Dana (distortion) Yavin is the official BABYMETAL tour photographer

Dana (distortion) Yavin has just announced that she’s gonna be the official BABYMETAL world tour photographer on her Facebook page!

You can read our Exclusive interview with photographer Dana (distortion) Yavin that we have done earlier this year.

BABYMETAL in the news part 10

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BABYMETAL is taking the world by storm right now and a lots of websites and mainstream medias are talking about our kawaii metalers! The purpose of the section is to concentrated all the news in a single BABYMETAL place.

BABYMETAL were in New York this week and have done a photoshoot with Dana (distortion) Yavin.

BABYMETAL Subreddit is going crazy



New York was invaded by Yui and Moa ultimate kawaii smooch!

So Many media talk about them lastly!

Village Voice
But in 2010 a new breed of metal music surfaced with a group known as Babymetal. A rising trio of famous teenage Japanese female models, this act has a foundation of “J-Pop,” — a fast, upbeat style of pop/dance music more suitable for clubs playing Britney Spears and other teen idols than dive bars blasting Pantera and Behemoth.
What the Hell Is Babymetal?

Well done Japan, you’ve done it again. Only the eggheads at Japanese record labels could come up with something so off the wall that it works, when it really, really shouldn’t, I almost wish Western record moguls would take a leaf out of your books and stop thrusting the same cardboard cut-out acts every few years!
Regarding Babymetal

The Learned Fangirl
Hey, metalheads! Are you listening to BABYMETAL under cover of darkness? We at TLF want to you throw off that cloak of shame; we don’t think you should be ashamed of liking Babymetal.
Hey Metalheads, Don’t Be Ashamed of Liking Babymetal!

Legendary band Blondie talk about BABYMETAL
What newer bands are you guys excited about?

CB: I like The Stripes. Those kids are great.

DH: Blood Orange.

CS: I just heard this great song by a guy called the Twin Peaks Dudes. Great tracks.

DH: I’m the worst person to ask that question because my mind always goes blank…Deadmau5!

CS: There’s this Japanese girl trio who do heavy metal music in Harajuku outfits, and it’s really cool. Called Babymetal.

Blondie Talks Revisiting the Hits, the New New York, and Turning 40

You know them, you love them. Metal has never been cuter.

Six Totally Insane Japanese Metal Bands

Babymetal saying farewell to New York

Babymetal saying farewell to New York
And now are ready to invade the whole world

Breaking News: BABYMETAL are in New York

The artist/designer Wesley Verhoeve has just post this pretty intriguing tweet


So, now my friend Dana (distortion) Yavin just confirme me that the girls are really in NY


Then i’ve this two photo of the girls in NY wth Dana.



Here are two Facebook statuts from Dana (distortion) Yavin Photography

We have this picture on James G Twitter account




BABYMETAL subreddit is crazy right now and the most crazy rumors are running right now!!

Update 1: new pic

Update 2: a new video

Update 3: officiel twitter update

Update 4: a new pic from FB

Update 5: new pic and twitter