BABYMETAL ROCKZINE Vol.3 magazine interview, English translation

Here is an english translated interview coming from ROCKZINE Vol.3 magazine, thank to ShadeSlayr on Babymetal reddit for the translation.

babymetal ROCKZINE Vol.3

Interview – BABYMETAL arrived at taiwan for the first time yesterday, what is your impression of taiwan?
SU-METAL: Firstly is we have many fans welcome us at the airport, every staff was kind and gentle, and also the food is delicious, eat a lot of it, and very full (laugh)

What do you eat?
SU-METAL: Xiao Long Bao and Pearl milk tea.
MOAMETAL: Actually I came to visit at taiwan on summer last year, taiwan is a country with warm hospitality, ate a lots of food, we have a very good time here.
YUIMETAL: Yesterday BABYMETAL fans was gather at the airport to welcome us, I’m very happy. And the difference between Taiwan and Japan is, here got many motorcycles, and the little man on the traffic lights will run faster and faster, I feels fresh on these thing, and also looking forward to the performance tonight.

Tonight is the first live in Taiwan and will perform together with ChthoniC, how do you feel?
SU-METAL: We met ChthoniC lead singer for the first time at LOUD PARK in Japan on october last year. At that time, we are talking about that will be great if we able to perform together, and ask him to bring us to Taiwan, unexpectedly it become realisation now (laugh). We will perform our song Megitsune together at the end of the concert, their performance is full of boldness, and they are also the real metal vocal, I’m very happy we can perform together.


Why do you choose this song to perform together?
MOAMETAL: It’s all about the arrangement of kitsune-sama (laugh).

How do you feel about ChthoniC this band?
MOAMETAL: There is female member in ChthoniC, we impress when we know the metal song is create by a cute girl like this. Just now SU-METAL did mention about the deathcore screaming, there is no something like that in our music, instead I’m worry about matching of our performance tonight.
SU-METAL: Even that we are having language barrier, but we still able to communicate with each other, I didn’t feel very big gap between us.

How do everyone begin with the metal genre?
SU-METAL: Actually we never heard of Metal genre before we formed BABYMETAL, we just begin to find out about metal genre when we decided to move into the metal genre.

BABYMETAL shooting for a short video to promote Metallica’s Movie right?
SU-METAL: I didn’t really understand when listening to Metallica’s CD for the first time, I only can feel that was really strong music. Until we see their performance on the big screen, is simply just like god who emit aura, very unforgettable performance.


BABYMETAL dance and performance seems like different with other Idol group. Because it was metal genre, so it will contain many intense performance. Is there any difficulty when practice and perform?
YUIMETAL: My neck will have muscle aches when doing headbanging last time, but now the muscle seems to be adapt to it, and it’s alright for now.

BABYMETAL had already perform in many music festival, can you share your experience?
SU-METAL: We are not very understand about metal and rock genre at first, but we gained many experience through live and festival event, we are very thankful.

BABYMETAL performance can be categorize into two type. One is BABYBONE with dance properties, and another one is kami band which formed by pro metal musician, what is the different in feeling when perform with them?

MOAMETAL: Actually no matter is BABYBONE or Kami Band, they are backing up with strongest support, and make us feel relieve. BABYBONE help to excite the audience, liven up the atmosphere, while Kami band doubling the excitement with strongest music performance.

BABYMETAL will release a new album named as “BABYMETAL”, please introduce the album.
SU-METAL: This album is just like our name card, contain all the masterpiece of us, can let those who interested to BABYMETAL to understand what is BABYMETAL.

What is your favourite or recommended song in the Album?
YUIMETAL: I wish everyone can listen to every song in BABYMETAL album. Maybe it was slightly difficult to foreigner, but if you listen to all the song in the album, I believe that you will surely happy when watching our concert.
SU-METAL: I want to recommend the last song in the Album which is “Ijime, Dame, Zettai”. The song that we perform before that, maybe have some Idol feel inside, but when we contact with this song, that is the beginning of our metal genre. We can handle better and better with this song in live, making good memory with every audience. We have a solo concert in Singapore before, I feels touch when this song, the reaction of the audience was just the same with what happen in Japan. When we sing “Ijime, dame!!”, everyone in Singapore live jumping together, full of overall sense, and this make me liked this song.
MOAMETAL: For me I hope that everyone can listen to “4 no Uta”.

