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Just Announced: Limited Blu-ray Trilogy Metal Resistance Episode III – Apocalypse. Hardcover Photo Book for World Tour 2015, including Saitama Super Arena, Makuhari Messe, Yokohama Arena in 2015 on Blu-ray for The ONE members of A!SMART. If you are a member of The ONE, CLICK HERE for purchase site.

“THE ONE” is

BABYMETAL “THE ONE” members (those whom purchased hood towel with code benefits) will be limited sale during June 1 to June 12th period, who can purchase without fail. If it passes this period it, it will be sold out as soon as it discontinues.
To purchase, the members registered in the “THE ONE” site of the 2016, and your registration at the time of METAL name / password is required.


¥ 27,000 (tax included)

Blu-Ray ■
<DISC1> LEGEND “2015” ~ New Year fox festival ~ ※ remastered
<DISC2> BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2015 ~ huge Tenkaichi metal Budokai ~

Hardcover Picture Book ■

 As the time limit for special order period is only until June 12th, If you don’t already have a Hooded Towel Code you may just have to wait for auction sites to list this item if you live outside Japan.

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Upcoming Festival Time Slots for BABYMETAL

Feature Photo by Reddit user AnObviousShill

Upcoming Festival Time Slots for BABYMETAL

If you plan on being front and center for BABYMETAL, especially on the barrier, here are the stages, and times for the upcoming festivals, Rock in Vienna, Fortarock, Download Festival and Download Festival France.

June 3, 2016 ~ Rock in Vienna

Day 1 ~ Friday ~ Rock in Vienna ~ Mind Stage ~ 17:35  (5:35pm)

June 5, 2016 ~ Fortarock

Upcoming Festival Time Slots for BABYMETALDay 2 ~ Sunday ~ Large Rockhand Stage ~ 18:20 (6:20pm)

June 10, 2016 ~ Download Festival

Upcoming Festival Time Slots for BABYMETALDay 1 ~ Friday ~ Download Festival ~ Lemmy Stage ~ 15:00 (3:00pm)

June 11, 2016 ~ Download Festival France

Upcoming Festival Time Slots for BABYMETALDay 2 ~ Saturday ~ Download Festival France ~ Main Stage ~ 18:00 (6pm)

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Ladybeard responds to Rob Zombie’s stance on BABYMETAL

Ladybeard responds to Rob Zombie’s stance on BABYMETAL

Rob Zombie, a recent fan of BABYMETAL, has been outspoken since seeing them live.

After seeing them live the first time recently, here is a summary of what Rob had to say.

“It’s like nothing I have ever seen before. Leave it to the Japanese to find a way to make Death Metal cute. It was awesome”

“The crowd was going Ape Sh#t, the amount of crowdsurfing … and complete mayhem… is the most bizarre fn thing”

Watch the unedited interview below, linked right to the question asking him about BABYMETAL.

Pablo from 93X interviews Rob Zombie at Northern Invasion

Ladybeard responds to Rob Zombie’s stance on BABYMETAL


Rob’s recent shares and thoughts on BABYMETAL has got the band trending on Facebook once again, and there was no shortage of haters helping it trend. It may be safe to say we owe the BABYMETAL haters for at least a portion of the bands raising popularity.


Ladybeard responds to Rob Zombie’s stance on BABYMETAL@nikkinickelz on Reddit
Which brings me to the Ladybeard part of the story, on his segment #AskLadybeard.

Ladybeard responds to Rob Zombie’s stance on BABYMETAL

Ladybeard had a few things to say about Rob Zombie and Metal Purists on SBS PopAsia Kawaii Connection program.

^ Listen to Ladybeard’s response to the question in full here ^

#AskLadybeard (@Lucky?)
Q. Have you seen that story about Rob Zombie and BABYMETAL vs some haters?

Here is a summary of what Ladybeard had to say on the subject of metal purist and haters.

“It didn’t surprise me in any way, that whole story, Rob Zombie did a great job sticking up for the girls.”

“…most actual metal artists are really behind BABYMETAL,  they realize how unique and interesting and fun and engauging BABYMETAL’s show and concept is…”

Ladybeard responds to Rob Zombie’s stance on BABYMETAL“I of coarse love BABYMETAL, and I am with everyone who’s supporting them.”

“I’m not opposed to the Purists having this attitude… I think your role as an artist to be both Loved and Hated, in equal measure.”

