BABYMETAL LEGEND “M”: The best video footage from Cologne

While BABYMETAL make their way to Sonisphere, Babymetal International Fan Club have sorted through the video footage from Cologne’s “LEGEND “M”” concert.

Today at Sonisphere

Today at Sonisphere

Sadly, with a strict catch-and-kick attitude against filming, there are fewer videos than from “LEGEND “Y”,” and quality is overall fairly poor. Anyway, we’re still very thankful for the efforts of the recorders! The footage is still worth checking out, especially Moa’s special part in “Headbanger!!” Here are our picks, according to chronological appearance:


Duration: 1:30
Not the best view but we had to add this because it sure gives you the feeling of being there!

Duration: 4:32
Full song. Good sound, although some footage is obscured momentarily.
“Uki Uki Midnight”
Duration: 0:37
Short video but good sound. Partially includes the dubstep.
“Uki Uki Midnight”

Duration: 0:49
Short video that pretty much picks up where the last video left off.
Kami band play

Duration: 3:19
Full coverage. Zoomed out, but great sound.
“Rondo of Nightmare”

Duration: 2:48
Finally, we have some footage of this song – and it’s good quality!
“Catch me if you can”

Duration: 3:11
Good view; contains most of the song.

Duration: 5:15
Full video. Good sound but zoomed out.
“4 no Uta”
Duration: 1:33
Contains the very last bit of “Akatsuki,” but more importantly, the intro to “4 no Uta.” However, only has about one minute of the song, and heavy sound distortion is present.
Duration: 0:32
Very short clip and sound is poor, but it’s the only video we could find.
“Gimme chocolate!!”

Duration: 5:07
Full video with good sound, and includes the farewell prior to the encore.
Moa singing “Headbanger!!”

Duration: 5:33
Fairly good footage and sound for the whole song, which has Moa as lead singer for its latter half!
“Ijime, Dame, Zettai”

Duration: 6:40
Full recording with nice sound. Includes the end of the concert.

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