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Here’s What Fruitpochette and nanoCUNE Have Been Up To

When last we saw Fruitpochette, it was Teratani Mina’s farewell, leaving the future of the group in doubt. And when we last saw nanoCUNE … was never, actually, except in the context of Mad Magazine’s big blow-up earlier in the year. Nonetheless, feet are being landed on, and we’re learning a little bit about where […]

FruitPochette『偉人-CleverDick-』brand new song and music video!

FruitPochette is a Japanese idol group formed in 2012. They were formerly known as Frupoche, It currently consists of 2 members : Teratani Mina and Azuma Shiori.


The idol unit is based in Ehime prefecture. FruitPochette is a sister group of Hime Kyun Fruit Can, nanoCUNE, and AiCune. Their songs are described as a mix of j-pop melodies and metal sound. FrupocheFrupoche changed their name to FruitPochette in July 2013.


Their 1st mini-album Shippu Jinrai (疾風迅雷) was released in late July 2013. They released simultenaously 2 singles, Sakuretsu -Burning- (炸裂-Burning-) and Gekkou -Destruction- (月光-Destruction-), in February 2014. They have a brand new CD named The Crest of Evil.

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