Bassist BOH blog : Thoughts on Babymetal World Tour in Japan

Here is a translated text from Bassist BOH blog, BOH is BABYMETAL live band aka «kami band» bass player, by Dokoiko and Monster Panda on Reddit.


I’m late of mentioning it. The last lives of Babymetal World Tour taken place at Makuhari Messe on September 13 and 14. The hype was beyond expectation. I’ve never seen that enthusiasm on a live at Makuhari Messe before. Reportedly there were some cosplayers of Kami band… Some of them were in the bassist cosplay even who shaved their heads. I was moved by their dedication. I think it’s usual to do artists’ cosplay and unusual to do support bands’ one, we Kami band member hyped reading tweets from audiences.


As for the lives, every audience might have felt development of Babymetal after touring around the world? I felt Su-metal-San’s high speed development of her voice with a stretch and latitude. And felt dance of Yuimetal-San and Moametal-San sharpened more.

Babymetal has no stage talk and only playing music from the beginning to the end that is so hard. We never afford a moment to breathe from our appearance to exit. The three improve their performance better and better in every lives of that hard. I do respect them. Seeing that we band member get motivated a lot.

I would never think of that for Babymetal or any other performances, I never take second best or just play what I told to do! Performance of Babymetal is something that the power, expectation and hype of audience strike us all the member on stage. I came to think again that a live is something to be built by everyone there. I’m so glad to share these precious moment with you all.
And I think our audience enjoy Kami band’s solo plays. It is the moment I can play without limitation… We ourselves enjoy it with slight changes of plays live by live, but I only do the same phrase because double tapping is my identity. In that moment I’m proud of myself saying myself “it’s good, isn’t it?” lol. Something like, “Do it if you can?” lol. My double tapping is often required different fingering with each hands, so I don’t think it can be copied with ordinary amount of practice (even I confuse about how to do by myself). And lately there are opportunities to do solo in other acts. But solo in Babymetal has different type of pleasure I can say… All of other Kami member have great skill, so playing solo seems like a battle which I love much. Also there is rare moment nowadays that audience take great notice of plays of support band in major scene in Japan. I say thank you for giving those opportunities and see you!


I hear various opinions about Babymetal and I think it’s great too. It means Babymetal has many aspects to be mentioned. It’s a band? Or Idol? Or Metal? What it is? Something like that. I don’t want to sound like a critic, but I say that is our audience that build up this situation. Not to mention about a talent of Kobametal-San. And how you the audience feel about lives of Babymetal is the right answer regardless of any comments and reviews by critics.

Is there a spirit in it or not – it just matters.
The word is enough for those who came to see Babymetal live. I believe that Babymetal is a combination of spirits of the three, the staff and the audience. A spirit is hard to be bent, hard to be defeated. To survive hard whatever happens around. To survive hard how much they criticize it. I feel honored very much to join that spirit of Babymetal, and that has a huge impact on my life as the bassist.

I’m not a type of musician who plays with one band, but the one who plays with many different bands. It teaches me a lot and I make a living from it. I think I’m a very blessed person. All the people I met through the music are special. I learn everyday from their way of thinking and approach.


What I learned from Babymetal can improve me in other performances, and vice versa. I love that feeling – to make everything connected. There are many who says everything is connected. But only those who want to see it can see it. There are uncountable amount of things in the world that we can’t see unless we want to see it.
I think only a person of great dignity can see all of them, but about the music related things I want to play the bass guitar with taking notice of all things around me – notes, passion and beliefs.

It went off-topic a bit, anyway I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next about Babymetal so badly. The rare artist from Japan that the world taken notice of – this is Babymetal.
I will do my best to improve myself.

From the solid, heavy backing to fascinating solo play only I can present with my six strings, I’m glad if I could give our audience a sensation.
Since this blog post was too serious…

Let me say one last thingヾ( ´ー`)
I like beautiful ladies. I especially looooooooooove sexy and beautiful ones. Doki Doki.
That’s all for today (B・o・H)


While the US leg of the World Tour draws to a close with tonight’s ArtRave concert opening in Denver, BABYMETAL heads off to conquer Canada at the HEAVY MONTRÉAL in Montreal, Quebec.

They are set go live on the 9th of August on the Scéne Heavy stage, surrounded by heavy music legends like Metallica, Apocalyptica, Anthrax and The Offspring. Can BABYMETAL double-down and take the festival home, like at Sonisphere? If you can’t attend in person check back here often, because we’ll be reporting from the scene!

And now, set your kitsunes on kawaii, because it’s time for another greeting video, BABYMETAL style:

BABYMETAL takes the Scène Heavy stage at 1:10 pm.

BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2014 schedule!!

BABYMETAL performs in France, Germany, and UK till July 1st to July 7th.

BABYMETAL performance schedule at Sonisphere Festival has now changed to Apollo main stage on July 5th from Bohemia stage on July 6th.
And more…to be announced.
See U soon!!



July 1st, 2014 La Cigale Paris, France
Ticket link :

July 3rd, 2014 Live Music Hall Cologne, Germany
Ticket link :

July 5th, 2014 Sonisphere Festival Knebworth, United Kingdom
Ticket link :

July 7th, 2014 Electric Ballroom London, United Kingdom
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September 14th, 2014 Makuhari Messe Chiba, Japan
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