BABYMETAL – IINE! (Members’ commentary English sub.)

This is the music video with the voices and the English subtitles of Members’ commentary.

This clip is included in the first-press limited edition of BABYMETAL’s first album.

On the lyrics “Genjitsu toohikoo”, BABYMETAL form a line and move like a snake. In their recent concerts, they jump in this move. They started it sometime between [2012 Apr.8] and Legend “I” (2012 Oct.6).

This rap part was replaced with the call and respose: “Say ho-ho”, “O-East” (the name of the place or the festival) sometime in the summer of 2012.

In Japan the word “live house” means a nightclub offering the live music or a smaller music venue.

I use “tag in the high places” for a variation of tag game: the players can only move on playground equipment, fences, etc., not on the ground (or only on stage, chairs, etc., not on the floor). But what they actually played may be different from what I remember.

Probably YUIMETAL means “each of us stood apart (surrounded by the audience)” (2’35” – 2’45”).