Su-Metal’s Holiday in New York


Su-Metal’s older sister, Himeka Nakamoto, revealed yesterday during her radio show, that last week during Japan’s National Holiday Golden Week, she went with Su and their mother on a holiday in New York for 4 nights! We have even translated for you part of the show (see below).

Listen to the radio show:

“Nakata (N): what did you do on golden week?
Himeka (H): me? I went on a vacation.
Nakata: that’s wonderful, where to?
Fujimori (F): where did you go to?
Himeka: i went to new york
N+F: eehh?!
H: lolol it was the morning after rajira recording session,
F: not even one of staffs knew about it!
N: could you please stop it with the sudden ‘princess’ jokes?
F: you actually went there, right?
H: i did. i went sightseeing relaxedly with my mother and little sister.
F: that’s a ‘princess’ thing alright
H: that’s why i missed the golden week on japan.
N: stop it!
H: lol
N: stop with the sudden ‘stylish’ thing
F: what the hell. We could of talk about a lot of things
H: really, it’s not a big deal
N: like, unusual streets in new york or something…
H: well i didn’t talk much about it, but honestly i’m okay either way…
F: you should have told us! that person (*i didnt cathc this one clearly) also did say that they wanted to go at this time of year probably on april or may…
H: ah that’s right,
N: so that was quite fulfilling, right?
H: it was fun
F: man, seriously i‘ve never been there…
N: for how long?
H: umm, 4 nights…?
N: you are a princess, then! a 4 nights of vacation (*he meant in new york) is for a princess!
H: no no no, well, there was this time during handshake, that they joked about it, but i replied it with a ‘yes’ instead, so…
N: that was awesome.
H: a princess..? i’m not sure… maybe i am
N: it can’t be helped that shingo-chan (fujimori) really want to go there
F: honestly i really do
H: actually, it appears that it’s the warmest time of the year right now over there.
F: is that so?
N: but, to be able to go to new york alone is awesome, i can’t even picky with the dates.
F: true, going there is already a win
N: indeed a win
F: it doesn’t even matter if it’s in the middle of a winter! What the hell, that was surprising!
N: we have discovered a surprising side of himetan today.”

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