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This is the video for the members of BABYMETAL APOCALYPSE WEB, which is almost equivalent to BM Fan Club.


Yui & Moa were trying to predict the word/phrase that would win the award of “vogue word of the year, 2013”, i.e. most popular word/phrase during the year.

Candidate word/phrase Yui & Moa chose were:

“O MO TE NA SHI”(お・も・て・な・し)

“IMA DESHO ! “(今でしょ!)

OMOTENASHI means treating people/guest/customer/visitor in a very nice manner.
This word became famous as it had been heavily used by Japan Olympic Committee, especially when they demonstrated to IOC at the final, to invite the Olympic game to Tokyo in 2020.

IMA DESHO means “It’s time now” “Now is the time” to do something.
This expression was spread out by a teacher, Osamu Hayashi, who works for a famous preparatory school (for entrance exam mainly of prestigious schools).

Yui and Moa were thinking which word/phrase they should choose as the strongest candidate that would win the award.
They ended up with the conclusion that “IMA DESHO ! ” would win the award of vogue word of the year, 2013.
Why ?
Because they love the phrase and often play around together with a certain body action of putting both hands in front of the body (You see the action in the vid). Also, the wallpaper of their cell phone was “IMA DESHO” picture.
(Easy reasons …. ! LMAO)


By the way, in this video, there is a line at lower left hand corner saying “This video had been shot BEFORE the award was given”

Later, after this video had been shot, the result was announced, and both word & phrase they had chosen actually won the award (singo.jiyu.co.jp/ – Add http://).
Yui and Moa predicted precisely as a matter of fact.

Osam Hayashi appears in car TV commercial using the phrase “IMA DESHO” (= It’s time now to buy a car).

Thank to Ken Tabise for the info.

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