The First American Interview with BABYMETAL!

MetalSucks had the lucky pleasure to get the first ever US interview with BABYMETAL.

They caught the kawaii metal trio right before their US debut live show in Los Angeles. Among other things, they talk about how they experienced different cultures and how much they’ve grown since BABYMETAL skyrocketed to international fame.

Two or three weeks ago we were touring Europe, and it was the first time we saw an audience that wasn’t Asian. So for us, it’s very cool. It’s a lot of different types of people at the show. For example, what we noticed in Paris when we played there was that it looked like the people were interested in Japanese culture, but when we were in Germany it felt like it was full of metalheads. So now we’re really looking forward to what the crowd here tonight is going to be like.

Read the whole thing on their website!