Suzuka, Yui and Moa with Sakura Gakuin new photo!

Two brand new photo of Babymetal with Sakura Gakuin



Iida Raura
2015 November 9

This was sent by the teachers.
A group picture from the Gakuin Festival of the other day.
I wonder when we will get all 25 members together?

Sakura Gakuin Shokuinshitsu (Hereafter SGS)
To do that we would need to rent out a shop or restaurant somewhere. Could you on the Raura side do that? (laughs)

Wow! Are you serious?
I would like you, the teachers to do that.

So, I guess I will pull it off!

Sounds like something you could do, Kaichou!

Should we invite Mori-sensei?

Maybe I should come dressed up as the legendary Mori-sensei.

Moa did an imitation of him as well, so there would be 3 of you (him).
Mori-sensei, you have to be protective of your position as the homeroom teacher!
(Translated by Thomas Malone)

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