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BABYMETAL in the news part 17

The purpose of the section is to concentrated all the news in a single BABYMETAL place, so here are all the latest news about BABYMETAL, So here we go…

BABYMETAL No.5 on the 2014 Billboard’s World Album Artist Chart!

MetalSucks Readers Name Babymetal’s Self-Titled Release The Best Metal Album of 2014

Rocket News 24
BABYMETAL keeps turning metalheads, voted Best Metal Album of the Year

Korean Babymetal Knockoff Pritz Accused of Racism over Nazi-like Arm Bands

Business 2 Community
BABYMETAL (Video) Trending Japanese Girl Band Winning Over Surprising Audiences

Crunchyroll News
“Babymetal” to Take Stage at “Rock on the Range” Festival

BABYMETAL will appear in NHK-FM program “Metal-God FM” on December 30 19:20 JP TIMe

Ohmura Takayoshi is playing some Babymetal songs for us


On Dec 14th BABYMETAL will be featured on J-Melo. The show is aired on NHK channel, so check if you can watch it on your satellite/cable service. Mikiko will be the guest on this episode!

Number 1 on Billboard World Albums

So today, BABYMETAL album is number 1 on Billboard World Albums.


World Albums ranks biggest-selling world music albums, including catalog titles. Our kawaii metaller are even doing better than k-pop superstars such as 2NE1 who charted at #2 on the World Albums chart. BABYMETAL is one of four asian artists (including j-pop and k-pop) on the World Album chart that are doing pretty good in 2014. 2NE1 ranked number 2, SNSD‘s (Girl Generation) Mr.Mr. ranked 3rd and CN Blue’s Can’t Stop at #6.


BABYMETAL album on billboard top 200 chart

1st album “BABYMETAL” is No.187 album on billboard 200 chart!! BABYMETAL is youngest Japanese artist who ranked in billboard ever!!

And jumped up to No.4 on Heatseekers chart,No.2 on World chart!! Time has come,BABYMETAL depart to the world!!


Source: BABYMETAL Facebook

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