“You put your work into the world and there are people who are going to respond to it positively. But there is just as many people who will respond to it negatively, a lot of the time more. Then there is people who just don’t care.”

“The Heavy Metal Purists have made up their minds that they love, Judas Priest, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth… and THAT IS ALL! Anything else, see you later, we’re not having it, we don’t care, especially anything that can be considered ‘Pop’ or ‘Mainstream’…”

“With this attitude directed towards me (LADYBABY), that makes me quite happy, it’s those guys who keep the spirit of ‘Heavy Metal’… They maintain a strong sense of what ‘Heavy Metal’ is.”

“… fans get a sense of identity of being our fans, the haters are the same, they are proud of being the ‘Haters’.”

“I heard about it, I say good job Rob Zombie. I thought he was very articulate sticking up for BABYMETAL. Bless him, but at the same time I have no problem with the ‘Haters’.”


So maybe the ‘Haters’ do have some force behind BABYMETAL’s word of mouth. They were a help to getting the group more viral than just the fans can do sharing the greatness of the group between themselves. That is at least a factor, and I would say a powerful one.

I like to think many of these Purists will have a sister or a daughter who will love BABYMETAL after seeing them rant about it. As with this Rob Zombie story, you never know who the next big supporter will be. Rob has seen the videos long before, but after seeing them live, he became one of the long time Heavy Metal performers who support BABYMETAL, and think what they are doing is positive. 

Check out our constantly updated Facebook pages album of BABYMETAL with Bands and Celebrities here!

Ladybeard responds to Rob Zombie’s stance on BABYMETAL




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EDM Ver. of “HEADBANGYAA!!” Available In “KAWA-EDM” Album

Yuyoyuppe’s (DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING) MIX compilation Album which include BABYMETAL “Headbangyaa!!” EDM ver. will be available on May 25th.
“KAWA-EDM” is a remix album which focused on kawaii vocals. DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING remixed the music tracks such as BABYMETAL’s “HEADBANGYAA!!”, Denpa Gumi.inc’s “Dendenpashon” and SPEED’s “White Love” in EDM style, but leaving the original vocal tracks just as they are. You can listen to the album’s short mix on avex’s official Youtube channel here:

Track list:
02. Dendenpashon / Denpa Gumi.inc
03. Sheki Meki (*Shake it Make it) / Dream5
04. Puripuri▼SUMMER Kiss / SUPER☆GiRLS
05. Natsu Matsuri / Whiteberry
06. Koi no Tenkeyohō / Weather Girl
07. Kodō no Himitsu / Tokyo Girl’s Style
08. IDOL / BiS
09. Chekera (*Check it out) / Cheeky Parade
10. secret base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono / ZONE
11. White Love / SPEED

Yuyoyuppe has been producing music since September 2008, mostly known for Vocaloid artists like Hatsune Miku, and has earned the title of “Legendary Luka Master” for his work using Megurine Luka. He also goes by other names including DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING which he uses for Techno/Pop styled tracks, including a few BABYMETAL remixes. Yuyoyuppe was the composer behind Akumu no Rondo and has producer credits on Ijime Dame Zettai and BABYMETAL DEATH. On Metal Resistance he has got his hands on many tracks like KARATE and GJ!, as well as handled arrangements on other tracks such as Sis. Anger and YAVA!.

“KAWA-EDM” on amazon.co.jp: http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/B01CTKKT9A/

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BOH’s Blog Update About The US Tour

BOH updated his blog and shared his thoughts about the recent BABYMETAL US Tour. Read our English translation below:

Entry: May 17, 2016
BABYMETAL’s East coast US Tour has finished!!

Hello! This is the bassist who has too much baldness, BOH


After about 2 weeks of touring with all my power, now I am updating this blog with my temporary disguised form!

This time, the show began in New York, then Boston, Philadelphia, Concord, Silver Spring, Detroit, Chicago and Somerset, the Metal Resistance had been successfuly carried out in 6 solo live shows and 2 festivals!

The 2016 World Tour kick-off was quite a challenge, but I am glad we were able to successfully accomplish it without any significant problems.

I was able to receive a lot of great motivation, no matter where the venue was, and also to receive strength from the audience, so now I am able to return home feeling happy.

Especially at the House of Blues, Chicago, while I was performing I felt strongly that BABYMETAL has powered-up multiple times since the first show in this place last tour.

