Sakura Gakuin live stream on LoGiRL in 30 minutes

Big news! Live streaming programs that include Sakura Gakuin and Ayami will start from tonight on ‪#‎LoGiRL‬. Sakura Gakuin will be aired live at 19:00 JST every Monday. (1st time is on 19th Jan) * Ayami will be aired live at 22:00 JST every Wednesday. (1st time is on 21st Jan) url: * live url:

Schedule table:


7:00 pm JST
10:00 am GMT
5:00 am EST
2:00 am PST

“LoGiRL” seems like a similar program to “Night of Spica”

Free of charge to watch it live

All content of each program seem to be dumped on each MC (Sakura Gakuin and Ayami)…I get a little worried about SG and I want Mori-sensei help SG at times. I don’t worry about Ayami, she can do it (an hour per week is short for Ayami lol)

Probably MC can invite any guest they/she like…I want them/her to invite the graduates. In particular, I hope Ayami will invite other graduates frequently.

If you tweet something with #LoGiRL during a program’s going on the air, the participants(SG members, Ayami and guests if any) in the program would see it at once and sometimes react the tweet.

Many things seem not to have been decided yet even the regular programs will start soon lol (Other MC Idols and their fans seem to get short notice about this program very recently, too. So far MC(other Idols) already appeared hadn’t thought about the content of today and future plans enough. Almost all, ad-lib talk.)