【BABYMETAL】24-1 BOH on Niconico Live broadcast

【BABYMETAL】24-1 BOH (☆talk only)「ツアー 真面目な話」20150614 22:00


・Official Website http://www.bassist-boh.com/
・niconico Live broadcast community 
・BOH(Ba.) http://com.nicovideo.jp/community/co2260207 
・twitter https://twitter.com/BassistBOH
・Takayoshi Ohmura(Gt.) http://com.nicovideo.jp/community/co2260207
・twitter https://twitter.com/takayoshiohmura


Bassist BOH playing his 6-string bass on Nicovideo

BOH is BABYMETAL live band aka «kami band» bass player and he have done a live cam session lastly on Japanese video site Nicovideo.


A Youtube user named rtix43ty has post the complete session on his channel. As you know, we like to keep you informed all about BABYMETAl, so we post complete BOH live cam session for your pleasure!