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BabyMetal – Full Concert – Paris, France 2014 [FanCam Edit]

FlipperWolf has just upload this the full paris concert video! and this is just awesome!

2 Iine! – いいね!
3 Uki Uki ★ Midnight – ウ・キ・ウ・キ★ミッドナイト
4 Akumu no Rondo – 悪夢の輪舞曲
5 Onedari Dai Sakusen – おねだり大作戦
6 Catch me if you can
7 Akatsuki – 紅月-アカツキ-
8 4no Uta – 4の歌
9 Megitsune – メギツネ
10 Doki Doki☆Morning – ド・キ・ド・キ☆モーニング
11 Give Me Choco!! – ギミチョコ
12 Headbanger!! – ヘドバンギャー!! (YUIMETAL on vocals)
13 Ijime, Dame, Zettai – イジメ、ダメ、ゼッタイ


1• Please keep in mind that all of this work is only passionate and amateur, nothing professional, so judge the result as such.
2• As said above, this is not a proshot, so some part can have a pretty bad audio or video quality, I have done my best to keep the best parts of each videos I’ve found, but I can’t do miracle.
3• Some little parts of the show are missing, like during Akamu no rondo (Rondo of nightmare) or at the beginning of some of the songs.
4• All the videos used are listed below, with all the links.
5• All the setlist is also below, with the time mark for each song. 😉
6• You can download the video if you want, just go below in the description 🙂

BabyMetal: Full Show in Paris 2014 available saturday (Trailer)

Youtube User FlipperWolf has release this trailer cannoning the full BABYMETAL concert at La Cigale, Paris, in France.

You can read a long discussion with the video editor on BABYMETAL Reddit to get some inside.

Here is the trailer for the Full BabyMetal night in Paris !
Be ready this Saturday ! 😉

Please keep in mind that all of this is a work of passionate amateur, nothing professional, so judge as such.

Love you all ! See you in the moshpit 😉

BABYMETAL: new videos from La Cigale, Paris

Here are some new videos that have appear online from BABYMETAL concert Babymetal at La Cigale Paris.

BABYMETAL live in Paris, the best videos from LEGEND “Y”

For those who have not yet seen any videos from last night’s “LEGEND “Y”” concert held in Paris, Babymetal International Fan Club have done the hard work for you, sorting through what we consider to be the best ones currently around. We’ve arranged the videos as per the ordered set list of the performance. Enjoy!!! \v/

Source: Babymetal International Fan Club

Mishmash compilation

Duration: 21:46
In order, includes “Gimme Chocolate,” “Headbanger!!,” “Iine,” “Uki Uki Midnight,” Kami band solo, “Akatsuki,” “Onedari Daisakusen,” Kami band solo, and “Catch me if you can.” There is a lot of new footage here that you won’t see in the other videos below.


Bit of a “Star Wars”-like backstory given before diving right into full footage of “BABYMETAL DEATH.”

Duration: 1:01
Includes that heavy breakdown!

“Uki Uki Midnight”

Duration: 2:07
Gotta love that dubstep and those moves!

Kami band solo

Duration 0:51
Short video on the Kami band taking the spotlight.


Duration: 5:15
Wonderful full footage and breathtaking singing. Su totally owns the stage, and the Kami band takes the spotlight for a few moments midway through the song.

“4 no Uta”

Duration: 3:54
Yon, yon! Since that world-trailer tease, you’ve waited for it – and here it is, finally!

Start of “Megitsune”

Duration: 1:44
Sadly blurred but that intro is epic as hell!

Compilation of “Megitsune,” “Doki Doki Morning,” and “Gimme chocolate!!”

Duration: 8:49
Includes the last minute or so of “Megitsune,” and most of “Doki Doki Morning.” Just a shame that you may need to tilt your head for DDM.

“Doki Doki Midnight”

Duration: 0:43
Just a short video, but no need to tilt your head for this one.

“Gimme chocolate!!”

Duration: 5:22
The full footage of the song. You just gotta love how they brought in the crowd. Here’s also where they farewelled the audience before coming back for an encore.

Yui singing “Headbanger!!”

Duration: 4:00
Close-up full footage of the song. Midway through Yui and Su changed places! Yui sings as lead singer, while Su fills in as scream and dance.

Overhead view of audience’s wall of death

Duration: 3:52
A better view of the audience’s wall of death than the next video. So awesome! Also has most of the “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” performance (including the small part where the other video skipped).

“Ijime, Dame, Zettai” with wall of death and finish

Duration: 6:16
Nearly full footage of the song, with the audience’s wall of death and BABYMETAL’s final farewell included.

BABYMETAL live in Paris – The videos

BABYMETAL was in concert tonight at La Cigale, in Paris, France and we have tons of goodies for you!

As you may know, their is a lots of content right now on the web about this historic BABYMETAL concert in France, so we gonna split this event in 3 parts: The videos, the pictures and the fans reviews


The wait is now over and BABYMETAL is already to take over the world world with their cute metal and as proof we have this photo galleries and videos shot during their concert tonight!!

Don’t forget to check the updates ath the end of the post!

Babymetal Concert in Paris [Live report] from J-Pop Idols


02. Iine!
03. Uki Uki Midnight
~solo da Kami-Band~
04. Akumu no Rinbukyoku
05. Onedari Daisakusen
06. Kami-Band solo intro+Catch me if you can
07. Benitsuki -Akatsuki- (+8min)
08. 4 no Uta
09. Megitsune
10. Doki Doki Morning
11. Gimme Chocolate!!
12. Headbanger!! (YUIMETAL vocal ver.)*
13. Ijime, Dame, Zettai

BABYMETAL in Paris – The videos (be fast before YouTube delete them)


Update 1

Update 2

Update 3

Update 4



Update 5

Update 6

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