I also saw many dear fans came not only from US or Japan, but from countries all over the world. Every day, I felt nothing but gratitude from the bottom of my heart for the fact that I am able to perform in BABYMETAL who is loved by so many people.

With every opportunity, the bond within the staffs, the Kami-band, the girls and also as a team is getting stronger, and I think we were able to deliver such power to the audience.

I can spend some time in Japan for a while, because the next Europe Tour is in June. We, the Kami-band will put even more spirits into it so that the God of Metal descend to keep up with the ever-evolving three girls \(*`∧´)/

Seiya! Soiya! Keep on fighting! I will keep pressing forward with Japanese pride, the spirit of Samurai, to create the best show!

My endless thanks to you for your support(B・o・H)



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BABYMETAL @ New York – A BFC Video Report

BABYMETAL @ New York – A BFC Video Report

Three Babymetal Fan Club admins made it to NYC for the BEBIMETA KARAOKE Pre-Party and BABYMETAL’s US tour starter at PlayStation Theater.

We arrived at the concert early to hand out BFC stickers, give away Babymetal funko pops to 3 lucky winners and take photos & videos with the fans and our BFC New York banner. As it was my first show, I followed the advice given to me, and refrained from recording the performance.

My intentions weren’t to make a typical VLOG, but to meet, hang out and have fun with other BABYMETALHEADS and make a video report about it. Here is some fun with the hardcore fans, It was great meeting you all!

Many thanks to Babymetal Fan Club’s founder & owner Mr Metalised, for his valuable advice, guidance and supervision. It was a blast representing BFC at my first shows. ~Kirbymetal

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SU-METAL’s Grandfather Interviewed By Weekly Shincho

In the latest issue, Weekly Shincho magazine interviewed Suzuka Nakamoto’s grandfather, and the conversation shed some light and finally confirmed the rumor about her father. Check out our English translation below:

BABYMETAL, the Kawaii Metal band who has completely charmed Yuzo Kayama
(Check out also: http://babymetalfanclub.com/yuzo-kayama-loves-babymetal/). They gained spot in the homeland of Rock, UK’s music chart, and became an even more popular girl group than AKB48, in the west. Just how has the globally expanded “Daughter of Heavy Metal” been raised?

BABYMETAL is a group that consists of Suzuka Nakamoto (SU-METAL), Yui Mizuno (YUIMETAL), and Moa Kikuchi (MOAMETAL). They combine dancing and screaming with loud Heavy Metal music. They have made a huge international breakthrough and even performed as the opening act at Lady Gaga’s Tour. This year they are in their 3rd World Tour. The lead vocalist, Suzuka Nakamoto (18), was born in Hiroshima. Her father is working in a construction related business. Her grandfather (74) welcomed us during our visit to the family’s home.

“Well, I never thought that my grand daughter would come this far. I used to have a coffee shop, and my grand daughters would come to have meals and sing there.”

According to her grandfather, Suzuka is the youngest of the three sisters, with the second sister, Himeka (20) a member of an Idol group, produced by Yasushi Akimoto, called Nogizaka46.

“When Suzuka was still wearing diapers, she was already a model for a company called mikihouse (https://www.mikihouse.co.jp/) and appeared in a Bandai commercial. When she was in kindergarten, she became a model for a school bag product at a local supermarket. And during elementary school years, Suzuka and Himeka enrolled for singing and dancing lessons in an actors school run by a local TV station (Translator’s note: Actors School Hiroshima (ASH) is located inside the Shin Hiroshima TV building).”

“Genius displays itself even in childhood.”

In 2008, Suzuka was scouted by a big entertainment agency, and made a debut as an Idol unit called Karen Girl’s, and later she became a member of Sakura Gakuin. When her sister Himeka joined Nogizaka46, they moved to Tokyo together and began their activities there. Her manager formed BABYMETAL because he happened to love Heavy Metal, but it was fitting for her because love for Rock was in her blood.

“I will conquer the world.”

“Suzuka’s father used to be in a band during his high school years, he was scouted and went to Tokyo to become a professional. His band was called the “Hooligans”, and was active for about 10 years. He also made an appearance in a movie. However, I had a heart attack and collapsed, and he returned to Hiroshima after his older brother convinced him. Then he started to work in a construction business. That’s when my grand daughters were born.”

The house is originally a musician’s home, they had a guitar in their father’s room and were also familiar with a synthesizer.