BABYMETAL interview with Otaku-Verse Zero

Welcome to the mosh pit of Chaos!

Otaku-Verse Zero

Patrick Macias from Otaku-Verse Zero (OVZ) web show descend to the depth of the Earth to get an exclusive interview with BABYMETAL.

Otaku-Verse Zero is bi-weekly web show featuring Yuu Asakawa and Patrick Macias that introduces Japanese subculture to otaku throughout the Universe!

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BABYMETAL interview with SGcafe in Singapore

Here is an interview BABYMETAL have done with the website SGcafe before their concert in Singapore. Here is the original link for the interview entitled: Babymetal Live in Singapore 28.12.2013 pre-concert interview [SGCafe Exclusive].


Babymetal Live in Singapore 28.12.2013 pre-concert interview [SGCafe Exclusive]

Japanese heavy metal idol group Babymetal is here in Singapore this weekend for a solo concert (one-man live) — their first solo concert outside of Japan.

SGCafe caught up with the group on the eve of their solo concert here, and we talked to them about their thoughts on meeting Metallica, the two big Babymetal announcements that were made last weekend — a solo concert at Budokan, and their first full album releasing in February next year — as well as what they’re looking forward to in 2014.

Here’s the full transcript of our pre-concert interview with Babymetal.


—Over the past weekend, Babymetal made two announcements concerning Q1 2014.

The first is that, you will be holding a one-man live in March at the Nippon Budokan. This will be a record-breaking performance, as Babymetal will be the youngest female group (average age 14.6) to hold a one-man live at Budokan

When did you first find out about the Nippon Budokan one-man-live, and what were your thoughts when you first heard the news?

Su-Metal: For us, this has always been a goal for Babymetal to aim for, that we hoped to be able to acheve. So even right now we still feel like we can’t quite believe that this is coming true, that we’re going to be holding a one-man live (solo concert) at Budokan.

On a personal level, really this was a dream I’ve had since I was very young. So when I first heard the news, that we could hold a one-man live at Budokan, my heart was just pounding. We’re very excited for it.


—The other big news that was announced over the weekend was that Babymetal will be releasing its first full album on February 26.

Tell us more about what fans can expect in the new release.

Su-Metal: This is going to be our first full album, so it’s going to be a compendium of everything Babymetal has done so far, packed tightly in one release.

We haven’t been told anything about the new songs yet, but we think that the album will be able to express, at the highest level, what the world of Babymetal is about. So please look forward to it.

—How do you feel about finally being able to cut a full album?

Su-Metal: We’re just super happy about it. It’s like, “Finally, it’s the news that we’ve been waiting for for so long!” *laughs*

—Recently you got to meet Metallica, who were in Japan for a promotional stint for the movie Metallica Through the Never.

How was it like meeting these legends, and were there any funny moments you could recall?

Yui-Metal: When we met Metallica, well, at first when we met them before the performance, we felt that they were very friendly and were like normal kind gentlemen. It’s kind of like meeting a relative uncle.

But once they started the performance on stage, their stage presence was just amazing and they were really wild and cool, and the gap between Metallica on and off-stage was incredible and quite surprising for us.


—Tomorrow night (note: this is referring to tonight; the interview was conducted yesterday) you will be holding a solo concert here in Singapore. How are you feeling about that right now?

Moa-metal: This is the third time we’ve been to Singapore, and we’re extremely happy that our third performance here in Singapore is also our first one-man live (Solo concert) overseas, outside of Japan.

Our fans here have been very warm to us at our AFA performances, and we look forward to seeing them at the concert. We think there will also be people who’ve never seen a Babymetal live performance before, so we look forward to having fun with them too.

