Death Rabbits Unleashes “Usagi no Kimochi” MV

Novelty idol / metal band’s new single fuses death metal, pop, jazz, and other musical genres

Death Rabbits, an idol / metal novelty band, has released a new single entitled “Usagi no Kimochi” (“Rabbits’ Feelings”).


The video features a fusion of musical styles – incorporating elements of death metal, rock, jazz, pop, etc. – that the band simply refers to as “Japanese death pop”.

Death Rabbits is made up of teenager idol singers Yuzu Ookawa, Emi Mochizugi, and Karin Yasui – as well as their armor-clad stormtrooper manager, Bucho, who bears a strong resemblence to something from Mamoru Oshii’s Kerberos Panzer Cop series. You can find out more about their music at their official Japanese home page here.

Source: Tokyo Girls Update