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FRUITPOCHETTE: Idol Metal`s Next Rising Power

Japanese Idol Metal and Idol Hard Rock is in full bloom with dozens of groups picking up their Idol flags of war and claiming that this genre is more than just about BABYMETAL.


Of the Idol Metal next wave groups that are currently active, the one most ready to join BABYMETAL on the world stage is FRUITPOCHETTE. Unlike BABYMETAL that mixes JPop and Metal together, there is nothing pop about FRUITPOCHETTE.

FRUITPOCHETTE, a subgroups from Hime Kyun Fruit Kan (Himekyun), made their debut in 2012 under the name FruPoche, before changing their name in summer 2013 to FRUITPOCHETTE.

The group is a duo consisting of Teratani Mina and Azumi Shiori; both are currently 19 years old and they view their style as harder than nails Idol Metal. There is no guessing what these girls want to do with their songs, you won`t find a track that jumps around from genre to genre, instead it`s pure to its core and will make any band or musician take notice.
FRUITPOCHETTE has spent much of this year touring with heavy metal bands and the one off Idol festival live and is building a growing following across Japan.


If FRUITPOCHETTE can get the same buzz without the economics that BABYMETAL enjoy behind them, then we could soon be looking at the next Idol Metal group to hit international success.
If you want to follow an Idol Metal group that is truer to what you find in traditional Metal, give FRUITPOCHETTE a try and open mind, you just may like what you hear.

Source: Pure Idol Heart

FruitPochette: a new japanese idols metal band

So, like many people right now, you are looking for band that sound like BABYMETAL!


Firstly, you have to understand, that their is no such band that sound like BABYMETAL, because they are unique, but some new comer in the Japanese idols world are more metal than ever and seem to follow the BABYMETAL trend. So, today i present you the japanese idols metal band FruitPochette.

FruitPochette (フルーツポシェット), formerly known as Frupoche (フルポシェ), is a Japanese idol metal group formed in 2012.

It currently consists of 2 members : Teratani Mina and Azuma Shiori. FruitPochette is a sister group of Hime Kyun Fruit Can and nanoCUNE.

Frupoche changed their name for FruitPochette on July 1, 2013. FruitPochette’s 1st mini-album Shippujinrai (疾風迅雷) will be released on July 31. The CD includes 7 songs.


This mini album is available since July 20 at their live performances.


1 Bougyaku (暴虐) – Parasite –
2 Chouzetsu (超絶) – Fantastic –
3 Shoujo-teki (少女的) – Decision –
4 Bonnou (煩悩) – Imitation –
5 Genwaku (幻惑) – Chocolate Bits –
6 Sorairo (空色) – Solution –
7 Ryuusei (流星) – Crime –

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Source: J-Pop Idols

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