The key to having a good time at a Babymetal live is to follow along with Moa-Metal and Yui-Metal’s dance and cheers for the songs. So we look forward to having a good time with us!
—Finally, back at the beginning of the year, in an interview with Kawaii Girl Japan, you said that Babymetal’s mission in 2013 is to achieve world domination.

Looking back, you’ve certainly had a great year in 2013, performing not just in Singapore but also in Indonesia. You’ve also had many successful performances in Japan, at times sharing the stage with metal legends like Trivium and Arch Enemy.

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

Su-Metal: Well, first, in March 2014 we have the solo concert in Budokan coming up, so we’re hoping to achieve a successful solo conert there.

And of course, tomorrow (tonight) is our solo concert here in Singapore, so we’d like to make the performance here successful, and hopefully we will be able to return to do another solo concert in the future.

We’ve also received lots of warm messages from our fans overseas in other countries, so next year we really hope to be able to go to more countries, and meet our fans in person.

—Thanks for the interview, and best of luck for solo concert in Singapore!




BABYMETAL : interview in Singapore with Kojacon Report

This new interview is from Kojacon Report.

Japan’s youngest, and most lovable KAWAII METAL BAND, BABYMETAL held their first overseas solo live in Singapore at the *SCAPE Ground Theater, previously known as the Warehouse on the Saturday, 28th 2013.

BABYMETAL  will play in Taiwan with the band Chthonic in Febuary 2014
BABYMETAL will play in Taiwan with the band Chthonic in Febuary 2014

The band consist of 3 girls, Su-Metal, Moa-Metal and Yui-Metal, aged 15, 14, and 14 respectively, chosen by the FOX GOD, the god of METAL ROCK to head the metal resistances movement to revive heavy metal music from an industry swarmed with idol music!

Kojacon Report had the chance to have an interview with them during their stay in Singapore. With no further wait, let’s get to know BABYMETAL closer!

K : This is the very first overseas oneman live for BABYMETAL. How do you feel and what do you expect from this live?
Moa-Metal : We’ve experienced performances in overseas before but this time is our first solo live concert so we are really excited about it.

K : BABYMETAL members are young and cute, why do you choose metal genre for your music?
Yui-Metal : BABYMETAL always follow the revelation of Fox God. The Fox God has chosen us as Metal savior to perform the metal songs.

K : This month, Su-Metal celebrated birthday. What did you get from your members?
Su-Metal : I had received presents from the members which made me really happy. But the most special thing was that a lot of fans has celebrated my birthday on the next day for my birthday concert.

K : And for Christmas, what did you do and what did you get for Christmas present?
Moa-Metal : I found some book next to my pillow which I received from Santa! On the christmas day itself I was flying overseas on the plane with members.

K : When you visit Jakarta last time for AFA 2013, what do you think about fans in Jakarta? Do you have any amusing story when you visit Jakarta?
Yui-Metal: There were lot of fans who have studied Japanese and talked to us. I was so touched to see them telling me ‘thank you (arigatou)’ in Japanese.

K : Thing that makes me happy is…
Su-Metal : I love to sing, so music always makes me happy.

Yui-Metal : I love the time when I’m performing live concert and enjoying the concert with the fans!
Moa-Metal : I’m a big anime fan, so I love to watch my favorite anime shows.

K : The movie that makes me cry is…
Su-Metal : I actually never cried watching movies, but recently I watched ‘Metalica through the never’ which was a really amusing movie that I even forgot to blink. My tears came out from not blinking, but I was really shocked and enjoyed the movie.
Yui-Metal : When I watched ‘Toy Story 3′, I really felt that I have to treasure my own toys and cried.
Moa-Metal : I cried the most when I watched ‘Hotaru no Haka (Grave of the fireflies).

