BABYMETAL meet Doris Yeh of CHTHONIC now with subtitle

Bassist Doris Yeh of Taiwanese metallers CHTHONIC presented BABYMETAL with red envelopes — monetary gifts symbolizing good luck — before the Japanese band’s January 18 concert at Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo. Video footage of the meeting, with English subtitles, can be seen below.

BABYMETAL is the offshoot of the Japanese pop idol group SAKURA GAKUIN that performs a distinctly Japanese mix of schoolgirl J-pop and heavy metal.

BABYMETAL kicked off its world tour with a headlining show on July 1 at La Cigale in Paris, France and will support pop superstar Lady Gaga on five shows in July and August.

The band released its debut album on February 26 via Toy’s Factory. The effort was made available in regular and limited editions. The CD includes five of BABYMETAL’s singles that were released in 2011 – 2013, from “Doki Doki Morning” (digital single) to “Megitsune”, their B-sides and three new songs.

BABYMETAL made it to No 3 on iTunes’ U.S. rock chart and was in the Top 10 in six other countries, including the U.K. The band’s video for the song “Gimme Chocolate” has received nearly 12 million views on YouTube, and BABYMETAL was featured on the cover of the U.K. weekly rock magazine Kerrang!


The band’s first major single, “Ijime, Dame, Zettai”, sold 19,000 copies in its first week and debuted at No. 6 in the Japanese Orion weekly singles chart.


When Doris Yeh ( Chthonic) meet BABYMETAL

[I’m Doris Death!]

I also put up my fox sign went to Japan a while ago, take the opportunity and went to watch BABYMETAL performance @ALL LIVE NIPPON Vol.2, really sugoi and kawaii, even I gonna melt for them.. 2 Feb 2014 they will come to taipei ATT Show Box for performance, Chthonic will also support the performance at there! See You~

Doris visited BabyMetal in Tokyo, and gave them red envelops according to Taiwan’s tradition for the Lunar New Year. Looking forward to their concert in Taipei on Feb. 2!

When Doris Yeh ( Chthonic) meet BABYMETAL

BABYMETAL will do a project with Taiwan metal band ChthoniC


Two members of ChthoniC are absolut fans of the Japanese girlsband BABYMETAL, as they show it with numerous comments and photos on Facebook. .


During their European tour 2013 while they were playing ine Parise, France, Doris “Thunder Tears” Yeh, the charming bass player and manager of the Taiwanese metal band ChthoniC revealed in interview that a collaboration was in preparation for 2014.

ChthoniC will play with BABYMETAL during the concert of the Japanese trio in Taiwan next February. Doris Yeh delivers other details in this interview, you can read the interview here (French) Orient-Extrême!

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Orient-Extrême : Come back to a softer side. well some rumor saying that ChthoniC are fan of japan girls-band BABYMETAL !?

Doris Yeh : In fact, only the singer Freddy and the drummer Dani are fan. Me and the guitar player are not very much. That’s an interesting band and we gonna play with them in February 2014 in Taiwan, as they will play in concert. I thin mixing our Taiwanese metal with this Japanese girlsbband can give a very good result. I can’t wait to be there, our singer and drummer are too happy to play with BABYMETAL.

Orient-Extrême : Talking about collaboration with BABYMETAL, do you think about doing a single with them?
Doris Yeh : Yeah .. we are thinking about it, we also think about what we are gonna do for the concert: maybe wearing different clothes for some songs that we will play together, they same costume as BABYMETAL, i don’t really know for now. We keep the surprise for the fans