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AFAID 2013: Epic Babymetal gallery

Here are some Babymetal photos i collected around the web from this year AFAID : Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013


AFAID 2013: BabyMetal make the news in Indonesia

BabyMetal make the news in Indonesia today!

The local tv chanel Net. have donne a special report about our favorites japaneses metal girls today.

BabyMetal are playing at Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013 (AFAID 2013) this week-end. So, this is the purpose of this tv repport.

Here is the tv repport!


A special message from Babymetal for Jakarta fans!

#AFAID13 – Special message from BABYMETAL as they get ready to come to Jakarta in a few days time!


“Hello, Indonesia. We performed at many rock festival in Japan on August. We will come to your country on September,finally\m/

Halo Indonesia! Kami akan tampil di bbrp festival rock di Jepang di bln Agustus dan akan datang ke tanah air INDONESIA bulan September\m/”. Found at http://on.fb.me/19Xk4rg

Just few more days to AFA ID 2013! Get your tickets now!
AFA Indonesia 2013 – 6,7,8 September, Jakarta Convention Center http://www.animefestival.asia/afaid

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