Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 have some kawaii metal and kawaii rock band for you!

This year roughly 41,000 fanatics with their peace signs permanently stuck in the air are scheduled to show up for the Tokyo Idol Festival, which will feature around 140 eccentrically named idol groups — Chubiness? PiiiiiiiN? You’ll Melt More?


For its sixth year, the festival organizers plan to kick it up a notch with favorites such as Idoling!!!, HKT48 and Demagumi.Inc. According to organizers, TIF aims to spread the Japanese idol culture internationally with English information and the ability to purchase tickets overseas.

Jam-packed with girls, glow-sticks and pop music, TIF promises to be the capital of kawaii and to get stuck in your head all day.

Here we have a small list of kawaai metal, idols metal, and kawaii rock girls groups that will be there to rock the metal wota out there!

Ganbare! Victory

Ganbare! Victory

Baseball-themed girls’ rock band from Saga prefecture Ganbare! Victory have really swung for the fences in the MV for their major label debut single “Zenryoku! Start” (release date: May 20)!
Ganbare! Victory have made it to the big leagues and they have enlisted the help of former Hanshin Tigers outfielder Tsutomu Kameyama aka “the Heisei era (1989-present) King of Sliding” in helping them learn how to dive headfirst into bases in the MV for “Zenryoku! Start”. Having taken their name from the Japanese title for the 1970’s classic baseball film “Bad News Bears” (Ganbare! Bears), Ganbare! Victory was formed when the members met in elementary school and have made a name for themselves by using a lot of baseball terms in their music and being the source of encouragement for their fans

Sakura Gakuin


Well i dont think they need presentation as Sakura Gakuin are the idols root of BABYMETAL. But it’ the time to meet and see live newest SG members Mirena Kurosawa, Momoko Okazaki, Maaya Asō, Marin Hidaka, Kano Fujihira and Soyoka Yoshida for the first time!

Tsubasa Fly

tsubasa fly

In November 2012, the 2 original members were Fujii Yuki and Aina Mai. Tsubasa Fly started their activities by performing on stage at the event Heiwajima Boat Race in Ota. The girls continued to expand their activities in various live houses in Shinjuku and Shibuya in Tokyo.

Shikaki Kaori, Kamiya Ayano and Miyazawa Nonoka joined the idol group during summer 2013. Tsubasa Fly (つばさFly)Tsubasa Fly made their nationwide debut with the single Start in my Dream / Don’t Worry Be Alright released in January 2014. The songs were written and composed by Matsukuma Kenta (Scrambles) who also produces artists like BiS. Shikaki Kaori wrote the lyirics of several songs of the idol unit. She collaborates with Iguchi Ichiro (Scrambles) who is in charge of music composition and arrangement.

Tsubasa Fly’s 1st album Black & White was released in May 2015. It includes the song Break Through. Their fans are called “Tsubatomo” (つば友). At the same time, Shikaki Kaori works as a DJ. Her artist name is DJ Kathy.

Party Rockets

Party Rockets

In June 2012 seven members from the band B♭ (B flat) were selected to become PARTY ROCKETS.

Due to a suprising withdrawal of one member the release of the debut single “Hatsukoi Rocket” under the label avex trax was released with a delay in August 2012.
After another member left the band, PARTY ROCKETS labbel moved from avex trax to ROCKET BEATS (Universal Music) and released their second single “MIRAIE” in February 2013 with a big success.
Another member left the band and so the single “Setsuna Sora” was released with with only 4 members left. Shortly after, the leader Koume also left the band.
The 4th single “Let’s Go!!” was recorded with only 3 members (Haruka, Akari and Fumika) left and surpringly this was PARTY ROCKETS most sucessfull single so far. Many live shows, another single and even an album followed.

In an interview with Tower Records Online the 3 girls talked about their personal goal: having an official “Dome Tour”!

Triangle / Party Rockets
Party Rockets



PassCode perform rock, pop and EDM (electro dance music) songs.The idol unit is based in Osaka. The 4 girls are from this city.Sound producer Hirachi Koji is in charge of songwriting.
PassCode debuted their activities in May 2013.

Kurohara Yuri is the only remaining member from the original line-up. Minami Nao was recruited in July 2013.3 former members successively withdrew in July, August and December 2013.

PassCodeTakashima Kaede and Imada Yuna joined the idol group in January 2014.PassCode 1st live performance was held in March 2014 at Osaka Ruido. Their 1st single Nextage was released in September 2014. The CD was followed by their 1st album All Is Vanity in October 2014. Songs featuring Imada Yuna’s shout scream are one of the characteristics of the idol grou


PiiiiiiiN is a Japanese idol group formed in December 2013.
It currently consists of 7 members. PiiiiiiiN is a sister group of PPP! PiXiON.