SU-METAL’s Grandfather Interviewed By Weekly Shincho

See also: http://babymetalfanclub.com/fact-about-su-metals-father-revealed/

“Suzuka’s parents did not recommended her to become a singer, it’s just that everyone in our family loves to sing. Suzuka is a type of determined child who once has decided to something, she won’t stop until she does. It’s the same when she decided to do Heavy Metal, although we never talked about the global expansion before, she said that she will conquer the world.”

Although grandfather seems to talk happily, he also looks a bit lonely because his grand daughter is far from home town.

“I could go to see their proud moment if they perform in Tokyo, but lately they only have been performing overseas. Their US Tour began in May, and it appears that on June they will go to Germany and France.”

Their performance in Tokyo will be at the Tokyo Dome in September, so her grandfather is really looking forward to this one, with a bright smile on his face.

Get the Weekly Shincho issue May 5-12 on amazon Japan: http://www.amazon.co.jp/週刊新潮-2016年-12-号-雑誌/dp/B01E72L84I

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The One Awakens in NYC

Feature Photo by Phil Dejean

The One Awakens in NYC

BABYMETAL kicks of US tour at PlayStation Theater on May 4th in New York City.

‘May The Fox God Be With You’ poster design by BFC artists JunLin Arts


May 3rd BABYMETALHEAD Meetup @ Karaoke Duet 48The One Awakens in NYC

The One Awakens in NYCA huge shout out to Aldo and Alula for co-hosting the Karaoke night for us all to break the ice.

The One Awakens in NYCThe first 5 Babymetalheads in queue just after midnight following the Karaoke party.

The One Awakens in NYCAlfonso the ‘Kawaii Warrior’ and Natalia the ‘Kami Lady’ making the rounds with the BFC banner.

The One Awakens in NYC
The One Awakens in NYC
The One Awakens in NYC
PlayStation Theater had no idea what to expect from a band led by 3 teenage girls.

While the event staff was poorly organized, Babymetalheads brought it among themselves to get organized, numbering fans hands as they arrive in either VIP or GA lines. With fans lining up as early as midnight on the 4th, this allowed early queuing hardcore Babymetalheads to get food, use the bathroom and mingle with each other and share in their love for the band people travel from all over the world to see.

The One Awakens in NYCThe One Awakens in NYC

“A long time ago in a HEAVY METAL galaxy far far away…”

The One Awakens in NYC
2. Doki Doki Morning
3. YAVA!
4. Awadama Fever
5. GJ!
6. Amore
7. Catch me if you can (with Kami Band solo)
8. Meta Taro
9. Ijime, Dame, Zettai
11. Megitsune
12. Gimme Chocolate!!
13. THE ONE (English ver.)

14. Road of Resistance

The One Awakens in NYCThe PlayStation Theater show has been getting a lot of buzz about the intensity of the crowd. Most of the night the fans on the first level near the stage spent most of the performance battling to stay on their feet. I myself fell twice when 3-4 fans fell backwards, and everyone was so crammed I had tripped over all the feet behind me. Thanks to the fans who had our backs and lifted us back up on our feet before getting trampled. The scene above was taken during Road of Resistance, where it seemed to be a little bit of open room for mosh’shing up. In my personal experience right in the middle before the encore, there was really just waves of bodies pushing one way and the other, so crammed once you put your ‘Kitsune Up’, it became hard to reclaim the space to put your arms back down. The term shoulder-to-shoulder comes to mind, but it was more like shoulder-to-armpit most of the show.

The US tour starter was a great performance, and the crowd was amped up beyond belief. It was an honor to be able to cover this first hand, and met a lot of awesome Babymetalheads. Looking forward to seeing them in Philadelphia on the 7th. Look for Kirbymetal, I will be passing out the remainder of the fan club stickers while supply lasts. Weatherproof Vinyl with never fade UV cured inks, these stickers will last on whatever you put them on.
The One Awakens in NYC




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NEO by Oyaide Introducing Kami-Band’s Gear

NEO cable by Oyaide Electronic is introducing the equipments Kami-Band are using during the BABYMETAL World Tour 2016. Read their translated report below.

Introducing the WL-606 cables for wireless setup used by the trio, BOH, Takayoshi Ohmura and Mikio Fujioka.

By now, you are probably familiar with the latest cable for digital wireless setup which on sale on February 2016, the WL-606SXS & WL-606LXS for SHURE GLXD16. Not only it uses locking mechanism to attach to the GLXD16, the WL-606 also eliminate the use of cables by going wireless to preserve the instrument’s original sound quality.

