Because the Universe Is Cruel, We Might Also Lose Q’ulle

It’s not often that Facebook is the means by which idols deliver their news to the world, but that’s what was staring me in the face this morning, straight from the Q’ulle monster‘s mouth: Q’ulleの今後の活動に関しましての重大なお知らせ Q’ulleを応援してくださってる皆様へ いつもQ’ulleを応援していただきありがとうございます。 所属レーベル㈱KADOKAWAより重大なご報告があります 詳細→ この度、㈱KADOKAWAの音楽部門の突然の統廃合により Q’ulleが所属していた部門がなくなったことにより Q’ulleは、KADOKAWAグループとの契約が打ち切りとなりました。 KADOKAWAグループにはデビュー当時よりお世話になっておりましたがこのような運びとなりました。 なお、下記の現在進行しているプロジェクト 〇Q’ulle asia tour 2016 「other side of HOPE」  8/13 仙台 CLUB JUNKBOX  8/27 広島 SECOND […]


under beasty: Visual Kei Idol Rock Group

underbeasty is an Idol rock group that I have been following and supporting since their debut. They are a group that we have featured in the past with other rising Idol rock and Idol Metal groups ,but never have they received their moment to solo feature until today.


underbeasty describe their idol concept as “visual kei idol rock”. When seeing the term “visual kei” you shouldn`t immediately jump into the mindset that the group is the “The Gazette” of Idol genre.

underbeasty brand of “visual kei” refers to the fact that the group takes pride in their uniformed movements ,matching uniforms and choreographed hand movements.
The members also share a common indie Idol working system in that the members take part in producing their own lyrics and dances and take an very active part in the overall music ,image and concept of the group.

With Indie/underground Idols it truly is all hands on deck as often the staff includes the Idols and 1-5 supporting staff all pitching in to do the daily running of the group.


Underbeasty is a group that is gaining a lot of buzz in the idol underground for their Idol like charms ,fist pumping live shows and spirited fan reactions. The steady rise of the group has many in the genre targeting underbeasty as possibly the next breakout Idol group. If the group does not break out of the idol underground before the end of this year ,than 2016 could be their key growth year.

This is one group were their talent potential is higher than the level they are in. It`s very hard for underground/Indie Idols to take that next step as fans tend to not cross-support groups other than the one their oshimen works for. Underbeasty is one group with all the pieces in place to be a breakout group.

raven / under beasty
under beasty

Underbeasty has just released their debut single “Raven “ along with its coupling tracks “occult propose” and “spotlight”.

Underbeasty influence and standing is rising by the month in this new Idol Rock (IDOROCK)/Metal genre (IDOMETAL) and one look at their debut single “Raven” proves that just because a group doesn`t get the same viral insanity love that some gimmick idol groups receive ,that this new growing genre of Idol Rock/Metal genre has a solid core underground just waiting for the media to take notice.

Supporting Underbeasty whose birth years run from 1994 to 98 from the day they had their debut was one of the best moves I ever made and if you give this group a fair chance and not compare them to anyone other than Underbeasty , I believe you`ll like what you hear from them.

underbeasty Official site: