaper Club post a diary. lol
♪It’s been a long time…

✿This time, again, we prepared a lot of articles.
♪We will show you some episodes in this summer or a few words about the events!!
✿Well, let’s start from the TIF〜
♪Yui, I hear you watched the streamlined movie of our Hot Stage performance?
✿Yeah★ I have so many sentiments and it’s hard to describe them all. So I bring them into a word.
–I had been thinking of Sakura from my heart 🙂
♪Nextly, with a weeks leap, about the lesson for @JAM.
✿It’s not only for @JAM. In the lessons of Sakura, there happens to be like this!
→see Photo
♪Ta-dah! There are so many PET bottles. lol The trash box is really big one. But sometimes it cannot hold them all.
✿We write our name on the bottles.
♪Every one of us drink about 2 litters of tea for one lesson. lol
✿Now then, about a thing which had been in fashion this summer.
♪That is….’Serious Peace’
✿There may be many Fukei-sans who don’t know it. So!!!
♪So!! we would like to show you the Photos!

Isono Rinon
Isono Rinon

♪These are the ‘Serious Peace’
✿Fukei-sans, please have a try. lol
♪And we asked newcomers about the memories of this summer.
–Sara: My summer memory is…having been up to my neck in The lessons for TIF and @JAM, I enjoyed them!
–Megu: My best memory is the lessons for TIF and @JAM! I was so pleased to have been with Sakura members all through this summer.
✿I think we could spread Sakura color all over the world in this summer.
♪Please look forward to next newspaper-club article〜
It was self-appointed Newspaper Club♥ See you♥

Source: Sakura Gakuin on Reddit


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