The concept of the idol unit is “theme park (テーマパーク)”. The idea is that, during a live performance, the fans can feel various emotions like when they go to an amusement park with their family, their friends, or the person they are in love with. So, PiiiiiiN try to combine various sides of entertainment.

The members have a cool, youth and rock image.


BiSH, new idol group produced by ex-Bis manager Junnosuke Watanabe (WACK), announced 5 members for BiSH. It is said that Watanabe launched BiSH project to start BiS again nevertheless BiS had just broke up in July last year.

Babyraids Japan

Babyraids Japan (ベイビーレイズJapan) is a Japanese idol group formed in May 2012 and managed by LesPros Entertainment. It currently consists of 5 members. The leader is Denya Erika. The center is Hayashi Manatsu.

The name of the idol unit comes from the words “baby”, to show their cute side, and “raids”, to indicate a surprise attack. Babyraids are in the same agency as Kikuchi Ami from Idoling!!!. She was involved in in the creation of the unit and participates in some events with the members.



LoVendoЯ is an all-girl pop rock band under UP-FRONT CREATE. The band is led by former Morning Musume member Tanaka Reina.

LoVendoЯ was formed in 2012 after producer Tsunku and agency Up Front held an audition to find a vocalist and guitar players, at the same time it was announced that 6th generation Morning Musume member Tanaka Reina would also be a vocalist in the band. Reina later announced her graduation from Morning Musume and in November of 2012 the winners of the audition were revealed during Morning Musume’s concert tour, where they also set February 2013 as the starting date for official band activities.

Following the announcement fans were given the opportunity to help name the band by submitting their ideas to a special e-mail address. After two months, on February 3, 2013, the band name was revealed to be “LoVendoЯ” and their first national tour was announced to start on March 27, 2013
LoVendoЯ, while on their own tour, also performed as the opening act for Morning Musume during their Spring 2013 tour. Their first release was announced for May 22nd, to be an Indies Mini-Album, titled “LoVendoЯ Cover The Rock”, featuring cover songs. In early July 2013 it was announced that the band would be performing overseas for the first time at the J-POP SUMMIT Festival in San Francisco, California later that month.

The band’s major debut, to take place on July 1, 2015, was announced at the final performance of the “LoVendoЯ LIVE TOUR 2014-15 ~Anata no Heart wo Itadakimasu~” live tour on March 5, 2015.

Bellring Girls Heart

BELLRING Girls Heart or BELLRING少女ハート is a 5 members idol unit with a different approach, their music is not typical idolish but more “punk” for saying something… if you like BiS (Brand-new idol Society) then you might like this group since the similarities are notorious but still both are different. They are a bit crazy but yet super cute.

The idol unit is based in Tokyo.


Osaka Shunkashuto

With an average age of 16, the girls hail from the Kansai region and have been training to become the next big idol group. All of them are studying at high school while working around the clock to become amazing performers.

While many people may see this as putting too much pressure on teenagers during a crucial time of their development, they clearly have lots of fun doing what they do. The girls display strong character and the ability to deal with all situations. Not to mention the amazing support they receive from Soezimax and their senior idol group MilkyHat.

Tokyo Idol Festival
Tokyo Idol Festival happens Aug. 1-2 at the Odaiba and Aomi area in Tokyo. Tickets cost ¥6,600 for one day and ¥10,780 for both. Visit the website for more information.

Title Tokyo Idol Festival
Date Aug 01, 2015 -> Aug 02, 2015
Time All Day
Price ¥6,600-¥10,780

Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 Line-up

Idol College
Idol Renaissance
Akishibu Project
Up Up Girls (Kari)
Afilia Saga
Alice in Alice
Otome Shinto
Otome no Junjo
Otome Brave
Oyayubi Princess
Orange Port
Onnajuku All Stars
Ganbare! Victory
Kikkawa You
Kiyochi Ryujin 25
Kotone Mai
Sakura Gakuin
The Hoopers
The Possible
Sanspo Idol Reporter (SIR)
Stereo Japan
Through Skills
Seno Sister
Tsubasa Fly
Tsuri Bit
TPD Dash!!
Terashima Yufu
Tenkoushoujo Kagekidan
Tokyo Performance Doll
Dorothy Little Happy
Niji no Conquistador
Party Rockets
Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome
Hachaketai from Passpo✩
Vanilla Beans
Band Ja Naimon!
Hiiragi Rio
POP (ex Pla2me)
Bitter & Sweet
Pink Babies
Flap Girls’ School
Babyraids Japan
Bellring Girls Heart
Houkago Princess
[email protected]
Mirai Skirt
Moso Calibration
Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen
Yumemiru Adolescence
You’ll Melt More!
Yoshida Rinne
Lagoon Blue
La PomPon
lyrical school
Luce Twinkle Wink✩
Le Lien
凸凹凸凹 ‐Ruri Rori‐


Recommended Bands for SCANDAL/BABYMETAL Lovers

SCANDAL and BABYMETAL have got a huge popularity among fans all over the world, and as you might have known, there are more bands/units who have a lot of appeal like SCANDAL and BABYMETAL.