K : I want to have superpower like…
Su-Metal : I want to be invisible and go to lots of places to do some mischief.
Yui-Metal : I like mermaids, so I want to have superpower that I can breathe under water.
Moa-Metal : I wish I can be in 2D, so that I can be the character in the anime


Formed in 2010, they debuted with their first music video “Doki☆Doki Morning” on YouTube. It took the world by surprise garnering reactions like “What did I just watch?!!” with their unimaginable combination of HEAVY METAL and KAWAII STYLE. Through word of mouth, the video was viewed over 2 million times on various official YouTube Channels and it spread BABYMETAL’s name to all over the world, such as North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Now, BABYMETAL have released 2 major singles, “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” and “Megitsune” both ranking in the top 10 of the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart. And their music is now gaining momentum with consecutive full house for their solo concerts in Japan, participation in major events like Summer Sonic 2013 and the Anime Festival Asia 2012 and a fast growing fan base!

BABYMETAL’s Metal Resistance has only just begun! Recently BABYMETAL also announced that they will hold a 2-day live concert at Nippon Budokan on 1 March 2014 and 2 March 2014!

BABYMETAL interview in Singapore: Hoping to become a new music trend

[TRANSLATION] BABYMETAL interview (Chinese)

Hope you guys enjoy it, it’s quite lengthy

While other kids are busy with their school work, the three young ladies from BABYMETAL are already idols of the metal industry. However, BABYMETAL are still not satisfied, they want to let their own created – kawaii + metal style be the new music trend.

BABYMETAL are Moametal, Su-metal and Yuimetal
BABYMETAL are Moametal, Su-metal and Yuimetal

Moametal、Su-metal and Yuimetal are members of Japanese idol group – Sakura Gakuin. And BABYMETAL are sub-unit of Sakura Gakuin (like Korea group – Super Junior -M and SNSD’s TaeTiSeo) Vocalist Su-metal is 16 years old, Moametal and Yuimetal are 14 years old.

The three ladies held their first overseas concert in Singapore last week and were interviewed by the local media

From strange to leading style

Although Babymetal showed their mature and strong stage performances in their music videos and live shows, the three ladies couldn’t hide their innocent feeling and thinking of youngsters during the interview. Moametal said she and her family didn’t know much about heavy metal in the first place, so they didn’t worry and complain about it, just felt surprised.

Su-metal said that participating in music festivals in other parts of the world and meeting fans have made her really happy, and she also receives metal music albums from the fans, so she can know more about metal. BABYMETAL combines both kawaii and heavy metal elements, although for most of the people it’s hard to accept at the beginning, Su-metal hopes BABYMETAL can become a new trend in the metal industry in the future.

Babymetal's first MV combines both kawaii and heavy metal elements, and it has also become a hot topic in US's website - Reddit
Babymetal’s first MV combines both kawaii and heavy metal elements, and it has also become a hot topic in US’s website – Reddit

Love local fresh fruit juice, hobbies are same as normal young girls

However, when they are not performing on the stage, the three ladies are same as normal girls. Su-metal likes singing, she sometimes even goes to sing karaoke on her own, she likes reading as well, this shows her quiet character.

Moametal likes idol drama and modern trend – Anime. She records the programs when she’s not at home, and plays them when she’s free. Yuimetal’s hobby is collecting stickers, she has her own sticker book!

It’s a rare opportunity to travel to Singapore, when the media talk about local food, yuimetal are same as other artists, loving the local chicken rice. Moametal has also discovered that there’re many Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Su-metal loves the local fresh fruit juice, has she started to take care of eating habits and body figure?

Reaching the big stage, hoping to achieve more

BabyMetal SG 2013 3

Although BABYMETAL has been formed recently, they have already appeared in many huge music festivals in Japan, and they will also perform in Taiwan too. They were also lucky to meet Metallica. Regarding to the touring performaces, the three ladies said they are good friends and they look forward to seeing their fans from worldwise. Su-metal hopes they can perform in more different countries in the upcoming year.

When they are asked about who they wish to collaborate with, BABYMETAL’s answer is surprising – they hope they can collaborate with Japan famous violist Taro Hakase.