The SHURE GLXD16 wireless system that compatible to both wired and wireless setup used by BOH-san, Takayoshi Ohmura-san and Mikio Fujioka-san was introduced just before the BABYMETAL World Tour kicks in on April.
Although everyone seemed to be satisfied with the GLXD16’s feature, there seem to be a discontent about the difference in the sound quality compared to when using cables. It can’t be helped because they usually were using the QAC-222G.
With that being said, NEO who support these magnificent worldwide-scale musicians cannot ignore such complaints.
So we had them try the recently released WL-606 for GLXD16, and yes, all three of them immediately approved!
We have visited the place they were using to rehearse for the BABYMETAL Tour in US, to ask what they thought about when using the WL-606. We’ll also introduce their current setups.

First, Takeshi Ohmura-san. He approved that the so-called the instrument’s original sound is preserved and that he was able to monitor the sound with stress-free operation. In this section, the ease of playing would give good impact on its own eventually. He was satisfied using the sturdy WL-606 even more than the addition of the genuine parts.

The Shure GLXD16 with WL-606 SXS. Beautifully matched like it was meant to be.

NEO by Oyaide Introducing Kami-Band’s Gear

The rehearsal was using the wireless system, and the cables used was the QAC-222G.

NEO by Oyaide Introducing Kami-Band’s Gear

The immobilized pedal board even with the addition of the Shure GLXD16.

NEO by Oyaide Introducing Kami-Band’s Gear

Ohmura-san was using the WL-606 SXS, and you will witness the result soon!

Mikio Fujioka-san also planned to use the wireless on the Tour, he was using the GLXD16 during the general rehearsal. Both guitarists have not change the pedal board setups, so he was worried about the change in the sound when it goes from cabled to wireless setting, but delighted to know that the WL-606 was able to regain the original sound. He was playing with his specialized harmonics play-style and said that the overtones were richer in a complete different level than the usual harmonics nuances.

NEO by Oyaide Introducing Kami-Band’s Gear

Fujioka-san is also using Kemper this time.

NEO by Oyaide Introducing Kami-Band’s Gear

ESP 7 stringed guitar and the G-spot cable.

NEO by Oyaide Introducing Kami-Band’s Gear

The cable used for the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power2 Plus is a custom ordered Oyaide product.

NEO by Oyaide Introducing Kami-Band’s Gear

His standard pedal board setup haven’t change.

NEO by Oyaide Introducing Kami-Band’s Gear

Aiming to have more vintage-style look than the QAC-222G, he was in a process of trying the critically acclaimed original shielded-cable “G-Spot Cable”.

BOH-san gave his lovely comment like a chef, he said, although compared to wired and high-quality wireless such as the GLXD16, the tone range became narrowed, the WL-606SXS & LXS are like flavoring cables that are able to regain that lost portion. Also, all the patch cables were replaced with QAC-222G which gave the impression of the sound coming out in front even more than before. In the end, the sound is beautifully separated to the point of super bass level and will never get buried when he played in an ensemble. This is a convincing words from someone with many touring experiences. 

By the way, it appears that BOH was using custom ordered Oyaide cable as the input cable with the EBS’s Billy Sheehan Signature Pedal. It uses 3398-SY cable which utilize 102 SSC conductor to produce clear and noiseless signal, so it is a reasonable final setup.

He was using QAC-222G during the performance of BABYMETAL World Tour at Wembley Arena, but in the future, he will also use wireless system depending on the venue. We look forward to changes they would make in the BABYMETAL World Tour performance.

NEO by Oyaide Introducing Kami-Band’s Gear

QAC-222G’s color theme is a good match with the Mark Bass.

NEO by Oyaide Introducing Kami-Band’s Gear

The cable attached to BOH-san’s main amp is the QAC-222G.

NEO by Oyaide Introducing Kami-Band’s Gear

The input cable attached to the EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Pedal is also custom ordered Oyaide cable.

NEO by Oyaide Introducing Kami-Band’s Gear

By replacing the DC cable with 102 SSC specification, it will produce even more ‘punchy’ sound!

NEO by Oyaide Introducing Kami-Band’s Gear

Facing the World Tour, all the patch cables have been replaced with QAC-222Gs.

NEO by Oyaide Introducing Kami-Band’s Gear

With 60cm in length, the WL-606 SXS for wireless is more than enough even for an intense stage setups.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1195513710488816.1073741897.258394194200777&type=3

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