Sakura Gakuin’s Tutor Mori Hayashi writing the script for the live action adaptation of the Manga “Saki”

The Project Saki announced the official information about the live-action adaptation and film to be released at the end of the year and beginnings of 2017 featuring Sakura Gakuin's Tutor and Teacher Mori Hayashi as composer of the screenplay. Read more details below. 


Mori-Sensei in charge of the live-action adaptation screenplay of "Saki"

The official website for the upcoming live-action adaptation project based on Ritz Kobayashi's mahjong-themed manga "Saki" revealed the information about "the project Saki" featuring a live action adapation that it's been written by Sakura Gakuin's Tutor Mori Hayashi (Mori-Sensei). It was also announced that the protagonist girl Saki Miyanaga is played by 16-year-old Minami Hamabe. According to her comment posted on the project site, she had no experience of playing mahjong before, so needed to be trained by a mahjong professional during the shooting for over a month. 


Cast & Staff Information: 

Cast: Minami Hamabe

Original writing: Tatsuru Kobayashi

Screenplay: Mori Hayashi

Music: T$UYO$HI(The BONEZ)

Production team: Matsuura Katsuyoshi, Souma Keiichi Sawa

Chief Producer: Higashiro Nakagawa


The live-action project includes four-episode TV series to be aired on MBS/TBS in December 2016 and

a feature film to be released in theaters in February 2017.




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