The future: hold on to the dream, continue to perform

At the moment, Su-metal is the lead vocal for most of the Babymetal’s songs, but as Moametal and Yuimetal are growing up, Babymetal are expected to become stronger. What are the upcoming 5 years plans for the three ladies?

Su-metal said she will be an adult after 5 years, but will still love singing and hold on to her dream. Moametal will be 19 years old after 5 years, so she’d like to spend her last young ages wisely. Yuimetal is more like the others, she doesn’t have any clear future plans, but she hopes she can do what she likes, displaying an open attitude to the future.

Babymetal Official Website:

Thanks SOZO for organizing this interview. For more Japanese artists’ events, please enter SOZO official website.

BABYMETAL: interview at AFAID 2013

Here is a translated interview that i took here: Berita : [AFA ID 2013] Interview Dengan Baby Metal | KotakGame

On Saturday, September 7, 2013, held at the Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Jakarta, had the opportunity to interview Baby Metal. Idol Group whose members are Su-Metal, YuiMetal and MoaMetal and this seemed enthusiastic when interviewed by the crew KotGa.

KotakGame (KG): Hello BABYMETAL! Nice to meet you!

Su-Metal (S), MoaMetal (M) YuiMetal (Y): Yeah, Greetings! Nice to meet you!

KG: It’s an honor to meet one of my idols!

S, M, Y: Thank you!


KG: what is your impression about Indonesia?

S: Previously, we already know about Indonesia through idol group JKT48. We often see JKT48 perform in Japan and we became became interested in Indonesia. At AFA 2012 yesterday in Singapore, we also met some Indonesian people and it makes us also become increasingly interested in Indonesia. When we arrived in Indonesia, we were surprised to see so many people in Indonesia who are very enthusiastic about Japanese pop culture. Indonesian people are very friendly. I myself was surprised when talking to some Indonesian people, it turns out they can speak Japanese. In addition, we are also surprised to see so many BABYMETAL fans in Indonesia wearing the original BABYMETAL product attributes.

KG: Well, glad to hear it, then what BABYMETAL do in my spare time? so you like to play games?

M: In my spare time, I usually watch anime. I am happy to play Wii game console because its funny.

S: I like reading books in my spare time. For the game itself, I love to spend time playing PlayStation 3 with my brothers at home.

Y: I love listening to music, especially the songs that have good lyrics. If the games, I love playing Doubutsu No Mori (Animal Crossing) on the Nintendo 3DS.

KG: BABYMETAL is always dressed in red and black. Is there any special meaning?

S: Both of these colors are colors used by Kitsune (astral human beings guards in the Shinto religion). In addition, both the color also symbolizes what is BABYMETAL. Black metal genre symbolizes that we brought and red colors that give the impression of “cute”.

KG: I have to agree about the members BABYMETAL are cute!

S, M, Y: Hahaha! Thank you!


KG: In August 2013 yesterday, BABYMETAL participated at the Summer Sonic Festival 2013 (Japan’s annual music concert featuring rock bands from around the world). What is your impression of the following events?

S: Of course we feel very proud to be featured in a show that is so large. We were also able to meet with international artists such as Metallica. We are also very pleased to see the visitors who come like our music. This becomes a very valuable experience for us.

KG: Well certainly very proud of ya! Lastly, do BABYMETAL wanted to send a message to the BABYMETAL fans in Indonesian?

S: Continues to support BABYMETAL and do not forget to watch our performance at I Love Anisong Stage tonight!

M: BABYMETAL will give the appearance that will not be forgotten tonight. Therefore, do not miss ya!

Y: We are looking forward to performing in front of BABYMETAL fans in Indonesia! Continue to support us ya!

After a brief interview, the crew had a chance to immortalize KotakGame Baby Metal. For those who would come to Kotakers AFA ID 2013, do not forget to watch directly on Metal Baby I Love Anisong Stage AFA ID 2013 on September 7, 2013, yes!