We’ve compiled a list of such bands/units with promotional videos, and hope this page may helps your new discovery of up-and-coming Japanese girls rock.

Almost all of the items are eligible for “J-POP Released Items 10% Points Offer until May 6th” offer, so, take this limited opportunity!

band maid


BAND-MAID is a five-girl rock band formed in July 2013. They treats their gigs as “serve” and welcome their fans as “masters” or “ladies.” They have released two titles so far: a mini-album “MAID IN JAPAN” out on January 8, 2014 and a single “Ai to Jonetsu no Matador (currently out of stock)” out on August 13, 2014. Members are: Saiki (Vo), Miku Kobato (Gt & Vo), Kanami Tono (Gt), Akane Hirose (Dr, Leader), and MISA (Ba).

Ai to Jonetsu no Matador / BAND-MAID  MAID IN JAPAN / BAND-MAID


Chelsy is a three-piece girls pop rock band mainly active in Tokyo. After signed with a major label, they released a single “I will/Animation,” in which a song “I will” was featured as an insert song for the anime series “Ao Haru Ride” in 2014 summer. According to their official website, they are going to partipate “Chelsy Akihabara Expo 2015” held in Anaheim, California from December 18 through 20, 2015. Members are: MIO (Vo, Gt), Ami (Dr, Leader), and SHIZUKA (Ba).

SistAr / Chelsy Yes / Good-bye Girl / Chelsy I will / Animation / Chelsy


NECRONOMIDOL is a J-Pop “Ankokukei idol” (occult idol) unit mainly active in Tokyo. They currently aim to invade the underground of the J-Pop idol scene and let the people all over the world know how scary the living matter of J-Pop idol is. Great Scott! Their music inspired by extreme metal music, shoegazing, and more. Members are: TSUKUMO, Aoi, Sari, and Kakizaki.

Reikon Shometsu / NECRONOMIDOL

death rabbits deathrabbits

Death Rabbits

DEATH RABBITS is a J-Pop idol unit performing metal rock and consisting of three girls, Yuzu Okawa, Emi Mochizuki, and Karin Yasui. A producer of this unit is Akira Kanzaki who is known as AKIRADEATH. They released three singles (“Idol Star Wars,” “Koisuru Kisetsu,” “Omatsuri Japan!! Kokuhaku Night”) and one album (“Dai Ichiji Usagi Taisen”) so far, and they will be holding their first one-band show on May 30, 2015 at club asia in Tokyo.

Dai Ichiji Usagi Taisen / Death Rabbits  Koisuru Kisetsu / Death Rabbits  Omatsuri Japan!! Kokuhaku Night / Death Rabbits  Idol Star Wars / Death Rabbits

Ganbare! Victory

Ganbare! Victory is a five-girl rock band originally formed in 2007 in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture. They aim to show “Heisei Old Rock,” meaning conveying a greatness of rock music in the 1970’s to the 1980’s. Member are: Ayaki (Vo), Rena (Gt), Mayuko (Dr), Shinobu (Ba), and Minami (Gt).

Fly High!!! / Ganbare! Victory KGSD / Victory Zenryoku! Start / Yume no Tsuzuki / Ganbare! Victory


Tankobuchin is a five-girl rock band originally formed when they were elementary school students in Karatsu, Saga prefecture. In 2013, they debuted from a major label as a band of active high school students with the first single “Dremi FUN LIFE.” Members are: MADOKA (Vo. & Gt), YURI (Gt), NODOKA (Ba), HONOKA (Dr), and CHIHARU (Key).

Tancobuchin / Tancobuchin Tancobuchin / Tancobuchin Shiawase Tarantula / Tankobuchin


Other than BABYMETAL, there are lots of popular female groups in Japan who perform Heavy Metal Rock hard. Here we introduce such bands/groups. Hope their songs will make you headbang and say, “Japanese female heavy metal rocks!”


Dazed and Delight / Aldious District Zero / Aldious Dominator/i Don't Like Me / Aldious


WOMAN / Cyntia Limit Break / Cyntia Lady Made / Cyntia



Mary’s Blood

Countdown to Evolution / Mary's Blood Azure / Mary's Blood SCARLET / Mary's Blood