Herman Li talked something funny about BABYMETAL and SU-METAL’s English

Herman Li was interviewed by Chinese media site “Lok Wood Tao” about DragonForce’s new album《Reaching Into Infinity》. He answered some of the questions from their fans, including one about BABYMETAL, where he talked something funny about their collaboration on June 12th, 2015 at Download Festival.

“When we first started collaborating, BABYMETAL didn’t know how to speak English. So we pointed and gestured and there was someone who translated (for us). I think that she.. Su (now) speaks better English than the translators. So it’s funny, now we can talk about the Download festival where we first played, it was a stage were we didn’t even rehearse, we played this song Gimme Chocolate. I remember there was this problem, where there was these really weird sounds that we didn’t know where it was coming from. We were just… [insert Herman’s funny faces], all of our faces were like this. At that time, she didn’t know how to speak, we weren’t able to communicate as their/her English wasn’t good enough… wasn’t fluent enough. Now we can laugh, and joke… “wahh remember last time the sound was really bad? Before we played, we didn’t know in front of thousands of people was it right to not have had rehearsals beforehand. It was really risky!” We can laugh about now, about how we were able to pull of the concert.”

-translations by QueenSatsuki

Here’s the interview ( BABYMETAL at 4:00 )

[Shall We Talk]Herman Li堅持用廣東話完成嘅訪問Part 1,講吓嚟緊Dragonforce新碟《Reaching Into Infinity》,同解答之前觀眾响樂活道Post嘅問題!睇下有冇答到你?《Reaching Into Infinity》預購:http://evo88.com/en/music?page=shop.browse&keyword=dragonforce+reaching+into

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BABYMETAL And Dragonforce – Road Of Resistance, PRO SHOT Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2015

Finally here it is! BABYMETAL And Dragonforce – Road Of Resistance, PRO SHOT at Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2015


BABYMETAL with…. a bunch of bands!!

Well, BABYMETAL are everywhere this week and take a lot of picture with many many… many band of all kind!

It’s seem to be a trend everyone wanna have their pic with BM girls!!

Here they are with The Heavy Metal Truants, a gang a heavy metal musician doing ride named Donington Or Bust! It’s being done on bicycles with the journey starting from Alexandra Palace in London today, the 12th June, and arriving at the Download Festival on the 14th June. The Heavy Metal Truants support three charities in equal measure – Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy, Childline/NSPCC and Teenage Cancer Trust. You can see Johann Hegg of Amon Amarth with his kitsune up!

With DragonForce
BABYMETAL Dragonforce Download


babymetal enter shikari

With All Time Low

babymetal All Time Low

With Bring Me The Horizon

babymetal with bring the horizon

With Opeth
babymetal with opeth

With Five Finger Death Punch

#BABYMETAL @BABYMETAL_JAPAN & #FiveFingerDeathPunch @5fdp at #DownloadFestival @DownloadFest !

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With Slipknot

A chance to win tickets to see BABYMETAL featuring Dragonforce!!!

A chance to win tickets to see this special performance of BABYMETAL featuring Dragonforce!!!

WIN TICKETS TO SEE BABYMETAL FEATURING DRAGONFORCE PERFORM LIVE AT THE GOLDEN GODS AWARDS 2015!http://team-rock.msgfocus.com/k/Team-Rock/gg_2015_babymetal_featuring_dragonforce_s

Posted by BABYMETAL on lundi 25 mai 2015

Hold tight, because the most metal awards show in the known universe is back and heavier than ever!

Orange Amplification Presents the Metal Hammer Golden Gods In Association with World Of Warships is going to return to London’s Indigo2 venue on Monday 15th June for another night of riffs, drunken carnage and, of course the most prestigious gongs in all of music.

This year BABYMETAL Featuring DragonForce will be performing on the main stage and you can be in with a chance of winning tickets to the main show by simply answering the question here.


BABYMETAL Road of Resistance translation

Du Enki from BABYMETAL TRANSLATIONS UNOFFICIAL has just published the english translation of the song Road of Resistance.

Road of Resistance
Dying the eastern sky true red,
the light of signal fire
tells the end of the darkness of solitude.
It’s a new guidepost.
Even if you are crushed, again and again,
burn your flame of heart!

Now is the time. It’s the time.
This moment right now.
It’s the time. It’s the time.
Living with love.
[Just a it’s the…] Time. It’s the time.
I sing for tomorrow’s you.
Now the time has come.

Go for resistance [resistance], resistance [resistance]!
Wow wow wow wow wow.
Our hearts are one.
If you believe in your way,
go on even the way without a path!
Forever [forever], forever [forever].
Wow wow wow wow wow.
In the depths of our heart,
hot heart is burning.
It is our resistance.

