Su-metal’s acceptance speech at the 7th CD shop awards

Su metal’s 7th CD shop award acceptance speech with English subs

BABYMETAL has won the 7th CD Shop Grand Award

BABYMETAL 第7回CDショップ大賞受賞!!

SU’s comment: “This is our first time to recieve the Award like this, now, I’m excited, but I’m very glad. Thank you for the Award like this. I am looking forward to (*) when I always see cute displays in your CD shops. I appreciate your continued support ! Thank you from BABYMETAL. See you !” *:I think it means “I hope that our BABYMETAL’s CD/DVD/BD will be bought by many people.”.

MOA’S comment: I don’t know what to say. I have only a feeling of gladness and appreciating. I’m really glad(Ureshii-death!!). Thank you. I really appreciate all your support and members, team BABYMETAL, awesome !

The CD Shop Awards (CDショップ大賞 Shīdī Shoppu Taishō?) is an annual set of music awards presented in Japan. It is sponsored by All-Japan CD Shop Clerks Union and awarded based on votes by CD shop clerks from all over Japan. It is referred to as a “music edition of Japan Booksellers’ Award”

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