BABYMETAL: AFA Indonesia 2013 Artiste Vignettes

#AFA13 #BABYMETAL Breaking News! We have 2 HUGE announcements to make!

Announcement #1 – BABYMETAL will be holding their first ever overseas solo concert in Singapore on Dec 28th 2013 (Sat) at *SCAPE Ground Theatre!!!

Announcement #2 – BABYMETAL will be making a special appearance at AFA13!! Appearing on the main stage next week to promote their upcoming full solo concert in Singapore! Purchase your tickets at AFA to receive special premiums!

Stay tune for more details to be announced!

AFA 2013 in Singapore, 8,9,10 November 2013
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Center

BABYMETAL: interview at AFAID 2013

Here is a translated interview that i took here: Berita : [AFA ID 2013] Interview Dengan Baby Metal | KotakGame

On Saturday, September 7, 2013, held at the Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Jakarta, had the opportunity to interview Baby Metal. Idol Group whose members are Su-Metal, YuiMetal and MoaMetal and this seemed enthusiastic when interviewed by the crew KotGa.

KotakGame (KG): Hello BABYMETAL! Nice to meet you!

Su-Metal (S), MoaMetal (M) YuiMetal (Y): Yeah, Greetings! Nice to meet you!

KG: It’s an honor to meet one of my idols!

S, M, Y: Thank you!


KG: what is your impression about Indonesia?

S: Previously, we already know about Indonesia through idol group JKT48. We often see JKT48 perform in Japan and we became became interested in Indonesia. At AFA 2012 yesterday in Singapore, we also met some Indonesian people and it makes us also become increasingly interested in Indonesia. When we arrived in Indonesia, we were surprised to see so many people in Indonesia who are very enthusiastic about Japanese pop culture. Indonesian people are very friendly. I myself was surprised when talking to some Indonesian people, it turns out they can speak Japanese. In addition, we are also surprised to see so many BABYMETAL fans in Indonesia wearing the original BABYMETAL product attributes.

KG: Well, glad to hear it, then what BABYMETAL do in my spare time? so you like to play games?

M: In my spare time, I usually watch anime. I am happy to play Wii game console because its funny.

S: I like reading books in my spare time. For the game itself, I love to spend time playing PlayStation 3 with my brothers at home.

Y: I love listening to music, especially the songs that have good lyrics. If the games, I love playing Doubutsu No Mori (Animal Crossing) on the Nintendo 3DS.

KG: BABYMETAL is always dressed in red and black. Is there any special meaning?

S: Both of these colors are colors used by Kitsune (astral human beings guards in the Shinto religion). In addition, both the color also symbolizes what is BABYMETAL. Black metal genre symbolizes that we brought and red colors that give the impression of “cute”.

KG: I have to agree about the members BABYMETAL are cute!

S, M, Y: Hahaha! Thank you!


KG: In August 2013 yesterday, BABYMETAL participated at the Summer Sonic Festival 2013 (Japan’s annual music concert featuring rock bands from around the world). What is your impression of the following events?

S: Of course we feel very proud to be featured in a show that is so large. We were also able to meet with international artists such as Metallica. We are also very pleased to see the visitors who come like our music. This becomes a very valuable experience for us.

KG: Well certainly very proud of ya! Lastly, do BABYMETAL wanted to send a message to the BABYMETAL fans in Indonesian?

S: Continues to support BABYMETAL and do not forget to watch our performance at I Love Anisong Stage tonight!

M: BABYMETAL will give the appearance that will not be forgotten tonight. Therefore, do not miss ya!

Y: We are looking forward to performing in front of BABYMETAL fans in Indonesia! Continue to support us ya!

After a brief interview, the crew had a chance to immortalize KotakGame Baby Metal. For those who would come to Kotakers AFA ID 2013, do not forget to watch directly on Metal Baby I Love Anisong Stage AFA ID 2013 on September 7, 2013, yes!

BABYMETAL at AFAID 2013 Live (video)

Here are 3 videos i’ve find surfing around the net searching for new BABYMETAL Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013 performance.


The videos are not good qualities and are kinda short, but it give you a good ideas of the wild audience and feeling during the BABYMETAL AFAID 2013 concert.

AFAID 2013: BabyMetal make the news in Indonesia

BabyMetal make the news in Indonesia today!

The local tv chanel Net. have donne a special report about our favorites japaneses metal girls today.

BabyMetal are playing at Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013 (AFAID 2013) this week-end. So, this is the purpose of this tv repport.

Here is the tv repport!


A special message from Babymetal for Jakarta fans!

#AFAID13 – Special message from BABYMETAL as they get ready to come to Jakarta in a few days time!


“Hello, Indonesia. We performed at many rock festival in Japan on August. We will come to your country on September,finally\m/

Halo Indonesia! Kami akan tampil di bbrp festival rock di Jepang di bln Agustus dan akan datang ke tanah air INDONESIA bulan September\m/”. Found at

Just few more days to AFA ID 2013! Get your tickets now!
AFA Indonesia 2013 – 6,7,8 September, Jakarta Convention Center