Wow wow wow wow…

As long as life continues,
I will never turn my back to reality.
Today makes tomorrow.
Yes, it’s our future. On the way, ah…

Resistance, resistance.
Stand up and shout [shout]
for the justice forever!
If you believe in your way,
go on! The answer is here.
Forever [forever], forever [forever].
Wow wow wow wow wow.
In the depths of our heart,
hot heart is burning.
Our resistance.

[i] About the Writers and the Lyrics of This Song
This tune is released as the downloadable bonus of the limited edition of CD “LIVE AT BUDOKAN – RED NIGHT -” (also included in the downloadable edition being sold at iTunes Store, etc). As of 2015 Jan. 28th, the author information is only contained in the tag of the downloaded file (lyric/music not specified), and the official lyric is not released yet. This romaji lyric is my transcription (of course, I’ve read others’).

When this tune (tentatively called “The One”) was played for the first time on 2014 Nov. 8th (in London), many people thought it was written by DragonForce (a British power metal band) because it resembled DragonForce’s tunes too much. The fact, however, is that Sam Totman & Herman Li, the guitarists of DragonForce, took part in the studio recording of this tune.

The music and the lyrics of this song are typical of the theme songs of Japanese battle animes (i.e. they resemble DragonForce’s songs). Someone said this song might have something to do with a famous Japanese manga & anime “進撃の巨人” (Shingeki no Kyojin; Attack on Titan), but it seems wrong for now. Someone said this lyric is too straightforward as BABYMETAL’s song (e.g. “IJIME, DAME, ZETTAI” has a kind of comical taste in Yui&Moa’s chants).

Rumor of the Internet : BABYMETAL, DragonForce and Attack on Titan collaboration

The moment BABYMETAL played the bland-new song «The One», a rumor started to fly over the Internet. It says that the song indecates future collaboration of BABYMETAL with Attack on Titan, an Anime which went to the Internet phenomena last year.

Nothing has been confirmed at the point, but what makes people talking about the rumor? I am going to pick up some “coincidences” said in the Internet.

1. Coincidence of riding a horse
In the biginning of the song, Su-metal, Yuimetal and Moametal do choreography of riding a horse running fast with whipping. And in Attack on Titan, horses are main carrier and main characters ride their horses.


2. Coincidence of salute posing
In the middle of the song, the three girls do saluting pose with putting their right hands on their chest. In Attack on Titan, the same saluting is using a lot of times as a sign of royality and bravery to their army against titans.



3. Coincidence of motive and characteristics
From its early days BABYMETAL describes their lives and other activities as The Metal Resistance. They have a mission to save Heavy Metal and the world by introducing the new style of Heavy Metal. That mission started from nothing, has a lot of obstacles and difficulties. So it is called as resistance.
As for Attack on Titan, the story began from massive attack of titans with countless casualties, and almost no hope left with human race. The main characters faced a lot of obstacles and difficulties. The main character never give up and keep his heart burning, pushing him and his friends forward as he can.

The new song is a straight power metal number with shredding guitar and J-Rock melody. Lyrics of BABYMETAL brand-new song describes a resistance from solidarity to unity as one with keeping their inner fire burning up, overcoming obstacles and difficulties. In a word they have same storyline, motive and feeling.

4. Coincidence of release dates
The song had its debut last week. The first movie version of Attack on Titan is going to release next week in Japan. It is not likely to use the song in the movie as an image song with considering no official comment has done a week early of the release. But what if they would use the song as a secret collaboration BGM? All audience must be so hyped.
And the second Attack on Titan movie will come next year, furthemore a live-action version in two episodes is under production aiming to next year release. This new song would be a signal for future collaboration if it would not be this time.

5. Win-Win effect
BABYMETAL gets wide attention from this April with the Internet viral song Gimme Chocolate and got recognition from metalheads and little monsters through its first World Tour in France, UK, US and Canada including its performance on a main stage of Sonisphere, a big Metal festival  in UK and support acts for Lady Gaga’s US tour, artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball. They would be able to get another big attention from new audience by a collaboration with movie business.
Also as for Attack on Titan, a collaboration with the Internet sensation would be able to get wider interests from non-Anime fans.

Some BABYMETAL fans are favorable about this rumor, others are not. Critical responses say such collaboration with Anime would ruin BABYMETAL’s core value as authentic “one and only” live unit that surprised the world by its quality of songs, voices, dances and sounds.

For the Dragonforce and BABYMETAL collaboration well, Herman Li have these on Facebook earlier this week.

I've been summoned by the Fox God along with Sam Totman of Dragonforce to join the Metal Resistance with BABYMETAL. 😉

Posted by Herman Li on Tuesday, November 11, 2014

So what do you think about that?

Herman Li from DragonForce have a message for us!

Herman Li has just post this statut on Facebook!!

You have to know that Dragonforce’s Herman Li and Sam Totman are behind the new BABYMETAL song «The one».


I’ve been summoned by the Fox God along with Sam Totman of Dragonforce to join the Metal Resistance with BABYMETAL.

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