One of the BABYMETAL girls rush to the hospital?

Ray Acuna from BABYMETAL WORLDWIDE GROUP! give us this update about the ambulance that has been seen after the show!

Keep refreshing as we try to know what has happened and if BM girls are ok.

Their is nothing sure and all of this are rumor right now, some name are circulating, but their is no official statut or name yet, so for the respect of their privacy i can’t and don’t wanna name anyone without the authorization of BM management.

An update about what happened after the concert tonight. A fan over in the BABYMETAL (USA) group has shared with us more information that it may have been one of the girls that was rushed to the hospital after the concert concluded. She saw the ambulance pull up and shared that the security was covering up who was being out in the ambulance. She also shared that she saw 2 of the girls being taken out of the entrance of the venue to avoid the 20 fans that were outback (which where I was at) Now, she also shared that she saw which 2 girls were taken out from the entrance and which girl wasn’t there, but out of respect for her and her family she will not tell us which girl was taken in the ambulance.

We are currently writing on the Babymetal Facebook page and Twitter account to see if we can get some answers.I really just want to know if our girls are ok. The cause of this accident could have been from heat stroke or the fact that the girls flew in Saturday and must have been so tired from jet lag, on top of that (if you were at the show) you know it was super hot in there and the girls were drenched with sweat.

Update 1

May Arredondo of Facebook: Pretty SIMPLE Eric, I and my husband were there, My husband was 3 feet away when the Photographer came out of the Back Stage and told his friend in the crowd that ONE OF THE GIRLS was taken to the HOSPITAL, Then when we were leaving, Me and my husband saw the 2 remaining girls get into a van out front of the FONDA THEATHER at about 1130pm


Update 2

Diego from Reddit: Where were you? I was by the entrance where the ambulance came through. Me and the blue shirted redditor saw Dana (distortion) Yavin after the ambulance left and she seemed really chill and took pics with us. She didn’t mention anything when we told her to tell the group they did an awesome job. Then again, she was probably told to keep her mouth shut.

maikgianino from Reddit: The kami band is sharing pictures normally too. Maybe was a fan, not one of the band members, it’s very normal at indoor venues. Everyone let share good vibes please!

Takayoshi Ohmura has post these tweets 2 and 3hours ago.

Update 3: Babymetal officiel Tweets.. all seem to be good

Update 3 Long letter from May Arredondo on Facebook Babymetal (USA)

The 411 about what happen at the Fonda last night after the show with one of the BM girls

Hello everyone , I’m Eric , May Arredondo’s husband, I can’t sleep, So I figured I tell u what I saw
First of all, Me and May have been BM fans since 2012, we are very proud of them for working so hard and becoming so successful , we never knew back then that they would come so far, since most Jpop bands don’t last long, anyway I’m trying to say we love the girls

There is a lot of miss facts and untruths going around, Here is what I experienced and if you do believe me fine , but I have the Video to prove it
When we were walking back to the car after the show, we were booth excited and happy, when we got to our van , May jumped into the back to change out of her BM outfit , I undid my belt to remove my camera case from my belt, just as I did that I heard a fire truck and ambulance, didn’t think much about it until they stopped in front of the backstage drive way
I grabbed my camera and said ” I will be right back something’s going on and I want to check it out

I get there , at first they are parked where everyone can see them in the street, A couple people say maybe a roadie got hurt?
then a lady comes out and tells the ambulance driver to back it into the drive and keep the bright lights on, that’s when security came out and they started blocking our view and shinning there flashlights at us to prevent filming
They then rushed someone into the ambulance and it drove away, we all started talking about how weird that was and if it was a roadie why did they hide and block us from seeing anything? Was it one of the girls?

After that they backed the BM van into the drive way , Again in a way to block our views , WEIRD?? There was only about 20 people , why are they doing this? then they tried for about 20 mins to keep the van doors open without the doom lights on, so it looked like they didn’t want us to see who was going into the van

I saw Dana (The BM photographer) and yelled out “Dana are the girls alright?” She turned, Did not smile , but waved and walked back stage
Some time passed, and another photographer came out and walked up to some one in the crowd he recognized and said, “One of the girls was taken to the Hospital” so we were right
After some time about 1120pm, I would have to confirm that with the video I shot, the band members jumped into the van and as they left we all said Thank you in Japanese
The girls were not with them, so again people were thinking out loud, did the other 2 go with in the Ambulance with there band mate? I said I have a felling that they went out the front while we were all back here

Then I started walking back to the van were May was still waiting
As I made that walk the parent in me started thinking about the parents in Japan getting a phone call that there baby was on the way to the hospital, and that got me very upset
As I got closer to the car May was up front and smiling, I got to the drivers door that had the window down and she asked “did u see them?” I broke down and with a cracked voice said “one of the girls was taken to the hospital” She said WHAT? I lost it and tears came to my eyes and I quickly walked to the side of the van so May couldn’t see me , after I gain my composer , I got into the van and answered her questions, I told her that “no one knows witch one , but it was confirmed that it was one of girls in the ambulance
I Started the car and headed to the 101 freeway , As we got to the front of The Fonda Theater, we saw 2 of the girls jump into a mini van, an Asian guy closed the door behind them and bowed good bye to them, when he did that you could see his backstage pass hanging from a ID holder around his neck,
we stopped at the red light and that van pulled up next to us in the left turn lane, witch is the way back to there hotel
May said “should we follow them?” I responded with ” they have been through enough tonight , I’m sure they are worried about ***** ”
since we now knew who it was
Again all parents out there should understand why we’re not saying who it was, that is up to her parents or BM management to say
And I hope they respond soon